descriptionApache Commons Lang
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 20 Jan 2018 04:02:55 +0000 (17:02 +1300)
16 hours ago  Bruno P. KinoshitaLANG-1375: add changes.xml entry master
18 hours ago  Jerry ZhaoLANG-1375: defaultString(str) reuses defaultString...
6 days ago  pascalschumacherSystemDefaultsSwitch: fix javadoc code example
8 days ago  pascalschumacherLANG-1372: Add ToStringSummary annotation
8 days ago  Sergio OzakiLANG-1372: Add ToStringSummary annotation (closes ...
8 days ago  pascalschumacherLANG-1352: EnumUtils.getEnumIgnoreCase and isValidEnumI...
8 days ago  Ruslan SibgatullinLANG-1352: EnumUtils.getEnumIgnoreCase and isValidEnumI...
13 days ago  pascalschumacherpom.xml: use property as Automatic...
13 days ago  pascalschumacherpom.xml: remove outdated and no longer correct comment...
13 days ago  pascalschumacherUpdate to easymock version 3.5.1
13 days ago  pascalschumacherUpdate to commons-parent version 43
13 days ago  Rob TompkinsHappy New Year
2018-01-04  Bruno P. KinoshitaLANG-1374: fix logic in isJsonArray method of JsonToStr...
2017-12-21  Gary GregoryDon't use single letter variable names.
2017-12-21  Gary GregoryRename parameter 't' to 'thread'.
2017-12-21  Gary GregoryDon't need internal ivar name for a boolean to carry...
2 months ago LANG_3_7 Tag Apache Commons Lang 3.7
2 months ago LANG_3_7_RC1 Apache Commons Lang 3.7 RC1.
7 months ago LANG_3_6 Create Commons Lang 3.6 release tag
7 months ago LANG_3_6_RC4 Tag release 3.6 RC4
7 months ago LANG_3_6_RC3 Tag release 3.6 RC3
8 months ago LANG_3_6_RC2 Tag release 3.6 RC2
9 months ago LANG_3_6_RC1 Tag release 3.6
15 months ago LANG_3_5 Tag Commons Lang release 3.5
15 months ago LANG_3_5_RC2 Tag Commons Lang release 3.5 RC2
15 months ago LANG_3_5_RC1 Tag Commons Lang release 3.5 RC1
2 years ago LANG_3_4 LANG_3_4
2 years ago LANG_3_4_RC2 LANG_3_4_RC2
2 years ago LANG_3_4_RC1 LANG_3_4_RC1
3 years ago LANG_3_3_2 LANG_3_3_2
3 years ago LANG_3_3_2_RC1 LANG_3_3_2_RC1
3 years ago LANG_3_3_1 LANG_3_3_1
16 hours ago master
7 months ago release
4 years ago LANG_2_X
6 years ago LANG_4_X
8 years ago LANG_POST_2_4
10 years ago LANG_1_0_BRANCH
10 years ago LANG_2_2_X
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