8 days ago  Claudio Nettofix: reuse cmk's CLI params to call piped cmd (#114) main
2021-10-27  Rohit Yadavadmin: update version to next milestone v6.3.0
2021-10-26  Marcus SorensenAdd arm64 build (#108)
2021-10-14  Petr NovákFixed csv output (#106) (#107)
2021-10-05  Sina KashipazhaFixed typo. (#101)
2021-10-05  Pearl DsilvaPrevent incorrect timeout value from being set (#103)
2021-09-22  Rohit Yadavcmk: fix formating using gofmt 6.2.0
2021-09-21  Pearl DsilvaUpdate - 6.2.0 changes (#97)
2021-09-21  Abhishek Kumarshow meaningful metadata for id autocompletion in some...
2021-08-31  Pearl DsilvaDisplay output in human readable format (#95)
2021-08-09  Pearl DsilvaMake auto completion optional (#91)
2021-08-09  Pearl DsilvaFix mapping of default output type to json (#93)
2021-08-09  Pearl DsilvaValidate user access to config file IF it exists (#88)
2021-08-09  Pearl DsilvaChange version references to 6.2.0 (#89)
2021-08-03  Pearl DsilvaAvoids adding newline to list/map output data for outpu...
2021-08-03  Pearl DsilvaPrint map in readable format when display format is...
2021-08-03  Rohit YadavUpdate
2021-08-03  Pearl DsilvaPrevent ACS commands starting with sync to get redirect...
2021-08-03  Pearl DsilvaVerify user access to config file (#80)
2021-08-03  Pearl DsilvaValidate args passed - fail fast in case of invalid...
2021-05-13  sureshanapartiInclusivity changes for CloudStack - Renamed default...
2021-03-18  Sina KashipazhaAdded new option to change default cmk config file...
2020-07-29  Rohit Yadavsnap: snapcraft update
2020-06-18  Rohit YadavREADME: add docker badge 6.1.0
2020-06-18  Rohit Yadavchanges: update changelog, bump version for next releas...
2020-06-18  Rohit Yadavcmd: don't sort header when filter keys are specified
2020-06-18  Rohit Yadavoutput: display key in filtered output for csv, column...
2020-06-18  Rohit Yadavconfig: allow web-proxy support
2020-06-17  Khosrow MoossaviMakefile: Statically building the binary to not depend...
2020-03-02  Rohit YadavUpdate
2019-10-24  Rohit Yadavcmk: add Dockerfile
2019-08-19  Rohit Yadavoutput: jsonify when value is slice or map
2019-07-10  Rohit Yadavtravis: fix module enable
2019-06-25  Rohit Yadavtravis: enable go v1.12
2019-06-25  Rohit Yadavcompleter: on hostid autocompletion use type=Routing
2019-06-20  Rohit Yadavcmd: fix bug around required params check
2019-04-06  Rohit Yadavsnapcraft fixes
2019-04-06  Rohit Yadavsnapcraft: update with customised go binary building
2019-04-06  Rohit YadavMakefile: split the dist to dist-linux
2019-04-06  Rohit Yadavsnapcraft badge
2019-04-05  Rohit Yadavsnapcraft file
2019-03-26  Rohit Yadavperformrelease: emit sha512 based checksum file
2019-03-14  Rohit Yadavcmd: remove `paramcompletion` option which is shipped...
2019-03-14  Rohit Yadavconfig: bump version to next 6.1.0-alpha
2019-03-13  Rohit Yadavconfig: Fix prompt to use the same profile name as...
2019-03-05  Rohit Yadavabout: bump version to 6.0.0 6.0.0
2019-03-05  Rohit Yadavcli: fix auto-completion bug
2019-03-05  Rohit Yadavnetwork: get content from file when arg=@/path is provi...
2019-03-05  Rohit Yadavconfig: add help docs for `set` commands (#40)
2019-03-05  Rohit Yadavconfig: Implement per profile based api cache (#39)
2019-01-29  Rohit YadavMakefile: emit builds for various platforms and archite...
2019-01-29  Rohit Yadavvendor: fix issue in readline option selector
2019-01-29  Rohit YadavMakefile: emit build for arm32 (raspberrypi)
2018-12-31  Rohit Yadavcli: in case of no possible arg values, return empty...
2018-12-29  Rohit Yadavcli: reimplement CLI completer using chzyer/readline...
2018-12-15  Rohit Yadavcmk: debug cmdline args input comma separated for reada...
2018-12-15  Rohit Yadavhistory: ignore duplicate and empty inputs for shell...
2018-12-15  Rohit Yadavoutput: Fix json output to not do html escape
2018-12-15  Rohit Yadavvendor: update dependencies
2018-12-07  Rohit Yadavconfig: Fixes #35 fix panic due to inappropriate config...
2018-12-05  Rohit YadavREADME: fix golang version
2018-12-03  Rohit Yadavnetwork: remove nested quotes in parameters
2018-12-01  Rohit Yadavcli: use cyan as selected colour, don't bolden the...
2018-12-01  Rohit Yadavvendor: update vendoring dependencies
2018-11-30  Rohit Yadavnetwork: fix segfault
2018-11-30  Rohit Yadavcmk: add git sha and build timestamp from makefile
2018-11-30  Rohit Yadavconfig: bump internal version to 6.0.0-beta2
2018-11-30  Rohit Yadavcli: only show autocompletion options when tab is pressed
2018-11-30  Rohit Yadavcli: allow parameter completion to be disables
2018-11-30  Rohit Yadavconfig: add debuggability using -d flag
2018-11-30  Pierre-Luc... config: create home configdir if not exist (#30)
2018-10-25  Rohit Yadavcli: implement heuristics based completer as a fallback
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavcmk: implement file lock for config read/write
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavcmk: implement command line flags support and usage doc
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavcli: implement command line history support
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavcli: fix pipe based output in shell
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavcmk: shlex input, new columnar output, refactorings
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavtravis: fix build go mod vendor
2018-10-20  Rohit Yadavcmk: rewrite CLI using go-prompt
2018-10-20  Rohit YadavMakefile: use -mod=vendor to build using vendor
2018-10-20  Rohit Yadavcmk: disable search bar by default on tab-tab completion
2018-10-20  Rohit Yadavvendor: update dependencies
2018-10-19  Rohit Yadavcmk: switch to go mod
2018-09-18  Rohit Yadavnetwork: fix variable name to fix lint error
2018-08-21  Rohit Yadavnetwork: handle login session management and expiry
2018-08-16  Rohit Yadavnetwork: Fixes #24 split args to API in two parts
2018-07-02  Rohit Yadavoutput: fix lint issue to fix build failures
2018-06-26  Rohit Yadavoutput: implement and refactor json, csv, table, text...
2018-06-26  Rohit Yadavcmk: rename references to `cmk` and update README
2018-06-26  Rohit Yadavconfig: fix lint issue and travis failures
2018-06-25  Rohit Yadavnetwork: expire cookie jar based on initial log-in...
2018-06-25  Rohit Yadavconfig: several refactorings and interactive fixes
2018-06-25  Rohit Yadavcmd: handle errors well, throw non-zero exit code on...
2018-06-23  dahnMakefile: Fix gopath in command (#21)
2018-06-23  Rohit Yadavnetwork: Fix glint error
2018-06-23  Rohit Yadavconfig: add inbuilt API precache
2018-06-23  Rohit Yadavcmd: on async job error, also print job response
2018-06-23  Rohit Yadavnetwork: implement asyncblock for polling job results
2018-06-23  Rohit Yadavconfig: enable asyncblock by default, fix double space
2018-06-20  Rohit Yadavconfig: change default prompt to :cat: