descriptionApache Cordova coho
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 15 Apr 2016 21:01:56 +0000 (14:01 -0700)
2016-04-15 Steve Gilladded compat plugin support and updated plugins release... master
2016-03-23 Steve GillCB-10315 Added apache permanent tag step to tools relea...
2016-03-19 Steve GillCB-9911 update-release-notes now handles prefixed tags
2016-03-18 Steve Gillupdated testing section in tools release process
2016-03-13 Carlos Santanaupdate plugin release doc process
2016-03-13 Carlos Santanaupdate plugin release doc for announce step
2016-03-13 Carlos Santanaupdate instructions on posting blog post for plugin...
2016-03-13 Carlos Santanaupdate restore ACTIVE for plugin release doc
2016-03-08 Nikhil Khandelwalfor-each command: Make $r replacement global
2016-03-08 Nikhil KhandelwalPrefer using github remote for repo-update
2016-03-06 Carlos Santanaupdated dependency for requrest npm test failing
2016-03-05 Carlos Santanaupdate url for Persons with signed CLAs but who are...
2016-03-05 Carlos Santanaupdate url for PMC keys
2016-03-05 Carlos Santanaupdate url of pmc member
2016-03-04 Carlos SantanaCB-10794 coho merge-pr should always ammend to have...
2016-03-04 Steve Gillfixed osx release issue
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