2021-08-04  davidjumaniSetting initial version 1.0 main v1.0.0
2021-08-03  davidjumaniAdding
2021-07-31  davidjumaniUpdating for release (#35)
2021-07-30  davidjumaniUpdating for release (#34)
2021-06-18  sureshanapartiInclusivity changes - change default git branch to...
2021-05-21  sureshanapartiInclusivity changes for CloudStack - rename some offens...
2021-05-20  Gregor RieplImprove readme badges (#31)
2021-05-11  Rohit Yadavperformrelease: introduce script to help src release
2021-05-04  davidjumaniUpdating kubernetes version (#30)
2021-04-28  Gregor RieplRemoved incorrect DaemonSet statement from readme ...
2021-04-22  Joshua Hügliuse non-root container (#25)
2021-04-22  davidjumaniUpdate readme to use cloud-config instead of cloudstack...
2021-04-20  davidjumaniChanging beta labels to updated ones (#24)
2021-04-20  davidjumaniUpdate kubernetes libraries (#22)
2021-02-19  Gregor RieplAdd missing license headers (#21)
2020-10-17  Gregor RieplImplement Travis checks (#18)
2020-10-16  Gregor RieplRemove vendored dependencies (#17)
2020-09-24  Gregor RieplSupport loadBalancerSourceRanges (#9)
2020-09-24  Gregor RieplBumped go to 1.13 and fixed go-cloudstack module versio...
2020-09-23  Gregor RieplImproved Ingress Controller example to be clearer and...
2020-09-09  Gregor RieplCopy only the Go binary from the build stage (#11)
2020-09-09  Gregor RieplFix injected git version tags (vendor package no longer...
2019-09-20  Rohit YadavMerge pull request #1 from onitake/transfer
2019-09-19  Gregor RieplReplaced license terms and copyright notices as require... 1/head
2019-09-13  Joshua Hüglibump xanzy/go-cloudstack to v2.7.0
2019-08-15  Gregor RieplReplaced the remaining repo references with the new...
2019-08-15  Gregor RieplImproved container build process and fixed some old...
2019-08-15  Gregor RieplRequire Go 1.12
2019-08-14  Gregor RieplRewrote licensing paragraph in readme
2019-08-14  Joshua Hügliupdate deployment to be conformant with normal kubernet...
2019-08-14  Gregor RieplImprove documentation on k8s deployment
2019-08-13  Gregor RieplFixed util/flag dependency
2019-08-13  Gregor RieplAdded back vendored dependencies
2019-08-13  Gregor RieplAdded k8s 1.15.2 dep. Removed explicit versions from...
2019-08-13  Gregor RieplAdded overrides for transitive dependencies
2019-08-06  Gregor Riepl[WIP] Cleaned up dependencies and updated to k8s 1...
2019-08-06  Gregor RieplRemoved all vendored dependencies
2019-08-02  Gregor RieplChanged docker hub link
2019-08-02  Gregor RieplRemoved duplicated license (it's still Apache 2.0)
2019-08-02  Gregor RieplMerged and cleaned readme
2019-08-02  Gregor RieplMerge branch 'master' into transfer
2019-07-11  Rohit YadavREADME: initial readme
2019-07-11  Rohit YadavLICENSE: add apache v2.0 license
2019-06-11  Gregor RieplReformatted documentation and moved migration guide...
2019-03-01  Gregor RieplImproved documentation
2019-02-15  Gregor RieplBackported 65b6c7fa95137022c0d51bb274a82bdebb9009e4...
2019-02-15  Gregor RieplMerge pull request #3 from swisstxt/feature/metadata
2019-02-15  Gregor RieplAdded back old dependencies due to legacy k8s cloud...
2019-02-15  Gregor RieplRemoved metadata code that only worked in kubelet
2019-02-15  Gregor RieplAdded more docs about node labels and how to start...
2019-02-13  Gregor RieplAdded makefile logic to auto-derive build version from tag
2019-02-13  Gregor Riepllogs package is now in a different module
2019-02-13  Gregor RieplUpdate dependencies to k8s 1.14-alpha
2019-02-13  Gregor RieplFixed readme error
2019-02-13  Gregor RieplImproved explanation about loadbalancer rules and added...
2019-02-07  Gregor RieplAdded Go 1.11 requirement
2019-02-06  Gregor RieplAdded documentation about differences from the old...
2019-02-06  Gregor RieplBuild in module mode + vendor to avoid downloads and...
2019-02-01  Gregor RieplMigrated from godep to gomod
2019-02-01  Gregor RieplRelease 0.0.2
2019-02-01  Gregor RieplAdded protocol documentation
2019-02-01  Gregor RieplClarified annotatiom comment and added missing proto...
2019-02-01  Gregor RieplImplemented proxy protocol support via annotation....
2019-02-01  Gregor RieplUpdated Cloudstack library dependency
2018-12-10  Joshua Hüglichange to rel url
2018-12-10  Joshua HügliMerge branch 'master' of
2018-12-10  Joshua Hügliadd kubernetes documentation
2018-12-10  Gregor RieplAdded badge links
2018-12-10  Gregor RieplFixed badge L&F
2018-12-10  Gregor RieplAdded more badges
2018-12-10  Gregor RieplAdded simpler direct Docker command line
2018-12-10  Gregor RieplAdded ref to docker hub
2018-12-10  Joshua HügliNotify Docker Hub
2018-12-10  Gregor RieplFormatting fix
2018-12-10  Gregor RieplUpdate readme with more build instructions
2018-12-10  Gregor RieplChanged makefile to do a static build
2018-11-20  Joshua Hügliadd dockerfile
2018-11-20  Joshua Hügliadd regex which replaces invalid chars in service offering
2018-11-20  Joshua Hüglichange createLoadBalancerRule to create corresponding...
2018-11-20  Gregor RieplAdded Cloudstack provider sources from Kubernetes
2018-11-20  Gregor RieplAdded vendored dependencies
2018-11-20  Gregor RieplAdded godep list
2018-11-20  Gregor RieplAdded source code
2018-11-20  Gregor RieplInitial checkin