descriptionApache Cordova
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 21 Mar 2017 22:43:06 +0000 (15:43 -0700)
29 hours ago  Christopher... CB-12572: (windows) pin cordova-windows 5.0.0 master
5 days ago  Steve GillCB-11346: added tests for support of 3rd party platforms
5 days ago  Steve GillCB-11346: fixed remove platform to work with unknown...
12 days ago  Jesse MacFadyenCB-11346: Remove known platforms check
12 days ago  Shazron AbdullahCB-11346 - Remove known platforms check for Platform API
12 days ago  Steve Gillincreased timeout on fetch tests
12 days ago  Audrey SoCB-11977 : updated engines and enginescript for common...
12 days ago  Audrey SoCB-11977 : removed support for node 0.x
12 days ago  Jesse MacFadyenuse fs instead of our own existsSync
12 days ago  Jeffrey YangDowngrade error to warning
13 days ago  Bruno OliveiraUpdate tar in order to prevent symlink file overwriting
13 days ago  filmajCB-12558 Incremented package version to -dev
13 days ago  filmajCB-12558 Updated version and for releas... common-2.0.x common-2.0.1 rel/common-2.0.1
13 days ago  Steve Gillincreased timeout on cordova-fetch test
13 days ago  filmajCB-12557: add both stdout and stderr properties to...
2017-02-21  Audrey SoCB-12021 : updated final changes and fixed typos/whites...
13 days ago common-2.0.1
13 days ago rel/common-2.0.1
2 months ago 6.5.0
2 months ago common-2.0.0
2 months ago fetch-1.0.2
2 months ago rel/6.5.0
2 months ago rel/common-2.0.0
2 months ago rel/fetch-1.0.2
2 months ago serve-1.0.1
4 months ago 6.4.0
4 months ago rel/6.4.0
5 months ago common-1.5.1
5 months ago rel/common-1.5.1
5 months ago common-1.5.0
7 months ago common-1.4.1
7 months ago rel/common-1.4.1
29 hours ago master
13 days ago common-2.0.x
2 months ago fetch-1.0.x
2 months ago 6.5.x
2 months ago serve-1.0.x
4 months ago 6.4.x
5 months ago common-1.5.x
7 months ago common-1.4.x
7 months ago 6.3.x
10 months ago 6.2.x
10 months ago common-1.3.x
11 months ago common-1.2.x
11 months ago 6.1.x
12 months ago common-1.1.x
13 months ago 6.0.x
16 months ago 5.4.x

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