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2018-09-03  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-70: Delete files describing "Commons Math"...
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'feature__NUMBERS-51'
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiJavadoc.
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiJacoco trigger file.
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiAdd methods.
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiTrailing spaces.
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'feature__NUMBERS-51__field' into feature_...
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-54: Create module "commons-numbers-complex...
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiRemoved spurious file.
2018-04-30  Gilles SadowskiAdd serial version identifier.
2018-04-25  Gilles SadowskiFixed wrong operator.
2018-04-25  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-68: Implement "parse" as the inverse function...
2018-04-24  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-68: Added parse() method to Complex(). TODO...
2018-04-23  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-65: Deleted RootsOfUnity and RootsOfUnityTest.
2018-04-23  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-65: Did not commit all changes in previous...
2018-04-23  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-65: Test added to nthRoot that proceeds around...
2018-04-23  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-65: Changed Nth Root test classes to use camel...
2018-03-22  Eric BarnhillMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-03-22  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-53: Fixed broken constructors in Utils and...
2018-03-22  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-53: Changed factory method for real numbers...
2018-03-21  Gilles SadowskiLinks (web site).
2018-03-17  Gilles Sadowski"SpotBugs" config file.
2018-03-17  Gilles SadowskiWrong operator.
2018-03-17  Gilles SadowskiReplace "FindBugs" with "SpotBugs".
2018-03-17  Gilles SadowskiDeclaration order.
2018-03-17  Gilles SadowskiRemoved "readResolve" method.
2018-03-17  Gilles SadowskiMisalignment.
2018-03-17  Gilles SadowskiDeclaration order (CheckStyle).
2018-03-14  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-68: made Complex class final.
2018-03-14  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-63: removed sqrt1z() tests as method is now...
2018-03-14  Eric BarnhillChanged sqrt1z() method to private
2018-03-14  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-64: Removed "norm" method
2018-03-14  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-53: Commented-out serial test eliminated
2018-03-13  Eric BarnhillClean checkstyle for Complex
2018-03-13  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-71: Complex multiplication and division methods...
2018-03-02  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-53: Removal of ComplexTest method extending...
2018-03-01  Eric Barnhillbugfix in 4d complex2Interleaved numbers-56-bugfix
2018-03-01  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-53: Fixes to test classes. Waiting on decision... complex-constructors
2018-03-01  Eric Barnhillmerge of complex-constructor branch
2018-03-01  Eric BarnhillMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-03-01  Eric BarnhillCreated static factory methods ofCis, ofPolar, ofCartes...
2018-02-14  Gilles SadowskiJavadoc, declaration order.
2018-02-14  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-02-14  Gilles SadowskiFix unit tests: "Complex.NAN" was made private in a...
2018-02-14  Eric BarnhillMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-02-14  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-60: Javadoc links fixed. Complex.NAN access...
2018-02-13  Gilles SadowskiUpgrade Jacoco.
2018-02-13  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-60: Merging NaN related changes into master...
2018-02-12  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-60: NaN descriptions in javadoc altered to... remove-nan-returns
2018-02-09  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'feature_NUMBERS-67'
2018-02-05  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-67: Method "pow".
2018-02-05  Gilles SadowskiMethod for computing integer powers.
2018-02-05  Gilles SadowskiMethod for retrieving the identity element.
2018-02-02  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-65: Redundant functionality.
2018-02-02  Gilles SadowskiPrefer multiplication (nit-picks).
2018-02-02  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'master' into feature__NUMBERS-51__field
2018-02-02  Gilles SadowskiJavadoc (nit-picks).
2018-02-02  Gilles SadowskiRemove deprecated HTML attribute (Javadoc).
2018-02-02  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-59: Removed null checking in Complex() null-removal
2018-02-02  Gilles SadowskiSelf-documenting.
2018-02-02  Gilles SadowskiVisual clean-up (unnecessary usage of "this").
2018-02-02  Gilles SadowskiJavadoc.
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiAlignment (nit-picks).
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiSpace around operator (nit-picks).
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiUnnecessary use of accessors.
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiVisual clean-up (nit-picks).
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiUse custom serial version identifier.
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiUnnecessary instantiation.
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiUnnecessary instantiation.
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiUnnecessary instantiation.
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiAlignment (nit-picks).
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiAlignment (nit-picks).
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiUnnecessary instantiations.
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiMore nit-picks.
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiVisual clean-up (nit-picks).
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiAlignment (nit-picks).
2018-02-01  Gilles SadowskiUse more specific exception type.
2018-01-31  Gilles SadowskiActivate "Jacoco".
2018-01-31  Gilles SadowskiUpgrade to CP 43.
2018-01-31  Gilles SadowskiImplement "Comparable".
2018-01-31  Gilles SadowskiAdd "FP64" test case (unit test).
2018-01-31  Gilles SadowskiCheck method (unit test).
2018-01-30  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-51: Class "FP64" ("double" with "Field" API).
2018-01-30  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'master' into feature__NUMBERS-51__field
2018-01-30  Gilles SadowskiCheckStyle.
2018-01-30  Gilles SadowskiAdded "throw" statement.
2018-01-30  Gilles SadowskiDeleted unused method.
2018-01-30  Gilles SadowskiUnnecessary branching.
2018-01-30  Gilles SadowskiJavadoc.
2018-01-30  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-55: Fixed "hashCode".
2018-01-29  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'master' into feature__NUMBERS-51__field
2018-01-29  Eric BarnhillMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-01-29  Eric BarnhillMinor Javadoc corrections.
2018-01-29  Gilles SadowskiJavadoc (unit test).
2018-01-29  Gilles SadowskiTrailing spaces.
2018-01-29  Gilles SadowskiTypo.
2018-01-29  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'master' into feature__NUMBERS-51__field
2018-01-27  Gilles SadowskiRedundant method call.
2018-01-27  Gilles SadowskiNit-picks (alignment).