3 days ago  Erjan AltenaMerge pull request #445 from apache/bugfix/fix_gcc12_errors master
5 days ago  Erjan AltenaFix gcc-12 compiler errors 445/head
2022-09-09  PengZhengMerge pull request #444 from apache/hotfix/service_trac...
2022-09-09  PengZhengFix wrong guard condition in ServiceTracker. hotfix/service_tracker_guard_condition 444/head
2022-09-08  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #443 from apache/hotfix/fixes_typo_i...
2022-09-08  PengZhengMerge pull request #437 from xuzhenbao/rsa_shm_dfi
2022-09-08  xuzhenbaoRemove unnecessary debug info and assert 437/head
2022-09-07  xuzhenbaoAdd example container for rsa_shm, and fix memory leak...
2022-09-07  xuzhenbaoAdd test_package, and replace Celix::deprecated_rsa_spi...
2022-09-07  PengZhengMerge pull request #440 from apache/feature/bundle_comp...
2022-09-06  Pepijn NoltesFix typo in the celix_long_hash_map_create_options 443/head
2022-09-01  PengZhengAdd conan option for bundle compression. 440/head
2022-08-26  xuzhenbaoFix spelling mistake
2022-08-26  xuzhenbaoResolve Mac OS compilation error
2022-08-26  xuzhenbaoModify the document of rsa_shm_v2
2022-08-25  xuzhenbaoAdd the document of rsa_shm_v2
2022-08-25  xuzhenbaoMove deprecated_rsa_spi to c_rsa_spi
2022-08-25  xuzhenbaoModify the code according to review recommendations
2022-08-23  PengZhengMerge pull request #439 from apache/feature/add_new_con...
2022-08-17  PengZhengAdd conan option for bundle compression. 439/head
2022-08-05  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #431 from apache/features/auto_downl...
2022-07-29  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #436 from apache/fix-links
2022-07-29  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #438 from apache/feature/add_missing...
2022-07-29  Pepijn NoltesAdd some missing include headers 438/head
2022-07-27  xuzhenbaoMove tlsf(a memory allocator) and thpool(a thread pool...
2022-07-27  xuzhenbaoAdd conan configure dependency for rsa_shm_v2
2022-07-26  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #435 from apache/fix-changes
2022-07-18  xuzhenbaoMerge branch 'apache:master' into rsa_shm_dfi
2022-07-18  xuzhenbaoMove request handler service to endpoint
2022-07-18  PengZhengMerge pull request #434 from xuzhenbao/rsd_bugfix
2022-07-17  xuzhenbaoAdd some code comments
2022-07-17  Roy LenferinkUpdate the caption for the sequence diagrams to not... 436/head
2022-07-17  Roy LenferinkAdd README.md to links and fix the OSGI links
2022-07-17  xuzhenbaoFixes some flaws
2022-07-17  Roy LenferinkFix indentation for CHANGES.md 435/head
2022-07-17  xuzhenbaoClone the list of exported registration to topology...
2022-07-17  xuzhenbaoMerge branch 'apache:master' into rsa_shm_dfi
2022-07-17  xuzhenbaoFixes spelling mistake 434/head
2022-07-17  xuzhenbaoAdd code annotation and ignore empty service.exported...
2022-07-17  xuzhenbaoRename variable name
2022-07-17  xuzhenbaoModify the limit of shm server name len
2022-07-16  xuzhenbaoImprove rsa_shm_client and add some code annotation
2022-07-16  PengZhengMerge pull request #433 from xuzhenbao/tpm_bugfix
2022-07-15  xuzhenbaoAdd some debug info
2022-07-15  xuzhenbaoModify request handler interface
2022-07-14  xuzhenbaoAdd endpointDescription_clone function
2022-07-14  xuzhenbaoReuse rsa request sender tracker and modify some log...
