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last changeThu, 19 Oct 2017 10:16:10 +0000 (23:16 +1300)
2 hours ago  Bruno P. KinoshitaChange order so that all if statements are executed master
4 days ago  Pascal Schumacheralways use static imports for assertion methods
4 days ago  Pascal SchumacherUnicodeUnpairedSurrogateRemoverTest: use assertTrue...
4 days ago  Pascal Schumacheruse assertNull where possible
6 days ago  abrasha- fix some typos (closes #69)
6 days ago  Pascal SchumacherWordUtils: use StringBuilder#append(CharSequence, int...
8 days ago  Rob TompkinsTEXT-74: Thanks Ioannis
8 days ago  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'TEXT-74' of
9 days ago  Ioannis SermetziadisTEXT-74 Javadoc fixes
9 days ago  Gary GregoryMake tests a little more bullet-proof.
11 days ago  Ioannis SermetziadisTEXT-74 Fixed checkstyle errors
11 days ago  Ioannis SermetziadisTEXT-74 Added attribute for disabling the recursive...
12 days ago  Gary GregoryUpdate release date template.
2017-10-02  Amey Jadiyeadded amey's mail id
2017-10-02  Amey Jadiyeadding validation for pair (closes #66)
2017-10-02  Pascal Schumachertravis: remove travis profile from pom and use travis...
4 months ago commons-text-1.1 Promoting 1.1-RC1 to fully released
5 months ago commons-text-1.1-RC1 Tag commons text release 1.1 RC1
7 months ago commons-text-1.0 Promoting RC1 to fully released
7 months ago commons-text-1.0-RC1 Tag commons text release 1.0 RC1
8 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1 Moving RC4 to released
8 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC4 Tag commons text for release 1...
8 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC3 Tag commons text for release 1...
8 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC2 New tag due to site corrections
8 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC1 Preparing 1.0-beta-1 first candidate
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5 months ago release
7 months ago deprecated_classes_methods_move_to_commons_text
9 months ago TEXT-55
9 months ago TEXT-51
10 months ago TEXT-30
11 months ago TEXT-21-terms-definition
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2 years ago SANDBOX-498
2 years ago SANDBOX-497
2 years ago SANDBOX-488