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last changeWed, 23 Aug 2017 15:22:59 +0000 (09:22 -0600)
2017-08-23  Gary GregoryUpdate Animal Sniffer Maven plugin from 1.15 to 1.16. master
2017-08-04  pascalschumacherupdate
2017-07-25  pascalschumacher.travis.yml: replace oraclejdk7 with open openjdk7...
2017-07-20  TheRealHauiImprove various unit tests style, closes #29.
2017-07-16  TheRealHauiIncrease code coverage one. Closes #27
2017-07-12  Deron Eriksson(doc) Update sample usage example links from svn to...
2017-07-12  Gary GregoryIgnore Eclipse artifacts.
2017-06-05  Benedikt RitterFix project documentation after component has been...
2017-05-28  Rob Tompkins(site) get site-deploy working/update scm to git
2017-05-27  Rob Tompkins(chore) adding to pom
2017-05-17  Benedikt RitterFix Checkstyle error: 'static' modifier out of order...
2017-05-17  Benedikt RitterFix Checkstyle error: Static variable definition in...
2017-05-17  Benedikt RitterFix Checkstyle error: 'static' modifier out of order...
2017-05-17  Benedikt RitterRemove unused property
2017-05-17  Benedikt RitterAnother local variable we can inline
2017-05-17  Benedikt RitterInline local variable
3 years ago commons-imaging-1.0-RC7 IMAGING_1_0_RC7
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5 years ago commons-imaging-1.0-RC2 IMAGING_1_0_RC2
5 years ago commons-imaging-1.0-RC1 IMAGING_1_0_RC1
5 years ago sanselan-0.92-incubator sanselan-0.92-incubator
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5 years ago sanselan-0.97-incubator sanselan-0.97-incubator
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