2013-10-14  Ate DoumaSCXML-169: archiving current trunk (0.10-SNAPSHOT)... commons-scxml-0.xx commons-scxml-0.xx
2013-05-19  Sebastian BazleyLANG-894 some doap files have incorrect download page
2013-03-24  Sebastian BazleyASF => The ASF
2013-03-22  Sebastian BazleyFix up URLs so they point to actual sites; this allows...
2013-03-22  Emmanuel BourgUpgraded the dependency on JEXL (1.1 -> 2.1.1)
2013-02-26  Olivier Lamyrestore download cgi
2013-01-30  Sebastian Bazleydeveloped by => developed at
2013-01-17  Olivier Lamyconfigure svnpubsub
2012-03-17  Henri YandellUpdating copyright dates in notice per expressive last...
2011-09-30  David Brosiususe string buffers correctly
2011-06-06  Rahul AkolkarRemove m1 section from building page, now that the...
2011-06-06  Rahul AkolkarSCXML-161 Transition leaving a child state of parallel...
2011-05-23  Sebastian BazleyRemove suite() and main() methods from test classes
2011-05-23  Sebastian BazleyJavadoc
2011-05-23  Sebastian BazleyJavadoc
2011-05-23  Sebastian BazleyAllow override of the logging level
2011-05-23  Sebastian BazleyFix Maven repo location
2011-05-23  Sebastian Bazley+= includeantruntime="false"
2011-05-23  Sebastian BazleyAdd compiler source and target versions
2010-10-06  Niall PembertonCOMMONSSITE-57 Fix announce mod_mbox link
2010-09-22  Rahul AkolkarJavadoc notes and a typo.
2010-09-14  Sebastian BazleyReplace deprecated systemProperties by systemPropertyVa...
2010-07-16  Rahul AkolkarUpgrading Commons Parent POM to latest release (v17).
2010-07-15  Rahul AkolkarAdd scxmlgui in related projects section.
2010-07-05  Rahul AkolkarAdded a "Related Projects" section to the Commons SCXML...
2010-06-25  Rahul AkolkarAdd a couple of helper test methods.
2010-04-21  Niall PembertonGenerate custom Mailing List pages for components ...
2010-04-21  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent version 15
2010-04-13  Niall PembertonRemove m1 files from source assembly descriptors
2010-04-13  Niall PembertonMove/rename "xdocs" directory to standard m2 "src/site...
2010-03-28  Niall PembertonRemove m1 cvs-usage.xml & navigation.xml files
2010-03-28  Henri YandellRemoving M1 build, M2 build seems fine
2010-03-15  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent-14 (and maven-javadoc-plugin...
2010-03-08  Niall PembertonRe-generate the download pages using the new commons...
2010-03-08  Niall PembertonUpgrade to version 13 of commons-parent
2009-11-12  Niall PembertonUpdate to the latest BeanUtils 1.8.2 release
2009-10-20  Niall PembertonUpdate to commons-parent-12
2009-07-16  Rahul AkolkarAttribute "targettype" of the <send> and <invoke> eleme...
2009-05-28  Sebastian BazleyOops!
2009-05-28  Sebastian BazleyRe-Fix DOAP tags
2009-05-28  Sebastian BazleyFix DOAP tags
2009-05-27  Rahul AkolkarCorrect releases section of DOAP file. Thanks to ebourg.
2009-05-01  Rahul AkolkarHumor the maven-changes-plugin.
2009-05-01  Rahul AkolkarAdd MyMobileWeb project link to the "Who is using it...
2009-01-09  Rahul AkolkarAbstractStateMachine log error
2009-01-07  Sebastian BazleySCXML-91 - eliminate non-essential logging output
2009-01-06  Rahul AkolkarUpgrade changes plugin to v2.1
2009-01-06  Rahul AkolkarUpgrade Commons BeanUtils to v1.8.0 [ SCXML-97 ].
2009-01-06  Sebastian BazleySCXML-103 Remove any catch (Throwable t) occurences:
2009-01-05  Sebastian BazleyIf directory creation fails, let the subsequent file...
