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2015-03-12 Andrew GrieveAdd whitelist plugins to repo list
2015-03-11 Steve Gillplugins releases now use npm pack instead of creating...
2015-03-10 Steve Gillupdated app-hello-world release steps
2015-03-09 Steve Gilladded cordova-app-hello-world release doc
2015-03-08 Steve Gillupdated platforms release process
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2015-03-04 Josh SorefSplit Translating Apache Cordova into bullets
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2015-03-03 Steve GillUpdated instructions to use npm dist-tag instead of...
2015-02-27 Steve Gilladd npm to list of dependencies we can't change
2015-02-23 sgrebnovCB-8525 Fix audit-license-headers check on Windows
2015-02-19 Shazron AbdullahCB-8512 Incorrect verify archive instruction
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