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45 hours ago  Gilles SadowskiMisalignment.
45 hours ago  Gilles SadowskiDeclaration order (CheckStyle).
5 days ago  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-68: made Complex class final.
5 days ago  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-63: removed sqrt1z() tests as method is now...
5 days ago  Eric BarnhillChanged sqrt1z() method to private
5 days ago  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-64: Removed "norm" method
5 days ago  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-53: Commented-out serial test eliminated
6 days ago  Eric BarnhillClean checkstyle for Complex
6 days ago  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-71: Complex multiplication and division methods...
2018-03-02  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-53: Removal of ComplexTest method extending...
2018-03-01  Eric Barnhillbugfix in 4d complex2Interleaved numbers-56-bugfix
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