2022-08-12  エリスci: sync workflow with paramedic (#254) master
2022-07-17  エリスchore(npm): rebuilt package-lock (#252)
2022-07-16  エリスci(android): update java requirement for cordova-androi...
2022-05-30  Erisurelease(post): bump version to 4.0.1-dev
2022-05-25  ErisuUpdated version and for release 4.0... 4.0.x 4.0.0 rel/4.0.0
2022-04-25  Alexis THOMASdep!: bump cordova-plugin-file@^7.0.0 (#238)
2022-04-25  エリスtest: remove cordova-plugin-media dependency (#248)
2022-04-25  エリスchore: bump cordovaDependencies next next major cordova...
2022-04-25  エリスchore: rebuilt package-lock w/ v2 (#246)
2022-04-25  エリスchore: bump version to 4.0.0-dev (#240)
2021-11-05  Philipp Beckfix(android): Unify and fix permission check (#192)
2021-10-18  エリスci(ios): update workflow w/ iOS 15 (#231)
2021-09-24  エリスci: add action-badge (#230)
2021-09-24  エリスci: remove travis & appveyor (#229)
2021-09-16  エリスci: add gh-actions workflows (#228)
2021-02-17  Alexis THOMASfix(android): remove unknown permission android.permiss...
2020-11-28  エリスci: add node-14.x to workflow (#203)
2020-10-02  Raphael von... chore: clean up package.json (#193)
2020-09-03  エリスci(travis): update osx xcode image (#189)
2020-08-25  jcesarmobilebreaking(ios): remove code warnings (#177)
2020-08-22  Tim Brustci(travis): updates Android API level (#188)
2020-07-06  Tim Brustchore: adds package-lock file (#180)
2020-07-06  Tim Brustrefactor(eslint): use cordova-eslint /w fix (#179)
2020-07-06  Tim Brustchore(npm): use short notation in package.json (#178)
2020-04-22  Erisuchore(asf): update git notification settings
2020-04-13  Niklas MerzUpdate
2020-03-28  Tim Brustci: updates Node.js versions (#165)
2020-03-28  Tim Brustchore(npm): improve ignore list (#164)
2020-01-24  Christian SchuhmannSmall javadoc fix (#161)
2019-07-03  Jan Piotrowskici(travis): upgrade to node 8
2019-06-28  Jan Piotrowskichore(release): 3.0.4-dev
2019-06-28  Jan Piotrowskichore(release): 3.0.3 (version string) 3.0.3 rel/3.0.3
2019-06-28  Jan Piotrowskichore(release): release notes for 3.0.3
2019-06-28  Jan Piotrowskidocs: remove outdated translations
2019-06-28  Jan Piotrowskibuild: add `.npmignore` to remove unneeded files from...
2019-06-28  Jan Piotrowskifix: change CRLF line breaks to LF
2019-06-28  Jan Piotrowskibuild: add `.gitattributes` to force LF (instead of...
2019-06-18  Jan Piotrowskici(travis): Update Travis CI configuration for new...
2019-02-11  Jan PiotrowskiAdd or update GitHub pull request and issue template
2018-10-03  Jan Piotrowskiremove JIRA link
2018-10-01  Jan Piotrowskialso accept terms for android sdk `android-27`
2018-09-22  jcesarmobileGH-102 Catch ActivityNotFoundException (#104)
2018-09-21  Marco CelottiCB-14260: (android) captureImage permission denial...
2018-08-27  Jan PiotrowskiMerge pull request #98 from larrybahr/master
2018-08-20  Larry Bahrtab to space fix 98/head
2018-08-20  Larry BahrAdd CaptureError.CAPTURE_PERMISSION_DENIED to type...
2018-04-13  Steve GillSet VERSION to 3.0.3-dev (via coho)
2018-04-13  Steve GillCB-14030 Updated version and for releas... 3.0.2 rel/3.0.2
2018-04-08  jcesarmobileMerge pull request #93 from jcesarmobile/CB-13866
2018-04-08  Julio CésarCB-13866(ios): fix Camera opens in portrait orientation... 93/head
2018-01-23  Jan PiotrowskiCB-13820 fix "report issue" link
2018-01-10  jcesarmobileMerge pull request #91 from jcesarmobile/CB-13755
2018-01-09  Julio CésarCB-13755: Add build-tools-26.0.2 to travis 91/head
2017-12-30  jcesarmobileFix release notes (#89) 90/head
2017-12-28  Simon MacDonaldSet VERSION to 3.0.2-dev (via coho)
2017-12-28  Simon MacDonaldCB-13714 Updated version and for releas... 3.0.1 rel/3.0.1
2017-12-27  jcesarmobileCB-13707: Fix to allow 3.0.0 version install (#88)
2017-12-18  Simon MacDonaldBump cordova-plugin-file dependency to 6.0.0
2017-12-16  Steve GillSet VERSION to 3.0.1-dev (via coho)
2017-12-16  Steve GillCB-13681 Updated version and for releas...
