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2022-05-04  MattGEOMETRY-147: adding linecast and line intersection...
2022-05-01  Mattaddressing sonar issues
13 months ago rel/commons-geometry-1.0 RC4 becomes v1.0 official release
13 months ago commons-geometry-1.0-rc4 commons-geometry-1.0-rc4
13 months ago commons-geometry-1.0-rc3 commons-geometry-1.0-rc3
13 months ago commons-geometry-1.0-rc2 commons-geometry-1.0-rc2
13 months ago commons-geometry-1.0-rc1 RC1
2 years ago rel/commons-geometry-1.0-beta1 RC3 becomones v1.0-beta1 official...
2 years ago commons-geometry-1.0-beta1-rc3 Release candidate: 1.0-beta1-rc3
2 years ago commons-geometry-1.0-beta1-rc2 Release candidate: 1.0-beta1-rc2
2 years ago commons-geometry-1.0-beta1-rc1 Release candidate: 1.0-beta1-rc1
5 weeks ago master
13 months ago 1.0-release
2 years ago 1.0-beta1-release
3 years ago GEOMETRY-56
3 years ago GEOMETRY-54
3 years ago GEOMETRY-53