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2 days ago  pascalschumacherLANG-1313: Add ArchUtils master
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2 days ago  TomschiLANG-1313: Add ArchUtils - an utility class for the...
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2 days ago  Benedikt RitterCorrect @since annotation
3 days ago  pascalschumacherRestore clirr report generation
7 days ago  Tobias SoloschenkoFixed javadoc of MutableBoolean setTrue / setFalse...
10 days ago  pascalschumacherchanges.xml: add entry for LANG-1310
10 days ago  drajakumarLANG-1310: MethodUtils.invokeMethod throws ArrayStoreEx...
10 days ago remove license badge, because github now...
10 days ago  pascalschumacherrestore deprecated annotation of StringUtils#getJaroWin...
10 days ago  pascalschumacherRevert "LANG-1269: Wrong name or result of StringUtils...
10 days ago  pascalschumacherLANG-1316: Deprecate classes/methods moved to commons...
10 days ago  pascalschumachertravis: add clirr check
10 days ago  pascalschumachercheckstyle-suppressions.xml: make paths work on windows
5 months ago LANG_3_5 Tag Commons Lang release 3.5
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5 months ago LANG_3_5_RC1 Tag Commons Lang release 3.5 RC1
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2 years ago LANG_3_4_RC1 LANG_3_4_RC1
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2 years ago LANG_3_3_2_RC1 LANG_3_3_2_RC1
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3 years ago LANG_3_3_1_RC1 LANG_3_3_1_RC1
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3 years ago LANG_3_3_RC1 LANG_3_3_RC1
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3 years ago LANG_3_2_1_RC1 LANG_3_2_1_RC1
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