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3 days ago  Gilles SadowskiCreated module "commons-numbers-arrays" to eliminate...
4 days ago  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-30: Cosine of angle between two vectors (in...
4 days ago  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-30: "safe norm" ported from "Commons Math".
4 days ago  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-30: "linear combination" ported from "Commons...
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7 days ago  Gilles SadowskiJavadoc fixes.
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7 days ago  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-29: New module for combinatorics utilities...
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13 days ago  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-39: "Erf" family of functions.
2017-05-14  Gilles SadowskiUnused design.
2017-05-14  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-39: "Beta" family of functions.
2017-05-14  Gilles SadowskiJavadoc.
2017-05-13  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-33: Small changes.
2017-05-12  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-37: New "PlaneAngle" class.
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