descriptionApache Commons DBCP
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9 days ago  Gary GregoryPrepare for Version 2.5.0.
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6 days ago commons-dbcp-2.5.0 Create release tag for Apache Commo...
9 days ago commons-dbcp-2.5.0-RC1 Tag Apache Commons DBCP release...
5 weeks ago commons-dbcp-2.4.0 Create release tag for Apache Commo...
5 weeks ago commons-dbcp-2.4.0-RC1 Tag Apache Commons DBCP release...
2 months ago DBCP_2_3_0 Create Commons DBCP 2.3.0 release...
2 months ago DBCP_2_3_0_RC1 Tag Apache Commons DBCP for release...
6 months ago DBCP_2_2_0 Apache Commons DBCP 2.2.0
6 months ago DBCP_2_2_0_RC3 Tag Apache Commons DBCP release...
23 months ago DBCP_2_2_RC2 DBCP_2_2_RC2
23 months ago DBCP_2_2_RC1 DBCP_2_2_RC1
2 years ago DBCP_2_1_1 DBCP_2_1_1
2 years ago DBCP_2_1_1_RC1 DBCP_2_1_1_RC1
3 years ago DBCP_2_1 DBCP_2_1
3 years ago DBCP_2_1_RC2 DBCP_2_1_RC2
3 years ago DBCP_2_1_RC1 DBCP_2_1_RC1
4 years ago DBCP_2_0 DBCP_2_0
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23 months ago dbcp-2.2-release
2 years ago TEST_DBCP_1_3_BRANCH
2 years ago DBCP_1_5_x_BRANCH
2 years ago DBCP_1_4_x_BRANCH
2 years ago DBCP_1_3_x_BRANCH
8 years ago DBCP_1_3_BRANCH
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