45 hours ago  aherbertCorrect typo and remove trailing whitespace master
46 hours ago  aherbertAdd sign-and-deploy of generated BOM when using GPG
47 hours ago  aherbertExplicit project prefix for filtered properties.
2 days ago  aherbertAdd note about matched versions required for client...
2 days ago  aherbertInclude Jira project prefix (RNG-) in changes issue...
2 days ago  aherbertCorrect version in release notes description
3 days ago  aherbertUse standard headers for pom xml files
3 days ago  aherbertTrack changes
3 days ago  aherbertUpdate NOTICE to 2022
3 days ago  Alex HerbertRNG-182: Add Bill of Materials (BOM)
5 days ago  Alex HerbertTest method to get an array of identical RNGs
5 days ago  Alex HerbertRelax assertion for higher dimension coordinates
5 days ago  Alex HerbertOverride ciManagement section from CP
6 days ago  Alex HerbertRemove empty lines
7 days ago  aherbertRemove redundant modules from profiles
7 days ago  aherbertUpdate commons.release.version with upcoming release...
7 days ago  aherbertcommons.release.dryRun flag is set in the test-deploy...
8 days ago  aherbertSet isDistModule flag to false in the parent pom
8 days ago  aherbertUpdate LXM generator reference data
9 days ago  aherbertUpdate user guide performance tables to include new...
9 days ago  aherbertUse a fixed seed high-quality RNG for selected sampling...
9 days ago  aherbertUse randomly chosen high-quality RNG for the sampling...
9 days ago  Alex HerbertUse final
9 days ago  Alex HerbertUse better examples for the user guide
10 days ago  aherbertUse better RNGs for the user examples
10 days ago  aherbertUpdate sampling site page
10 days ago  aherbertJavadoc
10 days ago  aherbertFormatting
10 days ago  aherbertRename ObjectFactory to SeededObjectFactory
10 days ago  aherbertAdd japicmp configuration to reporting section
10 days ago  aherbertAdd missing @since tags
10 days ago  aherbertRemove xdoc processing instruction with reserved name
11 days ago  Alex HerbertCorrect line number for checkstyle suppression
12 days ago  Alex HerbertSimplify boolean expression
12 days ago  Alex HerbertUpdate checkstyle config using latest example
12 days ago  Alex HerbertUpdate revapi plugin
12 days ago  Alex HerbertDrop checkstyle 3.1.2 for 3.2.0 in commons parent
12 days ago  Alex HerbertDrop junit 5.7.2 for 5.9.0 in commons parent
12 days ago  Alex HerbertDrop surefire 3.0.0-M5 for 3.0.0-M7 in commons parent
12 days ago  Alex HerbertDrop antrun 1.8 for 3.1.0 in commons parent
12 days ago  Alex Herbertspotbugs: Allow floating-point loop control in sampling...
12 days ago  Alex HerbertUpdate to commons-parent 54
2022-09-21  Alex HerbertSonar fix: Isolate possible source of runtime exception
2022-09-21  Alex HerbertSonar fix: Ensure shift is performed on a long
2022-09-19  Alex HerbertExplicit factory method name
2022-09-19  Alex HerbertAdd splittable documentation to user guide
2022-09-19  Alex HerbertRNG-181: Track changes
2022-09-15  Alex HerbertRNG-181: LXM family to support SplittableUniformRandomP...
2022-09-05  aherbertUpdate sub-module README to use the default Maven goal
2022-09-05  Alex HerbertRNG-180: Add a SplittableUniformRandomProvider interface
2022-08-26  Gary GregoryUpdate README to use the default Maven goal
2022-08-05  Alex HerbertAllow javadoc warnings in the JMH module
2022-08-05  Arturo BernalFix some typo and grammar.
2022-06-29  Alex HerbertMigrate workflows from adopt to temurin
2022-06-29  Alex HerbertUse GitHub Actions setup-java Maven cache property
2022-06-26  Alex HerbertRequire method javadoc for private scope
2022-06-25  Alex HerbertAdd missing javadoc checks
2022-06-25  Alex HerbertFail javadoc on warnings
2022-06-25  Alex HerbertIncrease jacoco method ratio to 1.00
2022-06-25  Alex HerbertFail build on coverage checks
2022-06-10  Alex HerbertRemove empty revapi configuration section
2022-06-09  Alex HerbertRemove block level element from inside <p> tags
2022-06-09  Alex HerbertUpdate JMH 1.32 to 1.35
2022-06-09  Alex HerbertDisable Travis CI
2022-06-09  Alex HerbertUpdate README badges
2022-06-09  Alex HerbertRNG-179: Track changes
2022-06-08  aherbertRNG-179: Add fast loaded dice roller discrete sampler 112/head
2022-06-04  Alex HerbertCorrect if-else GH action workflow
2022-06-04  Alex HerbertUse a single build goal
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertUse greater than expression in GH workflow
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertSkip spotbugs in JMH module
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertSkip generated files in JMH module
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertRun examples on JDK 17
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertAdd module javadoc
2022-05-27  Alex HerbertFix working directory
2022-05-27  Alex HerbertSimplify GH build workflow
2022-05-26  Alex HerbertVerify the examples in the GH action workflow
2022-05-26  Alex HerbertIgnore IntBuffer in animal sniffer
2022-05-26  Alex HerbertUpdate GH actions versions
2022-05-26  Arturo BernalSimplify returns. 113/head
2022-05-23  aherbertParameter name typo
2022-05-23  aherbertMethod name typo
2022-05-23  aherbertFormatting
2022-05-19  Alex HerbertChanges typo
2022-05-18  Alex HerbertRNG-178: Add stream support to JumpableUniformRandomPro...
2022-05-17  Alex HerbertJavadoc
2022-05-16  Alex HerbertRNG-176: Track changes
2022-05-16  Alex HerbertRNG-176: Update user guide with new UniformRandomProvid...
2022-05-13  aherbertRNG-176: Remove redundant methods from core module 111/head
2022-05-13  aherbertRNG-176: Update anonymous implementations of UniformRan...
2022-05-13  aherbertRNG-176: Enhance the UniformRandomProvider interface
2022-05-13  aherbertAdd explicit dependency from simple to the client-api...
2022-05-13  aherbertAdd revapi plugin for binary compatibility check
2022-05-09  aherbertDo not leak package-private class in public API
2022-05-04  aherbertRemove public test modifier
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: lambdas to have 1 invocation possible throwi...
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: Use @ParameterizedTest
2022-05-04  aherbertRNG-177: Track changes
2022-05-04  aherbertRNG-177: Add streaming examples to the user guide
2022-05-04  aherbertRNG-177: Add stream methods to the sampler API 110/head