descriptionApache Cordova New Committer and PMC Member Process. File a new issue for the checklist. Don't use real names since an invitation can be rejected or the Apache Board can veto pmc inclusion.
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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2021-04-07  Tim Brustchore: rename asf.yml to asf.yaml master
2021-04-06  Tim Brustchore: create .asf.yml file to configure repo metdata...
2021-04-01  Jesse MacFadyenclarified checklist item to send [notice] to board...
2021-04-01  Jesse MacFadyenClarified that [notice] is sent to board@apache
2021-03-29  Chris Brody[RFC] add pointers to gpg guides (#23)
2019-12-16  Chris BrodyMake it optional to offer npm publish rights (#21)
2019-10-15  Chris Brodyoffer npm publish rights (#20)
2019-04-28  Tim Brustdocs: add section about Slack channel invite (#16)
2019-04-24  Tim Brustdocs: add iCLA link
2019-04-23  Tim Brustdocs: fix markdown link (#12)
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