descriptionPseudo-random numbers generators
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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5 days ago  aherbertUse a fixed seed high-quality RNG for selected sampling...
5 days ago  aherbertUse randomly chosen high-quality RNG for the sampling...
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6 days ago  Alex HerbertUse better examples for the user guide
6 days ago  aherbertUse better RNGs for the user examples
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12 months ago rel/commons-rng-1.4 RC3 becomes v1.4 official release.
12 months ago RNG_1_4_RC3 RC3.
12 months ago RNG_1_4_RC2 RC2.
12 months ago RNG_1_4_RC1 RC1.
2 years ago RNG_1_3 RC1 becomes v1.3 official release.
2 years ago RNG_1_3_RC1 RC1.
3 years ago RNG_1_2 RC2 becomes v1.2 official release.
3 years ago RNG_1_2_RC2 RC2.
3 years ago RNG_1_2_RC1 RC1.
4 years ago RNG_1_1 Promoting RC7 to 1.1
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4 years ago RNG_1_1_RC3 Re-preparing commons-rng-1.1-RC3
4 years ago RNG_1_1_RC2 Prepare commons-rng-1.1-RC2
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12 months ago 1.4-release
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4 years ago 1.1
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