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3 days ago  Pascal Schumacherfix some checkstyle voilations and remove their checkst... master
5 days ago  Pascal Schumacherrun findbugs on travis-ci
5 days ago  Pascal Schumacherrevert b0027e18d2e634e2a822962f6fbd3d296c82e722 "StrTok...
5 days ago  Pascal SchumacherStrTokenizer#clone: add super.clone() call to fix findb...
5 days ago  Pascal SchumacherAlphabetConverter#createConverterFromMap: remove unused...
9 days ago  Pascal Schumacherindex.xml: fix typo in apache license header
2017-04-12  Rob Tompkins(docs) removing erroneous link to sonar dashboard in...
2017-04-12  Rob Tompkins(docs) Proper site url for download in index
2017-04-12  Rob Tompkins(docs) adding Release Information to site
2017-04-05  Bruno P. KinoshitaTEXT-76: Remove Math.round from Jaro Winkler distance...
2017-03-19  Pascal Schumacherpom.xml: make site build use use clirr version defined...
2017-03-19  Pascal Schumacherupdate clirr version to 2.8, which is java 8 compatible
2017-03-19  Pascal Schumachertravis: run apache-rat, clirr, checkstyle and javadoc...
2017-03-19  Pascal Schumacherpom.xml: make checkstyle plugin run-able outside of...
2017-03-19  Pascal Schumacherpox.xml: remove outdated comment about shading of commo...
2017-03-12  Rob TompkinsTEXT-72: upgrade clirr-maven-plugin to 2.8 deprecated_classes_methods_move_to_commons_text
6 weeks ago commons-text-1.0 Promoting RC1 to fully released
7 weeks ago commons-text-1.0-RC1 Tag commons text release 1.0 RC1
2 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1 Moving RC4 to released
2 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC4 Tag commons text for release 1...
2 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC3 Tag commons text for release 1...
3 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC2 New tag due to site corrections
3 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC1 Preparing 1.0-beta-1 first candidate
3 days ago master
6 weeks ago deprecated_classes_methods_move_to_commons_text
7 weeks ago release
3 months ago TEXT-55
3 months ago TEXT-51
4 months ago TEXT-30
6 months ago TEXT-21-terms-definition
23 months ago SANDBOX-498-OPTIONS
2 years ago SANDBOX-498
2 years ago SANDBOX-497
2 years ago SANDBOX-488