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2016-10-05  Shazron AbdullahAdd github pull request template master
2015-05-13  Andrew GrieveFix up mistakes from cherry-picks
2015-05-13  Andrew GrieveUse npm-named plugins rather than CPR plugins
2015-05-13  Andrew GrieveFix to work with latest cordova-andro...
2015-05-13  Andrew GrieveTweak harness-push/ to say port forwarding...
2015-05-13  Andrew GrieveHook up the whitelist plugin for loaded apps
2015-05-13  Andrew GrieveAdd cordova-plugin-file assets build hook
2015-05-13  Andrew GrieveDisable remapper in order to pick up custom CSP tags...
2015-05-13  Andrew Add whitelist plugin and --link platf...
2015-05-13  Andrew GrieveUpdate Android code to work with latest 4.0.x
2015-05-13  Andrew GrieveMake harnessclient compatible with node 0.12 as well...
2015-01-09  Andrew GrieveDelete .reviewboardrc
2015-01-08  Andrew GrieveAdd /node_modules to .gitignore
2014-12-31  Andrew GrieveFix typo in error message (chrome-app-developer-tool...
2014-12-31  Andrew GrieveUpdate HttpServer to use chrome.sockets.tcp.pipeToFile.
2014-12-31  Andrew GrieveAdd debug logging to HttpServer.js (disabled by default)
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