2022-07-26  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #19 from apache/feature/update_after... master
2022-07-26  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #24 from apache/remove-unused-file
2022-07-26  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #21 from apache/improve-release...
2022-07-17  Roy LenferinkDelete unused publish.sh file 24/head
2022-07-17  Roy LenferinkUpdate release documentation to explain that KEYS only... 21/head
2022-07-17  Roy LenferinkDescribe that creating a per-release docs.md file is...
2022-07-17  Roy LenferinkUpdate links for the Celix 2.3.0 release 19/head
2022-07-14  Pepijn NoltesUpdate news for latest release
2022-07-14  Pepijn NoltesUpdate celix-site for 2.3.0 release
2022-07-11  PengZhengMerge pull request #18 from apache/PengZheng-patch-1
2022-07-11  PengZhengUpdate volunteers.md 18/head
2022-04-13  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #14 from apache/add-matomo
2022-04-13  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #15 from apache/update-gitignore
2022-04-13  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #16 from apache/update-asf-yaml
2022-04-13  Roy LenferinkUpdate .asf.yaml with further protected branch settings 16/head
2022-04-13  Roy LenferinkDo not require approvals on pull requests
2022-04-13  Roy LenferinkAdd Matomo snippet to each webpage 14/head
2022-04-13  Roy LenferinkUpdate .gitignore to ignore .hugo_build.lock 15/head
2022-04-13  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #13 from apache/update-asf-yaml
2022-04-13  Roy LenferinkRequire changes to go via pull requests 13/head
2022-02-13  Roy LenferinkUpdate the .asf.yaml to have the current settings in...
2021-07-27  Roy LenferinkUpdate .asf.yaml for website publishing
2021-05-31  Roy LenferinkMichael joined as Celix committer (Jul 2020)
2021-05-31  Roy LenferinkKonstantin left the Celix PMC
2021-05-10  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #11 from apache/jenkinsfile-doxygen
2021-04-18  Roy LenferinkUpdate the release process to include the usage of... 11/head
2021-04-18  Roy LenferinkRemove generated Doxygen docs from git
2021-04-18  Roy LenferinkPoint to nightlies.a.o for release documentation
2021-04-18  Roy LenferinkRemove unneeded shell script for generating Doxygen...
2021-04-18  Roy LenferinkAdd Jenkinsfile for generating Doxygen docs
2020-07-21  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #10 from apache/consistent-title
2020-07-21  Roy LenferinkRemoved pollSCM trigger as it conflicts with SCM indexing
2020-07-20  Roy LenferinkUpdate docs extraction script to handle preset titles 10/head
2020-07-20  Roy Lenferinks/BRANCH/BRANCH_NAME for Jenkinsfile
2020-07-20  Roy LenferinkAdded Jenkinsfile for website deployment
2020-07-19  Roy LenferinkUpdated links (https and/or broken)
2020-07-18  Roy LenferinkRemove typo
2020-07-18  Roy LenferinkUpdated docs for 2.2.1 release
2020-07-17  Roy LenferinkStop advertising md5 hashes
2020-07-17  Roy LenferinkAdd Celix icon
2020-05-17  Pepijn NoltesAdds update for celix 2.2.1 release
2020-05-11  Roy LenferinkMD5 checksum is deprecated and should not be used anymore
2020-05-11  Roy LenferinkUpdated repo description
2020-05-07  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #9 from rlenferink/update-developmen...
2020-05-06  Roy LenferinkAdded image for describing development workflow and... 9/head
2020-05-06  Roy LenferinkMoving cgi script to static directory
2020-03-04  Roy LenferinkUpdated deprecated a.o/dist/ to downloads.a.o
2020-03-04  Roy LenferinkRemoved NOTICE file
2020-02-25  Roy LenferinkUpdated download.cgi to not fork a new process
2020-02-05  Roy LenferinkAdded .asf.yaml to set repository metadata
2020-02-05  Roy LenferinkAdded Doxygen documentation for release 2.2.0 to the...
2020-02-05  Roy LenferinkDon't set version attribute for files in website repository
2020-02-05  Roy LenferinkReplacing hardcoded version with version from config...
2020-02-05  Roy LenferinkFixed broken download link
2020-02-03  Roy LenferinkAdded documentation for 2.2.0 release to website
2020-01-12  Pepijn NoltesFixes a wrong version name in the download page
2020-01-12  Pepijn NoltesAdds 2.2.0 release and updated release documentation
2020-01-06  Pepijn NoltesUpdates release info
2019-07-15  Roy LenferinkEscaping backup download link to prevent being parsed...
2019-07-12  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #7 from rlenferink/master
2019-07-09  Roy LenferinkUpdated indentation for better formatting and disabled... 7/head
2019-07-07  Roy LenferinkUpdated extract_celix_docs script to update Markdown...
2019-07-07  Roy LenferinkUpdated script to extract docs from Celix
2019-07-07  Roy LenferinkDisabled de-capitalizing paths
2019-07-07  Roy LenferinkUpdated Celix submodule URL to prevent re-authenticating
2019-07-07  Roy LenferinkUpdated title for home page
2019-07-07  Roy LenferinkUpdated .gitignore for Hugo
2019-07-07  Roy LenferinkFixed indentation for publish script
2019-07-07  Roy LenferinkUpdated publish script to be able to specify git remote
2019-07-07  Roy LenferinkRemoved highlighter because Hugo generates highlighted...
2019-07-07  Roy LenferinkConverted site to Hugo
2019-06-28  Roy LenferinkFixed typos
2019-01-13  Roy LenferinkGrammatical fix in index.html
2019-01-13  Roy LenferinkUpdated link to issue tracking page
2019-01-07  Roy LenferinkUpdated current-event link to point to correct current...
2019-01-07  Roy LenferinkRemoving bad character from cmake_commands
2019-01-07  Roy LenferinkUpdated links to subprojects
2019-01-07  Roy LenferinkFixing incorrect .alert blocks for releasing.md
2019-01-07  Roy LenferinkImprovements for Download page
2019-01-07  Roy LenferinkAdding http mirrors as well to download.md
2019-01-04  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Updated .htaccess to point to correct 404...
2018-12-30  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Updated footer to include current ASF event...
2018-12-30  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Using unix line-endings
2018-12-30  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Replacing 'docs/' part as well when using...
2018-12-30  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Adding alt attribute to img tag to retrieve...
2018-12-30  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Improving mailing list table from HTML to...
2018-12-30  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Escaping '<' character to achieve valid...
2018-12-29  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Changed order of pushing master/asf-site...
2018-12-29  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Improvements for 'Submitting Patches' page
2018-12-29  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Updated image on homepage
2018-12-29  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Improvements for publish.sh script
2018-12-29  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Correcting line-endings for file
2018-12-29  Roy LenferinkCELIX-449: Redesign of website using Jekyll as static...