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last changeThu, 22 Jun 2017 18:53:39 +0000 (20:53 +0200)
3 days ago  Pascal SchumacherTEXT-90: Add CharacterPredicates for ASCII letters... master
3 days ago  Pascal SchumacherTEXT-85: Added CaseUtils class with camel case conversion
3 days ago  Pascal SchumacherStrBuilderTest#testAppendStringBuilderNull: use second...
3 days ago  Pascal SchumacherStrBuilderTest#testAppendln: make test operating system...
4 days ago  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'test-StrBuilder' of
5 days ago  Amey JadiyeFixed formatting for StrBuilderTest
5 days ago  Amey JadiyeTest: Improved testcase coverage for StrBuilder
6 days ago  Rob TompkinsTEXT-85: Thanks Arun
6 days ago  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'TEXT-85' of
8 days ago  Pascal SchumacherTEXT-91: RandomStringGenerator should be able to genera...
8 days ago  Pascal Schumacherrevert "Added IBM Jdk8 build support to travis-ci confi...
10 days ago  Arun VinudTEXT-85:Added CaseUtils class with camel case conversion
11 days ago  Pascal SchumacherTEXT-92: Update commons-lang dependency to version 3.6
13 days ago  Pascal SchumacherTEXT-83: Document that commons-csv should be used in...
13 days ago  Rob Tompkins(fix) changes.xml syntax error
13 days ago  Rob TompkinsArun get's credit for contributing
4 weeks ago commons-text-1.1 Promoting 1.1-RC1 to fully released
5 weeks ago commons-text-1.1-RC1 Tag commons text release 1.1 RC1
3 months ago commons-text-1.0 Promoting RC1 to fully released
3 months ago commons-text-1.0-RC1 Tag commons text release 1.0 RC1
4 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1 Moving RC4 to released
4 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC4 Tag commons text for release 1...
4 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC3 Tag commons text for release 1...
4 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC2 New tag due to site corrections
4 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC1 Preparing 1.0-beta-1 first candidate
3 days ago master
5 weeks ago release
3 months ago deprecated_classes_methods_move_to_commons_text
5 months ago TEXT-55
5 months ago TEXT-51
6 months ago TEXT-30
8 months ago TEXT-21-terms-definition
2 years ago SANDBOX-498-OPTIONS
2 years ago SANDBOX-498
2 years ago SANDBOX-497
2 years ago SANDBOX-488