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2018-06-16  Gary GregoryThe the patrol. master
2018-05-15  Gary GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'.
2018-02-20  Damjan JovanovicParse header values in XBM files as C integer literals...
2018-02-19  Damjan JovanovicAllow writing PCX files with 1 plane and a bitdepth...
2018-02-10  Bruno P. KinoshitaIMAGING-215: prevent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException...
2018-01-08  Bruno P. KinoshitaUpdate NOTICE.txt copyright date
2018-01-07  Gary GregoryUpdate commons-parent from 42 to 43.
2018-01-02  Dave BrosiusIMAGING-214: avoid code execution unless/until it is...
2018-01-02  Dave BrosiusIMAGING-213: presize collections where possible
2018-01-01  Dave BrosiusIMAGING-212: use StandardCharsets to avoid reflection...
2017-12-29  Bruno P. KinoshitaIMAGING-203: JPEG segment size not validated (thanks...
2017-12-28  Bruno P. KinoshitaIMAGING-123: remove duplicated lines found via CPD...
2017-12-23  Bruno P. KinoshitaAdd missing license header for test class
2017-12-23  testingsavvyadd test for DataReaderStripsTest::applyPredictor
2017-12-23  Bruno P. KinoshitaIMAGING-209: changes.xml entry
2017-12-23  Isak WIMAGING-209: Fix issue where PnmImageParser would throw...
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