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last changeTue, 3 Jul 2018 00:04:21 +0000 (20:04 -0400)
2018-07-03  Gary GregoryCheck the result of checking out files from the SCM. master
2018-07-02  Gary GregoryDocument: Better error message.
2018-07-02  Gary GregoryBetter error message.
2018-06-19  Rob TompkinsUpversion to 1.4-SNAPSHOT
2018-06-19  Rob TompkinsMerge tag 'commons-release-plugin-1.3'
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsRemove site compression mojo from staging 1.3 commons-release-plugin-1.3 commons-release-plugin-1.3-RC1
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsPrepare pom for using -Dversion of release plugin
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-117: remove md5 hashes from release artifacts
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-06-15  Gary GregoryFix nested list in Javadoc.
2018-06-15  Rob Tompkins(fix) findbugs, javadoc
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsRelease prep, site, pom version
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsRelease prep, RELEASE-NOTES.txt
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-112: add to changes.xml
2018-06-14  Rob Tompkins(fix) ingnore hidden files in staging
2018-06-14  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-113: getting site checked in properly
4 weeks ago commons-release-plugin-1.3 Promoting commons-release-plugin...
4 weeks ago commons-release-plugin-1.3-RC1 Creating release candidate tag...
3 months ago commons-release-plugin-1.2 Releasing commons-release-plugin...
3 months ago commons-release-plugin-1.2-RC1 Preparing commons-release-1.2-RC1
4 months ago commons-release-plugin-1.1 Tagging RC4 as main release
4 months ago commons-release-plugin-1.1-RC4 Tagging RC4
4 months ago commons-release-plugin-1.1-RC2 Tagging RC2
6 months ago commons-release-plugin-1.0 tagging RC1 as released
6 months ago commons-release-plugin-1.0-RC1 Tag commons-release-plugin-1.0 RC1
2 weeks ago master
4 weeks ago 1.3
3 months ago 1.2
4 months ago 1.1
6 months ago 1.0