descriptionApache Commons Pool
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 17 Aug 2018 14:32:08 +0000 (08:32 -0600)
2018-08-17  Gary GregoryPreparing release 2.6.0 RC1. master
2018-08-17  Gary GregoryRemove trailing white spaces.
2018-08-17  Gary GregoryRemove redundant modifiers.
2018-08-17  Gary GregoryRemove redundant type arguments.
2018-08-17  Gary GregoryUse final.
2018-08-17  Gary GregoryRefactor call to startEvictor(1L) (magic number) into...
2018-08-16  Gary GregoryFix Javadoc nit. Better local var names.
2018-08-16  Gary Gregory[POOL-349] Update optional library asm-util from 6...
2018-07-22  Shunsuke Nakamura[POOL-347] borrowObject waits for maxWaitMillis over...
2018-07-21  Gary GregoryAdd openjdk8 to Travis build.
2018-07-21  jieyebingFormat DefaultPooledObject getIdleTimeMillis method...
2018-07-16  Michael Chen[POOL-346] Move common configuration setter to BaseGene...
2018-07-08  Gary Gregorycommons.scmPubUrl is now defined in commons-parent.
2018-07-08  Gary is now defined in the parent as the
2018-07-08  Gary GregoryLess clutter.
2018-07-08  Gary GregoryAdd download link which is now required in announce...
5 weeks ago commons-pool-2.6.1-RC1 Tag Apache Commons Pool release...
2 months ago commons-pool-2.6.0 Create release tag for Apache Commo...
2 months ago commons-pool-2.6.0-RC1 Tag Apache Commons Pool release...
9 months ago POOL_2_5_0 Apache Commons Pool 2.5.0
9 months ago POOL_2_5_0_RC1 Tag Apache Commons Pool release...
10 months ago POOL_2.4.3 Tag Apache Commons Pool 2.4.3 as...
10 months ago POOL_2.4.3-RC1 Tag commons foo release 2.4.3 RC1
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3 years ago POOL_2_4_2_RC1
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