4 days ago  Gary GregoryUse GitHub cache for CodeQL master
2022-09-06  Gary GregoryBump actions/checkout from 3 to 3.0.2.
2022-08-30  Gary GregoryWe don't use author tags
2022-08-22  Gary GregoryBump actions/cache from 3.0.7 to 3.0.8
2022-08-12  Gary GregoryBump actions/cache from 3.0.6 to 3.0.7
2022-08-05  Gary GregoryBump actions/cache from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6
2022-07-16  Gary GregoryBump actions/checkout 2 to 3
2022-07-15  Gary GregoryBump actions/cache 3.0.4 to 3.0.5
2022-06-07  Gary GregoryBump actions/cache from 3.0.3 to 3.0.4
2022-05-31  Gary GregoryBump actions/checkout 2.3.4 to 3
2022-05-31  Gary GregoryBump actions/cache from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3
2022-05-31  Gary GregoryRemove noisy inline comments.
2022-04-15  Gary GregoryBump actions/setup-java from 2 to 3
2022-04-12  Gary GregoryBump actions/cache from 2 to 3.0.2
2022-02-25  Gary GregoryAdd
2022-02-03  Gary GregoryAdd CodeQL GitHub workflow.
2021-12-29  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of
2021-12-29  Gary GregoryRun dependabot once a week.
2021-09-28  Gary GregoryUpdate GitHub build from Java 16 to 17.
2021-09-28  Gary GregoryUpdate GitHub build from Java 16 to 17.
2021-08-29  Gary GregoryAdoptOpenJDK is moving to the Eclipse Foundation and...
2021-04-19  Gary GregoryUpdate `actions/setup-java` to v2.
2021-03-17  Gary GregoryReplace GitHub build for Java 15 with Java 16 and drop...
2021-02-28  Gary GregoryRaise embedded if into parent if.
2021-02-28  Gary GregoryRemove use of redundant String.substring() parameter.
2021-02-15  Gary GregoryRemove trailing whitepsace.
2021-01-20  Gary GregoryUpdate from Java 1.3 to 7 to allow building in the...
2021-01-20  Gary GregoryUpdate from Java 1.3 to 6 to allow building in the...
2021-01-19  Gary GregoryAdd Apache 2.0 License headers. Add and use Maven defau...
2021-01-19  Gary GregoryFormat.
2021-01-19  Gary GregoryIgnore IML (IntelliJ) files.
2021-01-17  Gary Gregory- Make private elements final where possible.
2020-12-31  Gary GregoryMerge pull request #6 from apache/dependabot/github_act...
2020-12-31  Gary GregoryUse Character cache.
2020-12-31  dependabot... Bump actions/checkout from v2.3.3 to v2.3.4 6/head
2020-12-31  Gary GregoryUse Character cache.
2020-12-31  Gary GregoryAdd Java 17-EA build to GitHub.
2020-12-17  Gary GregoryNormalize spelling to US English in comments.
2020-11-21  Gary GregoryUse a String instead of building one.
2020-11-21  Gary GregoryUse final.
2020-11-21  Gary GregoryAlways use blocks.
2020-11-21  Gary GregoryRemove redundant modifiers like public on interface...
2020-11-21  Gary GregoryRemove useless return.
2020-11-20  Gary GregoryRemove redundant calls to super().
2020-11-20  Gary GregoryRemove useless null-check.
2020-11-20  Gary GregoryRemove useless null-check.
2020-11-20  Gary GregoryRemove useless null-check.
2020-10-30  Gary GregoryTypo.
2020-10-25  Gary GregoryAdd
2020-10-15  Gary GregoryAdd GitHub Action build.
2020-10-15  Gary GregoryMerge pull request #2 from nhojpatrick/dependabot
2020-10-14  John Patrickenable dependabot 2/head
2020-07-31  Gary GregoryJavadoc fix (Java 11): Replace <tt>Foo</tt> with {...
2020-07-26  Gary GregoryAdd Git ignore file and ignore Eclipse artifacts.
2020-04-28  SebbAdd missing prefix
2019-08-15  sebbASFSVN no longer in use
2018-05-15  Gary D. GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'. trunk
2017-05-27  Rob Tompkins(chore) adding to pom
2016-11-30  Gary D. GregoryAdd Eclipse's ".settings" folder to svn:ignore.
2016-04-25  Sebastian BazleyStandardise linbreaks
2016-01-19  Gary D. GregoryUpdate copyright for 2016 in NOTICE.txt
2015-12-09  Sebastian BazleyCollect the DOAPs
2015-11-26  Sebastian BazleyStandardise tag names
2015-05-08  Sebastian BazleyEach Version must be in its own release section
2015-05-08  Sebastian BazleyWrong name
2014-12-30  Rony Flatscher[BSF-41] fix memory leak issue when terminating engines
2014-12-05  Sebastian BazleyCP35
2014-11-07  Mark Emlyn... Enable build to work on Java 8. It is currently failing...
2013-11-02  Sebastian BazleyAdd "latest" BSF release
2013-07-31  Emmanuel BourgRenamed Java 1.5/1.6 to Java 5/6
2013-03-22  Sebastian BazleyFix up URLs so they point to actual sites; this allows...
2013-02-26  Olivier Lamyrestore download cgi
2012-03-17  Henri YandellUpdating copyright dates in notice per expressive last...
2012-01-29  Rony Flatscherissue [BSF-38] in full, partially [BSF-15]
2012-01-29  Rony Flatscherissue [BSF-37]
2012-01-29  Rony Flatscherissue [BSF-21]
2012-01-15  Rony Flatscher[BSF-21]
2012-01-15  Rony Flatscher[BSF-19]
2012-01-15  Rony Flatscher[BSF-18] plus some slight formatting and tidying up
2011-12-02  Sebastian BazleyFIx up Jakarta and other stale references
2011-11-14  Sebastian BazleyJakarta => Commons for downloads
2011-10-29  Rony FlatscherClean up a little bit (remove dead - commented - code)
2011-10-29  Rony FlatscherResolve issue [#BSF-36]: use context class loader only...
2011-10-29  Rony FlatscherResolving issue [#BSF-20]: make a more user friendly...
2011-10-29  Rony FlatscherResolving '[jira] [Assigned] (BSF-24) Remove log4j...
2011-10-19  Sebastian BazleyAllow compilation to work for all but netrexx (tests...
2011-10-17  Sebastian BazleyMore typos
2011-10-17  Sebastian BazleyFix names and suffixes
2011-10-17  Sebastian BazleyTYpo
2011-10-17  Sebastian BazleyLatest release should be obtained via downloads page
2011-10-17  Sebastian BazleyTemporarily disable engine builds until dependencies...
2011-10-17  Sebastian BazleyPoint to commons download page
2011-10-17  Sebastian BazleyFix to use Jakarta download area
2011-10-17  Sebastian BazleyInitial stab at download page
2011-09-11  Sebastian BazleyMove files to Maven standard layout
2011-09-11  Sebastian BazleyIgnore Maven target
2011-09-11  Sebastian BazleySTandard commons mail page
2011-09-11  Sebastian BazleyMove site to standard Maven locations.
2011-09-11  Sebastian BazleyInitial stab at POM - needs work
2011-09-11  Sebastian BazleyJakarta => Commons