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last changeWed, 27 May 2015 14:06:59 +0000 (17:06 +0300)
2 days ago alsorokinCB-8951 (wp8) Handle exceptions in download() and uploa... master
2015-05-15 Jesse MacFadyen[wp8] Relaxed engine version requirement, using reflect...
2015-05-15 Jesse MacFadyenCheck for the existence of assembly to determi...
2015-05-13 Jesse MacFadyenrelax engine requirement to allow -dev versions
2015-05-12 Nikhil KhandelwalRemove verbose console log messages
2015-05-12 Jesse MacFadyenfix bad commit (mine) for cordova-wp8@4.0.0 engine req
2015-05-12 Jesse MacFadyenbump required cordova-wp8 version to 4.0.0
2015-05-12 Jesse MacFadyenThis closes #80, This closes #12
2015-05-12 Jesse MacFadyenfix failing test resulting from overlapping async calls
2015-05-09 Jesse MacFadyenfix merge
2015-05-07 Vladimir KotikovCB-8931 Replace all slashes in windows path
2015-05-07 Steve GillCB-8959 Incremented plugin version.
2015-05-07 Steve GillCB-8959 Updated version and for release... r1.1.0
2015-05-05 alsorokinCB-8951 Fixed crash related to headers parsing on wp8
2015-04-30 alsorokinCB-8933 Increased download and upload test timeout
2015-04-25 Dan PolivyCB-6313 [wp8]: Extra boundary in upload CB-8860cordova-plugin-file-transfer
3 weeks ago r1.1.0
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20 months ago r0.3.0
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4 weeks ago CB-8860cordova-plugin-file-transfer
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2 months ago CB-8600cordova-plugin-file-transfer
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