descriptionApache Cordova js
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 21 May 2015 22:35:11 +0000 (15:35 -0700)
35 hours ago Rob PavezaCB-9057: Updated cordova.js for Windows to refer to... master
4 days ago Steve GillCB-6865 added support for plugins with any id android-3.7.2 android-4.0.2
4 days ago Steve GillCB-8802 fixed incorrect variable declaration
4 days ago Steve GillCB-8441 added missing requires and updated npm run...
5 days ago Steve GillCB-8441 platformVersion flag not required anymore....
5 days ago Steve GillCB-8441 updated workflow to use cordova-js-src when...
5 days ago Steve GillCB-8441 grunt compile now uses platform dependencies...
5 days ago Steve Gillif no --platformVersion, set it to N/A instead of failing
5 days ago Steve GillCB-8441 added platforms as dev dependencies
9 days ago Rob PavezaAdded template-packaged WinJS reference for Windows...
10 days ago alsorokinCB-8996 (Windows) Fixed invalid null comparison. This...
2015-05-08 Steve Gillupdated browserify dependency to 10.1.3 android-4.0.1 windows-3.8.2 wp8-3.8.1
2015-05-08 Steve Gillfixed jshint errors
2015-05-07 Steve Gillupdated browserify dependency to 10.1.2
2015-05-06 Jesse MacFadyenRevert "CB-8674: Creates a 'cordova.env' object, and...
2015-05-06 Jesse MacFadyenRevert "reverted global change to cordova object, added...
4 days ago android-3.7.2
4 days ago android-4.0.2
2 weeks ago android-4.0.1
2 weeks ago windows-3.8.2
2 weeks ago wp8-3.8.1
5 weeks ago 3.9.0
2 months ago android-4.0.0
2 months ago firefoxos-3.7.0
2 months ago windows-3.8.1
2 months ago wp8-3.8.0
2 months ago 3.8.0
3 months ago ios-3.8.0
3 months ago windows-3.8.0
4 months ago android-3.7.0
4 months ago 3.7.3
5 months ago ubuntu-4.0.0
35 hours ago master
2 weeks ago 3.9.x
2 months ago 3.8.x
4 months ago 3.7.x
5 months ago promise
8 months ago 3.6.x
12 months ago 3.5.x
15 months ago 3.4.x
17 months ago 3.3.x
17 months ago 3.2.x
18 months ago 2.9.x
19 months ago 3.1.x
22 months ago 3.0.x
23 months ago 2.8.x
2 years ago 2.7.x
2 years ago 2.6.x