9 days ago  Gary GregoryMerge pull request #2 from apache/dependabot/github_act... master
9 days ago  dependabot... Bump github/codeql-action from 2.1.22 to 2.1.23 2/head
13 days ago  Gary GregoryAdd same scorecards-analysis.yml as Apache Log4j (excep...
2022-09-06  Gary GregoryBump actions/checkout from 3 to 3.0.2.
2022-09-01  Gary GregoryDrop unused badges
2022-09-01  Gary GregoryUpdate readme file
2022-09-01  Gary GregoryAdd and regenerate other files
2022-09-01  Gary GregoryBump commons-parent from 49 to 53
2022-09-01  Gary GregoryBuild on GitHub with a default Maven goal
2019-11-25  aherbertAdd 4.2 release notes.
2019-11-25  aherbertBump to next development version.
2019-11-20  aherbertAdded commons.rc.version property.
2019-11-20  aherbertChange $render.eval to #evaluate.
2019-11-20  aherbertAdd commons.bc.version property for the release plugin.
2019-11-20  aherbertFix release notes velocity template for testing example.
2019-11-20  aherbertUpdate the latest year in NOTICE.txt
2019-11-19  Alex HerbertAdd properties to POM for commons-release plugin.
2019-11-19  Alex HerbertUpdate release notes templates with testing instructions.
2019-11-19  Alex HerbertChange property name for prettyprint linenums tag.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertAdd changes.xml and release-notes.vm template.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertExclude jquery.min.js from rat check.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertAdd missing license header.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertRemove unused css files
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertAdd license header to site.css
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertFix processing of custom footer element.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertUpdate processing of head section to handle injected...
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertOptionally render <pre> tags using prettyprint.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertFixed site.vm format indentation
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertFixed background transparency on collapsed.gif.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertUse parent 49.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertAdd .gitignore
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertUpdate to 4.2-SNAPSHOT.
2019-08-17  SebbSCM: SVN => Git
2016-01-19  Gary D. GregoryUpdate copyright for 2016 in NOTICE.txt trunk
2015-06-30  Sebastian BazleyCP37 => CP38
2015-05-03  Benedikt RitterAdd license and notice file for commons-skin
2015-05-03  Benedikt RitterUpdate to latest commons parent pom
2015-04-28  Stian Soiland... COMMONSSITE-82 Avoid repeated collapsed.gif
2014-07-19  Benedikt RitterCorrect messed up commit made in last revision
2014-07-19  Benedikt RitterReplace tabs with spaces
2014-02-19  Matthew Jason... reverse previous commit which seems to be unnecessary
2014-02-19  Matthew Jason... [COMMONSSITE-78] Item #2: The left-hand side menu is...
2014-02-05  Benedikt RitterUpdate to next development version after commons-skin...
2014-02-02  Benedikt RitterIntegrating Thomas Neidharts work for a new commons...
2014-02-01  Benedikt RitterAdd assembly descriptor for maven-assembly-plugin so...
2014-01-31  Benedikt RitterRemove workaround for SUREFIRE-300 since it has been...
2014-01-31  Benedikt RitterUpdate to lates commons parent
2014-01-31  Benedikt RitterAdd svn:ignore for IntelliJ
2014-01-07  Sebastian BazleyUse full name
2012-10-23  Sebastian BazleyLatest CP version
2012-10-20  Sebastian BazleyEclipse .classpath files do not belong in SVN; they...
2011-10-09  Simone Tripodifirst checkin of Twitter's bootstrap CSS, v1.3.0
2011-03-31  Gary D. GregoryIgnore eclipse project files.
2011-03-20  Sebastian BazleyNext SNAPSHOT version
2011-03-10  Sebastian BazleyChange to using pom properties to enable trademark...
2011-03-09  Sebastian BazleySlightly smaller to agree closer with version now embed...
2011-03-08  Gary D. GregoryFollow branding reqs from
2011-03-07  Sebastian BazleyOops - need N & L for jar
2011-03-07  Sebastian BazleyAdd trademark overlay processing
2011-03-05  Sebastian BazleyAdd Commons logo
2011-03-04  Sebastian BazleyAdd copy of commons-maven.css from commons-build, modif...
2011-03-04  Sebastian BazleyLooks better with Copyright centred on first line
2011-03-03  Sebastian BazleyMake tracking source of css files a bit easier
2011-03-03  Sebastian BazleyMore usual AL header spacing
2011-03-01  Sebastian BazleyAdd workround to allow $relativePath in site.xml URLs
2011-02-28  Sebastian BazleyMoved prettify to site.xml head section from template
2011-02-27  Sebastian BazleyBetter formatted AL header
2011-02-27  Sebastian BazleyUpdate to current parent
2011-02-27  Sebastian BazleyAllow dynamic substitution of project name in template
2011-02-26  Sebastian BazleyAdd back prettify links for improved code formatting
2011-02-26  Sebastian BazleyReplace with copy from o.a.hc.maven-skin:1.1
2011-02-26  Sebastian BazleyImages required by maven-base.css
2011-02-26  Sebastian Bazleyeol-style
2011-02-26  Simone Tripodiupgrated current project version
2010-04-21  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent version 15
2010-03-15  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent-14 (and maven-javadoc-plugin...
2010-03-08  Niall PembertonUpgrade to version 13 of commons-parent
2009-10-20  Niall PembertonUpdate to commons-parent-12
2008-07-21  Niall Pembertonchange commons-parent to version 11
2008-05-08  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent-10 pom
2007-12-11  Niall PembertonAdd inception year
2007-12-11  Niall PembertonRemove license and notice file as per Dennis's suggesti...
2007-12-09  Dennis LundbergGo back to version 2-SNAPSHOT, beacuse of missing licen...
2007-12-09  Niall PembertonAdd LICENSE and NOTICE files - thanks to Rahul
2007-12-07  Niall Pemberton[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2007-12-07  Niall Pemberton[maven-release-plugin] prepare release commons-skin-2
2007-12-07  Niall PembertonRevert commons-skin-2, looks like I messed up the relea...
2007-12-07  Niall Pemberton[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2007-12-07  Niall Pemberton[maven-release-plugin] prepare release commons-skin-2
2007-11-16  Niall PembertonChange skin sit.css to import
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving back :) trunk@560659
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP trunk@560657
2007-07-27  Niall PembertonRemove jakarta references from m1 and m2 builds trunk@560656
2007-01-18  Dennis Lundberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2007-01-18  Dennis Lundberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare release commons-skin-1.0
2007-01-18  Dennis LundbergAdd scm section.
2007-01-16  Dennis LundbergPromote commons-skin to commons proper. tags/commons-skin-1.0@497538
2007-01-13  Dennis LundbergAdd license header. tags/commons-skin-1.0@496888 trunk@496888
2007-01-12  Dennis LundbergAdd an empty site.css file as a workaround for jira...