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2017-07-31  Rob TompkinsCLI-217: More DefaultParser constructor docs.
2017-07-29  Rob TompkinsCLI-217: thanks Rubin
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2017-06-27  Rubin SimonsAdded option to test which traverses extra if-path
2017-06-23  Rubin SimonsAdded tests for partial matching enable/disable
2017-06-23  Rubin SimonsAdded support for disabling partial option matching
2017-06-23  Rubin SimonsIgnore IntelliJ IDEA files too
2017-06-22  Rubin SimonsIgnore IDE specific files
2017-06-15  Benedikt RitterMerge branch 'CLI-277'
2017-06-15  Bruno P. KinoshitaRemove @version tags
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