2017-12-14  Vishal MishraMerge pull request #87 from maverickmishra/master
2017-12-12  maverickmishraCB-13669 : Remove deprecated plugins 87/head
2017-11-07  Steve GillSet VERSION to 2.0.1-dev (via coho)
2017-11-07  Steve GillCB-13542 updated file plugin dependency 2.0.x 119/head 2.0.0 rel/2.0.0
2017-11-06  Steve GillSet VERSION to 2.0.1-dev (via coho)
2017-11-06  Steve GillCB-13542 Updated version and for releas...
2017-11-01  jcesarmobileMerge pull request #86 from jcesarmobile/CB-13520
2017-11-01  Julio CésarCB-13520 (all): Add 'protective' entry to cordovaDepend... 86/head
2017-10-21  Julio CésarCB-13266 (ios): Remove ios usage descriptions
2017-10-20  Alexander SorokinCB-13473: (CI) Removed browser builds from AppVeyor
2017-10-20  Alexander SorokinCB-13472: (CI) Fixed Travis Android builds again
2017-10-20  Kelvin DartCB-13294 Remove cordova-plugin-compat
2017-09-19  Alexander SorokinCB-13299 (CI) Fix Android builds
2017-08-02  Audrey SoCB-12895 : added eslint and removed jshint 82/head
2017-07-28  Alexander SorokinCB-13028 (CI) Browser builds on Travis and AppVeyor 81/head
2017-07-10  Alexander SorokinCB-13000: (CI) Speed up android builds
2017-07-07  Alexander SorokinCB-12991: (CI) Updated CI badges
2017-06-30  Alexander SorokinCB-12935: (windows) Enable paramedic builds on AppVeyor
2017-06-26  Alexander SorokinCB-12935: (ios, android) Enable paramedic builds on... 80/head
2017-06-07  Sergii StotskyiCB-12882: (ios): adds support for permissions checks... 79/head
2017-05-25  filmajCB-12847: added `bugs` entry to package.json. 78/head
2017-04-27  filmajSet VERSION to 1.4.4-dev (via coho)
2017-04-27  filmajCB-12736 Updated version and for releas... 1.4.3 rel/1.4.3
2017-04-26  Alexander SorokinCB-12622 Added Android 6.0 build badges to README
2017-04-25  filmajClose #73
2017-04-22  Steve GillCB-12685: added package.json to tests folder
2017-03-02  Steve GillSet VERSION to 1.4.3-dev (via coho)
2017-03-01  Steve GillCB-12519 Updated version and for releas...
2017-01-20  dasergeCB-12353 Corrected merges usage in plugin.xml 74/head
2017-01-20  Nikita MatrosovCB-12369: Add plugin typings from DefinitelyTyped
2017-01-18  Alexander SorokinCB-12363 Added build badges for iOS 9.3 and 10.0
2016-12-11  Shazron AbdullahCB-12236 - Fixed RELEASENOTES for cordova-plugin-media...
2016-12-09  Alexander SorokinCB-12230 Removed Windows 8.1 build badges
2016-12-08  Shazron AbdullahCB-12224 Incremented plugin version.
2016-12-08  Shazron AbdullahCB-12224 Updated version and for releas... 1.4.1 rel/1.4.1
2016-10-26  Nikita MatrosovCB-10701 CB-7117 android: Add manual test to check...
2016-10-26  TanaseButcaruCB-10489 Fix for MediaFile.getFormatData / audio record...
2016-10-26  TanaseButcaruCB-10488 Fix for MediaFile.getFormatData
2016-10-11  Alexander SorokinCB-11996 Added a new manual test to capture multiple...
2016-10-11  Alexander SorokinCB-11995 (android) Do not pass a file URI to the camera 72/head