descriptionApache Cordova
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 22 Jun 2017 21:17:36 +0000 (15:17 -0600)
18 hours ago  Steve GillCB-12361: updated prepare tests based on feedback master
19 hours ago  Steve GillCB-12361: wrapped up prepare.js unit tests
19 hours ago  Steve GillCB-12361: added unit tests for prepare.spec.js
19 hours ago  filmajremoved restoring platforms+plugins save.spec from...
43 hours ago  filmajfirst unit test in each plugin submodule, jshint fixes
43 hours ago  filmajplugin util specs implemented
43 hours ago  filmajpending tests for plugin specs. small refactor tweaks...
43 hours ago  filmajnest certain plugin-remove-save tests into a describe...
43 hours ago  filmajfixes to integration test refrences so they run, bye...
43 hours ago  filmajstart of unit tests for cordova.plugin commands
43 hours ago  filmajremoving unnecessary else from plugin remove. moved...
43 hours ago  filmajplugin_fetch.spec.js, hooks runner and plugman fetch...
43 hours ago  filmajeslint fixes for plugin specs
43 hours ago  filmajdeprecate anything related to plugin_parser class.
43 hours ago  filmajfirst pass at plugin command refactor
43 hours ago  filmajthe existing plugin specs are all e2e tests... moving...
6 weeks ago 7.0.1
6 weeks ago rel/7.0.1
7 weeks ago 7.0.0
7 weeks ago common-2.0.3
7 weeks ago fetch-1.1.0
7 weeks ago rel/7.0.0
7 weeks ago rel/common-2.0.3
7 weeks ago rel/fetch-1.1.0
2 months ago common-2.0.2
2 months ago rel/common-2.0.2
3 months ago common-2.0.1
3 months ago rel/common-2.0.1
5 months ago 6.5.0
5 months ago common-2.0.0
5 months ago fetch-1.0.2
5 months ago rel/6.5.0
18 hours ago master
6 weeks ago 7.0.x
7 weeks ago common-2.0.x
7 weeks ago fetch-1.1.x
5 months ago fetch-1.0.x
5 months ago 6.5.x
6 months ago serve-1.0.x
8 months ago 6.4.x
8 months ago common-1.5.x
10 months ago common-1.4.x
10 months ago 6.3.x
13 months ago 6.2.x
13 months ago common-1.3.x
14 months ago common-1.2.x
14 months ago 6.1.x
15 months ago common-1.1.x