2009-01-05  Rahul AkolkarCreate parents if they don't exist.
2009-01-05  Rahul AkolkarSome changes this year already.
2009-01-05  Rahul AkolkarWhitespace changes.
2009-01-05  Sebastian BazleySCXML-92 - reduce logging when running full test suite
2009-01-05  Sebastian BazleyRemove try/catch blocks for Exceptions that are not...
2009-01-05  Sebastian BazleyPrepare for changes to SCXMLTestHelper
2009-01-02  Sebastian BazleySCXML-91 (1) - Test cases should only catch Exception...
2009-01-02  Sebastian BazleySCXML-91 (1) - Test cases should only catch Exception...
2008-12-17  Rahul AkolkarTest cases should use SCXMLParser.
2008-12-17  Rahul AkolkarMake a copy for testing the legacy parser
2008-12-17  Rahul AkolkarMake a copy for testing the legacy parser
2008-12-16  Rahul AkolkarFix potential NPE and add consistent legacy flags.
2008-12-09  Sebastian BazleySCXML-93: SCXMLTestHelper generates a lot of serialisat...
2008-12-06  Sebastian BazleySCXML-91 - SCXMLTestHelper#testExecutorSerializability...
2008-12-01  Rahul AkolkarStart changes listing for v0.10.
2008-12-01  Rahul AkolkarUpdating DOAP to include v0.9.
2008-12-01  Rahul AkolkarRoll version in source assembly descriptor.
2008-12-01  Rahul Akolkarv0.9 has been released.
2008-12-01  Rahul AkolkarPrepare release notes for next iteration.
2008-12-01  Rahul AkolkarRoll version to 0.10-SNAPSHOT
2008-11-27  Sebastian BazleyString.toString() is redundant
2008-11-27  Sebastian BazleyJavadoc corrections
2008-11-22  Rahul Akolkar[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2008-11-22  Rahul Akolkar[maven-release-plugin] prepare release SCXML_0_9_RC1
2008-11-22  Rahul AkolkarUpdate sample command in guide.
2008-11-22  Rahul AkolkarUpdate navbars.
2008-11-22  Rahul AkolkarAdd a v0.9 section to the site.
2008-11-22  Rahul AkolkarUpdate download section of home page.
2008-11-22  Rahul AkolkarRegen'ed Commons SCXML site download page.
2008-11-22  Rahul AkolkarUpdate changes listing.
2008-11-22  Rahul AkolkarAdding SCXML-73
2008-11-22  Rahul AkolkarAdding clirr report and updating properties as part...
2008-11-21  Rahul AkolkarSome checkstyle corrections.
2008-11-21  Rahul AkolkarTowards a v0.9 RC.
2008-11-21  Rahul AkolkarUpdate release notes towards v0.9.
2008-11-21  Rahul AkolkarSupport initial attribute of <state>
2008-11-21  Rahul AkolkarSCXMLSerializer does not serialize custom namespace...
2008-11-21  Rahul AkolkarUse a log name in line with the rest of the library.
2008-11-21  Rahul Akolkarevent attribute of <send> is not evaluated
2008-11-19  Rahul AkolkarSupport executable content in <transition> child of...
2008-11-19  Rahul AkolkarSupport <onentry> and <onexit> in <parallel>
2008-11-18  Rahul AkolkarImproved serialization of <send>
2008-11-18  Rahul AkolkarSupport for <transition> children for <parallel> states.
2008-11-14  Rahul Akolkar<assign> doesn't remove all children of old node.
2008-11-14  Rahul AkolkarSCXMLParser should throw an exception for parsing failu...
2008-11-14  Rahul AkolkarDelayed events not passing payload.
2008-11-13  Rahul AkolkarAddition to "Who is using it?"
2008-11-13  Rahul AkolkarUpdate and sort svn:ignore.
2008-10-03  Rahul AkolkarSeems like a typo.
2008-10-03  Rahul AkolkarSCXML-84