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last changeWed, 10 Oct 2018 18:59:13 +0000 (14:59 -0400)
6 days ago  Woonsan KoSCXML-284: updating changes.xml master
6 days ago  Woonsan KoMerge branch 'test-exceptions'
6 days ago  Allon MureinikSCXML-284 Remove redundant throws declarations in tests
6 days ago  Allon MureinikSCXML-284 Replace try-catch with assertThrows
6 days ago  Allon MureinikSCXML-284 Issue112Test#test01issue112 catch
8 days ago  Woonsan KoSCXML-283: improvement in changes about JUnit5 thanks...
8 days ago  Woonsan KoMerge branch 'junit-jupiter'
12 days ago  Allon MureinikSCXML-283 Upgrade to JUnit Jupiter
12 days ago  Allon MureinikSCXML-283 org.apache.commons:commons-parent dependency
12 days ago  Allon MureinikSCXML-283 javadoc fix
12 days ago  Allon MureinikSCXML-283 Remove unused main methods
2018-01-21  Ate Doumaupdate changes.xml for SCXML-279
2018-01-21  Ate DoumaSCXML-279 Only use default Jexl3 setting for silent...
2018-01-07  Ate DoumaSCXML-278 Code cleanup and Java8 alignment
2017-12-24  Dave Brosiuscall static methods from static contexts
2017-12-24  Dave Brosiusremove collecting of attributes as they are not used
4 years ago commons-scxml2-2.0-M1 commons-scxml2-2.0-M1
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9 years ago SCXML_0_9_RC1 SCXML_0_9_RC1
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10 years ago SCXML_0_8_RC2 SCXML_0_8_RC2
10 years ago SCXML_0_8_RC1 SCXML_0_8_RC1
10 years ago SCXML_0_7 SCXML_0_7
10 years ago SCXML_0_7_RC2 SCXML_0_7_RC2
10 years ago SCXML_0_7_RC1 SCXML_0_7_RC1
11 years ago SCXML_0_5 SCXML_0_5
11 years ago SCXML_0_5_RC1 SCXML_0_5_RC1
11 years ago SCXML_0_5_RC2 SCXML_0_5_RC2
11 years ago SCXML_0_5_RC3 SCXML_0_5_RC3
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