6 days ago  Alex HerbertRemove javadoc links to JDK. master
2022-08-29  Gary GregoryJavadoc @link tags do not need to use a FQCN for classe...
2022-08-29  Gary GregoryJavadoc @see tags do not need to use a FQCN for classes...
2022-08-26  Gary GregoryUpdate README to use the default Maven goal
2022-07-08  Sumanth Rajkumaradded my name to contributor list
2022-06-29  Alex HerbertMigrate workflows from adopt to temurin
2022-06-29  Alex HerbertTrim whitespace
2022-06-29  Alex HerbertUse GitHub Actions setup-java Maven cache property
2022-06-27  Arturo Bernal* Use Math.min
2022-06-27  Alex HerbertActivate notifications for GH actions
2022-06-27  Alex HerbertMerge duplicate javadoc plugin declaration
2022-06-26  Alex HerbertRequire method javadoc for private scope
2022-06-26  Alex HerbertDo not fail on javadoc warnings in the JMH module
2022-06-26  Alex HerbertCorrect erasure of unnecessary parentheses
2022-06-25  Alex HerbertUpdate checkstyle
2022-06-25  Alex HerbertAdd missing javadoc checks
2022-06-25  Alex HerbertFail javadoc on warnings
2022-06-25  Alex HerbertFail build on coverage checks
2022-06-09  Alex HerbertRemove block level element from inside <p> tags
2022-06-09  Alex HerbertUpdate developers contributing guide
2022-06-07  aherbertRemove travis profile
2022-06-05  Alex HerbertDisable Travis CI
2022-06-05  Alex HerbertUpdate README badges
2022-06-04  Alex HerbertUse a single build goal
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertUse greater than expression in GH workflow
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertSkip spotbugs in JMH module
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertIgnore generated files from checkstyle
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertBuild examples on JDK 17
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertUpdate javadoc plugin config.
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertUpgrade JMH version
2022-05-27  Alex HerbertCorrect files entry
2022-05-27  Alex HerbertAll coverage files on a single line
2022-05-27  Alex HerbertQuote the files for coverage submission
2022-05-27  Alex HerbertSimplify GH build workflow for examples
2022-05-27  Alex HerbertDo not fail PMD in examples modules
2022-05-26  Alex HerbertReplace deprecated RandomSource.create
2022-05-26  Alex HerbertBuild the correct examples project
2022-05-26  Alex HerbertRemove HTML headings tags
2022-05-26  Alex HerbertCorrect java 11 build step
2022-05-26  Alex HerbertAdd GH actions for build and coverage
2022-05-04  aherbertJavadoc typo
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: Use constants in place of methods for consta...
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: custom assertEquals method so that expected...
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: Extract nested ternary
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: remove useless assignment
2022-04-25  aherbertRemove extra new lines
2022-04-25  aherbertJavadoc typo
2022-02-25  Gary GregoryAdd
2022-02-25  Gary GregoryAdd
2022-02-16  aherbertNUMBERS-185: Allow Precision.compareTo using a max...
2022-02-16  aherbertUse Double.MIN_VALUE for the SAFE_MIN constant.
2022-02-16  aherbertEnsure Precision equals is symmetric
2022-02-16  aherbertNUMBERS-184: Reduce operations in Precision.equals...
2022-01-23  Gilles SadowskiReplace deprecated calls.
2022-01-23  Gilles SadowskiUpgrade parent POM.
2022-01-22  Alex HerbertNUMBERS-181: Track changes
2022-01-20  Alex HerbertNUMBERS-181: New public API for beta functions
2022-01-20  Alex HerbertNUMBERS-181: Port the Boost beta functions
2022-01-20  Alex HerbertMove DataReader to package level class
2022-01-20  Alex HerbertMove BoostGamma.Policy to package level class
2022-01-20  aherbertNUMBERS-183: Track changes
2022-01-20  aherbertNUMBERS-183: Improve binomial coefficient classes
2022-01-20  aherbertUpdate NOTICE to 2022
2022-01-08  Alex HerbertNUMBERS-182: Avoid overflow in LogBeta for tiny arguments
2021-12-23  Alex HerbertNUMBERS-180: Track changes
2021-12-23  Alex HerbertNUMBERS-180: Gamma ratio and delta ratio
2021-12-23  Alex HerbertRemove public from package level utility class
2021-12-16  aherbertRemove redundant variable assignment
2021-12-16  aherbertRemove dependency on Precision
2021-12-16  aherbertAvoid underflow computing the initial value
2021-12-16  aherbertAvoid overflow computing the initial value
2021-12-14  Alex HerbertNUMBERS-179: Update threshold in regularisedGammaPrefix
2021-12-13  Alex HerbertLower threshold for a ~ z
2021-12-13  Alex HerbertMove the direct computation before checks for base...
2021-12-08  aherbertAdd another log1pmx test case to hit code coverage
2021-12-08  Alex HerbertNUMBERS-177: Add scaled complementary error function...
2021-12-04  Alex HerbertNUMBERS-178: Add Factorial.doubleValue(int)
2021-12-03  Alex HerbertAdd since tags for new API additions
2021-12-03  aherbertNUMBERS-178: Tabulate all representable factorials...
2021-11-30  aherbertAdd Commons Numbers 1.0 implementation to ErfPerformanc...
2021-11-29  aherbertUpdate Commons RNG from 1.3 to 1.4
2021-11-29  aherbertNUMBERS-176: ContinuedFraction delegates to Generalized...
2021-11-29  aherbertNUMBERS-174: Track changes
2021-11-24  Alex HerbertNUMBERS-174: Update gamma functions public API 110/head
2021-11-24  Alex HerbertNUMBERS-174: Use Boost gamma function implementation
2021-11-24  aherbertAdd usable maven modules to the main page
2021-11-24  aherbertTest isPowerOfTwo with negative arguments and all true...
2021-11-24  aherbertNUMBERS-175: Track changes
2021-11-24  aherbertNUMBERS-175: A continued fraction class to compute... 109/head
2021-11-24  aherbertChange Travis CI openjdk9 to openjdk11
2021-11-02  aherbertReuse the golden ratio continued fraction implementation.
2021-11-02  aherbertNUMBERS-173: Set minimum bound on continued fraction...
2021-10-27  Alex HerbertSonar fix: Use assertEquals
2021-10-27  Alex HerbertSonar fix: lambda to contain only one source of an...
2021-10-26  Alex HerbertCorrect javadoc
2021-10-26  aherbertPrevent caching infinite factorial values.
2021-10-26  aherbertUse String.format when doubles are used in messages.
2021-10-26  aherbertUse isFinite
2021-10-22  Alex HerbertUpdate ErfDifference X_CRIT value
2021-10-21  Alex HerbertTrack changes