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last changeFri, 29 Apr 2016 14:47:39 +0000 (17:47 +0300)
12 hours ago Alexander SorokinCB-11175 Appium runner: added tapElementByXPath functio... master
30 hours ago Sarangan RajamanickamAdding configuration files to be used in Jenkins CI
33 hours ago Sarangan RajamanickamFixing the appName correctly
3 days ago Raghav KatyalCB-11152: Removing the android win builder
3 days ago Alexander SorokinCB-11140 Patch CSP tag to allow Appium to execute async...
4 days ago Alexander SorokinCB-11149 Use already running instance of Appium server...
7 days ago Alexander SorokinCB-11141 Display device/emulator logs after the Appium run
7 days ago Alexander SorokinCB-11137 Appium runner: don't use deprecated server...
8 days ago Omar MefireCB-11135 If folder is pre-existent, don't error out
8 days ago Omar MefireRevert the revert of commits related to CB-11135 and...
8 days ago Raghav KatyalRevert "CB-11135 and CB-10475 changes". This
8 days ago Omar MefireCB-11135 iOS Contacts Perms: Handle case where 'cordova...
8 days ago Omar MefireCB-10475 (cordova-plugin-contacts) Grant 'Contacts...
9 days ago Alexander SorokinCB-11112 Added Appium documentation
9 days ago Nikhil KhandelwalAdd option to specify limit for log age to be downloaded
9 days ago Alexander SorokinCB-11122 Look for Appium tests in the plugins folder
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