2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarTag Commons SCXML v0.7 RC2 tags/SCXML_0_7_RC2 SCXML_0_7_RC2
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarTime for v0.7 RC2.
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarNon-functional changes. Primarily adding since tags...
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarRemove cobertura report from distro. Thanks to Niall...
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarMore recent URL for xdoc plugin.
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarChangelog update.
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarAdd Sebb. Thanks for suggestions to improve distros.
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarTurn off site Javadoc reports that do not work and...
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarPin down javadoc plugin version.
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarInclude pom.xml in source distro. Suggested by Sebb...
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarUpgrade to JUnit 3.8.2. Thanks for Sebb <sebbaz AT...
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarBetter encapsulation (build.xml + Sun JDK 1.4 caused...
2007-12-12  Rahul AkolkarRoll back to 0.7-SNAP in preparation for 0.7 RC2.
2007-12-11  Niall PembertonCopy 0.7 menu from m1's navigation.xml to m2's site.xml
2007-12-08  Rahul AkolkarRoll version.
2007-12-08  Rahul AkolkarTime for v0.7 RC1.
2007-12-08  Rahul AkolkarPin down the xdoc plugin version we use.
2007-12-08  Rahul AkolkarRemove deprecated API usage, checkstyle, serialVersionUIDs.
2007-12-07  Rahul AkolkarRemove old nightlies link.
2007-12-07  Rahul AkolkarCorrect site navigation links.
2007-12-07  Rahul AkolkarCorrect link to parsing page.
2007-12-07  Rahul AkolkarUpdate the user guide per changes coming in v0.7.
2007-12-07  Rahul AkolkarPrepare releases section of home page for v0.7.
2007-12-07  Rahul AkolkarWhitespace (checkstyle).
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarRevert to 3.8.1 (for JDK 1.4). Thanks to sebb <sebbaz...
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarTime to use a recent JUnit release.
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarUpdate <versions>
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarUpgrade recommended version of Commons Logging to v1.1.1
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarA page for v0.7 documentation / references (please...
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarTowards tagging: speculative dates.
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarMore changelog for the site.
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarConvey location of about section a little better.
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarComplete new features, deprecations.
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarJIRA tickets for fix version v0.7
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarTowards complete release notes for v0.7
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarAdd SCXML-53
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarAdd test from SCXML-53 for wildcard testing, thanks...
2007-12-06  Rahul AkolkarSCXML-53 Wild card event name handling on transitions...
2007-12-05  Rahul AkolkarChangelog update for site.
2007-12-05  Rahul AkolkarChange test case to use new <event> tag.
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarSCXML-61 Clarify (via class Javadoc) interaction model...
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarNotes on switching to the new parser.
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarUpdate package description on the presence of two parsers.
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarDeprecate in favor of the newer parser, and better...
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarSCXML-55 Add support for <event> tag
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarRemove a deprecation warning. No functional change.
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarSCXML-58 Object model not stateless
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarAdd Andy Bailey <andy at hazlorealidad dot com> to...
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarSCXML-60 Possible race condition in AsyncTrigger
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarSkip serialization tests (but spew messages to System...
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarAdd Michael Tillberg <mtillberg at comcast dot net...
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarSafer way to create contexts, suggested as part of...
2007-12-04  Rahul AkolkarSCXML-54 Events from custom actions missing payload
2007-11-30  Rahul AkolkarAdded a test case for <send>s in the same executable...
2007-11-30  Rahul AkolkarSupport nested invokes when using SimpleSCXMLInvoker.
2007-11-30  Rahul AkolkarTest case illustrating usage of data model to persist...
2007-11-16  Rahul AkolkarRemove PROPOSAL.html from m2 source distro (its not...
2007-11-16  Niall PembertonUpdate m2 build
2007-08-23  Henri YandellChanging name to 'Commons Xxx'
2007-08-20  Rahul AkolkarApply per region document order filter for transition...
2007-08-19  Phil SteitzUpdated commons parent version to 4.
2007-08-06  Rahul AkolkarSimpleSCXMLInvoker may miss transition to final state.
2007-08-05  Niall PembertonTLP Move change wiki URLs from "
2007-08-02  Rahul AkolkarConflict resolution for conditionless stay transitions.
2007-07-31  Matthew Jason... Apache Apache
2007-07-31  Matthew Jason... Apache Apache
2007-07-31  Niall PembertonMove Commons TLP changes
2007-07-31  Henri YandellFixing svn locations after TLP move
2007-07-31  Rahul AkolkarTLP related blanket changes:
2007-07-30  Henri YandellMoving to a css on the Commons site
2007-07-29  Henri YandellFixing the mailing list addresses
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving back :) trunk@560659
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP trunk@560657
2007-07-28  Henri YandellUpdating to reflect website change trunk@560656
2007-07-27  Rahul AkolkarDelete existing child nodes before adding new ones...
2007-07-27  Niall PembertonRemove jakarta references from m1 and m2 builds
2007-07-04  Rahul AkolkarUpdate NOTICE files in trunks-proper in light of TLP...
2007-06-26  Rahul AkolkarSCXML-48 Broken subclassing for AbstractStateMachine.
2007-06-15  Rahul AkolkarAdding Javadoc links for easier navigation.
2007-06-15  Rahul AkolkarInconsistency: State.getIsFinal and State.setIsFinal
2007-06-15  Rahul AkolkarProvide a SCXMLListener abstract adapter class
2007-06-15  Rahul AkolkarAdding information to evaluation error messages
2007-06-15  Rahul AkolkarCorrecting various checkstyle errors and Javadoc warnings.
2007-06-14  Henri YandellMerging all the KEYS files into a single one. Storing...
2007-05-29  Rahul AkolkarSCXML-45
2007-04-25  Rahul Akolkarsvn:ignore
2007-04-25  Rahul AkolkarJUnit test cases update:
2007-04-25  Rahul AkolkarSwitch the test package to use new parser.
2007-04-25  Rahul AkolkarRemove deprecated API usage.
2007-04-25  Rahul AkolkarFeb '07 WD related minor tweaks for the semantics packa...
2007-04-25  Rahul AkolkarFeb '07 WD conformance changes for the IO package:
2007-03-24  Rahul Akolkaro Add some test cases which fail using the old parser...
2007-03-24  Rahul AkolkarAdd utility methods for test cases which use the new...
2007-03-24  Rahul AkolkarModel changes for Feb '07 WD alignment (part 5):
2007-03-24  Rahul AkolkarModel changes for Feb '07 WD alignment (part 4):
2007-03-24  Rahul AkolkarModel changes for Feb '07 WD alignment (part 3):
2007-03-24  Rahul AkolkarModel changes for Feb '07 WD alignment (part 2):
2007-03-24  Rahul AkolkarModel changes for Feb '07 WD alignment (part 1):
2007-03-22  Rahul AkolkarThe February '07 SCXML WD [1] makes some changes to...