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last changeTue, 1 Aug 2017 16:24:48 +0000 (12:24 -0400)
2017-08-01  Rob TompkinsTEXT-98: Thanks Arun master
2017-08-01  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'TEXT-98' of
2017-08-01  Michael HauseggerAdded Unit Tests which cover previously untested code...
2017-08-01  Arun VinudDeprecate isDelimiters and use HashSets
2017-07-30  Michael Hauseggeradd tests (closes #58)
2017-07-28  Pascal Schumacheradd oraclejdk9 to travis configuration (closes #59)
2017-07-24  Pascal SchumacherRemove oraclejdk7 from travis configuration, because...
2017-07-24  Michael HauseggerAdd some unit tests to increase code coverage (closes...
2017-07-18  Bernd Eckenfels[TEST-89] adjust change description
2017-07-18  Rob TompkinsTEXT-89: Thanks to Arun Vinud S S for the patch
2017-07-12  Arun VinudAdded support for UTF-16 with surrogate pairs
2017-07-09  Pascal Schumacherremove unused import statements and unused local variables
2017-07-09  Pascal SchumacherTEXT-93: RandomStringGenerator accepts a list of valid...
2017-07-06  Rob TompkinsTEXT-88: Thanks Amey.
2017-07-06  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'TEXT-88' of
2017-07-03  Amey Jadiyeadded javadoc for .capitalize() and .uncapitalize()
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5 months ago commons-text-1.0 Promoting RC1 to fully released
5 months ago commons-text-1.0-RC1 Tag commons text release 1.0 RC1
6 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1 Moving RC4 to released
6 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC4 Tag commons text for release 1...
6 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC3 Tag commons text for release 1...
6 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC2 New tag due to site corrections
6 months ago commons-text-1.0-beta-1-RC1 Preparing 1.0-beta-1 first candidate
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