2022-07-14  xuzhenbaoUse rwlock to protect service
2022-07-13  xuzhenbaoFixes issue #417
2022-07-13  xuzhenbaoFixes issue #417
2022-07-13  xuzhenbaoClone the list of exportedRegistrations to topology... 433/head
2022-07-13  xuzhenbaoFixes issue #425
2022-07-12  xuzhenbaoRename rsa_rpc_endpoint_service to rsa_request_handler_...
2022-07-12  xuzhenbaoChange RsaRequestSender function object to RsaRequestSe...
2022-07-12  xuzhenbaoChange RsaRequestSender function object to RsaRequestSe...
2022-07-11  xuzhenbaoCheck service version, and rename rsa_spi target name
2022-07-10  xuzhenbaoAdd v2 of shm remote service admin, using shared memory...
2022-07-10  xuzhenbaoAdd v2 of shm remote service admin, using shared memory...
2022-07-10  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #430 from apache/feature/add_missing... rel/celix-2.3.0
2022-07-10  Pepijn NoltesUpdates cmake rat configuration so that apache rat... 431/head
2022-07-10  Pepijn NoltesAdds missing apache license v2.0 header text 430/head
2022-07-10  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #429 from apache/feature/update_changes
2022-07-09  Pepijn NoltesUpdates changes 429/head
2022-07-07  stegemrMerge pull request #427 from apache/NoDefaultCompressio...
2022-07-07  stegemanrreview rework 427/head
2022-07-06  stegemanrMaking default no compression
2022-07-05  PengZhengMerge pull request #426 from apache/hotfix/long_hash
2022-07-05  PengZhengFix hash when sizeof(long) == 4. 426/head
2022-07-04  PengZhengFix hash when sizeof(long) == 4.
2022-06-28  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #424 from apache/feature/print_funct...
2022-06-28  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #423 from apache/feature/update_defa...
2022-06-28  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #422 from pnoltes/feature/alt_c_hashmap
2022-06-28  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #421 from apache/feature/update_comp...
2022-06-26  Pepijn NoltesAdds print functions for dependency manager and dm... 424/head
2022-06-26  Pepijn NoltesRefactors the DefaultExecutor of celix::Promises so... 423/head
2022-06-26  Pepijn NoltesUpdates patterns.md and refactor celix shell documentation 421/head
2022-06-25  Pepijn NoltesFixes some mem leaks in the updated celix array list 422/head
2022-06-23  Pepijn NoltesFixes issue in hash map test suite
2022-06-19  Pepijn NoltesFixes issue with array list removed callbacks.
2022-06-19  Pepijn NoltesUses array list with removed callback for dm.
2022-06-19  Pepijn NoltesAdds removed callback support for array list and adds...
2022-06-19  Pepijn NoltesSplit celix hash map header in 2 headers (string and...
2022-06-18  Pepijn NoltesFixes function renames
2022-06-18  Pepijn NoltesUpdates celix hash map doxygen
2022-06-18  Pepijn NoltesUpdates utils benchmark to also measure hash map fill.
2022-06-17  Pepijn NoltesMakes cap / load factor configurable for celix hash...
2022-06-14  Pepijn NoltesAdds celix hash map to utils benchmark
2022-06-14  Pepijn NoltesAdds hash map iterator remove and additional unit tests
2022-06-13  Pepijn NoltesUpdates celix hash map iterator impl
2022-06-13  Pepijn NoltesUpdates celix hash map impl
2022-06-12  Pepijn NoltesMerge branch 'master' into feature/alt_c_hashmap
2022-06-09  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #420 from apache/hotfix/dm_cmp_cover...
2022-06-07  Pepijn NoltesAdds patterns link to documentation and removes old...
2022-06-07  stegemrMerge pull request #418 from apache/feature/solveAsanIs...
2022-06-07  Pepijn NoltesUpdates some sentences for patterns documentation
2022-06-07  Pepijn NoltesFixes several mem leak issues, detected by coverity 420/head
2022-06-06  Pepijn NoltesUpdates patterns documentation.
2022-06-03  stegemanrreview rework 418/head
2022-06-03  stegemanrMerge branch 'master' of github.com:apache/celix into...
2022-06-01  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #419 from pnoltes/feature/additional...