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7 days ago Jesse MacFadyenUse TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR, install paramedic by npm
2015-03-17 Murat SutuncCB-8686 - remove musicLibrary capability CB-8600cordova-plugin-media
2015-03-16 Vladimir KotikovCB-7962 Adds browser platform support
2015-03-14 Steve GillCB-8653 Updated Readme
2015-03-13 Ian ClellandCB-8659: ios: 4.0.x Compatibility: Remove use of deprec...
2015-03-03 Jesse MacFadyenCB-8572 Integrate TravisCI
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2015-02-25 Steve GillCB-8538 Added package.json file CB-8438cordova-plugin-media
2015-02-11 sgrebnovCB-8428 Fix tests on Windows if no audio playback hardw...
2015-02-05 Nikhil KhandelwalCB-8428 Fix multiple `done()` calls in media plugin...
2015-02-05 sgrebnovCB-8426 Add Windows platform section to Media plugin
2015-02-05 sgrebnovCB-8425 Media plugin .ctr: make src param required...
2015-02-05 Andrew GrieveCB-8429 Incremented plugin version.
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