2019-04-16  Jan Piotrowskideprecation master
2017-06-28  Jesse MacFadyenAdd deprecation warning
2016-10-05  Shazron AbdullahAdd github pull request template
2015-10-23  Dmitry BlotskyCB-9800 Fixing contribute link.
2015-09-25  Steve Gillfixed readme error
2015-08-12  Murat SutuncPerf improvements and other updates
2015-08-04  Murat SutuncAdd GA to search results
2015-08-04  Murat Sutuncfix all css issues. This closes #30
2015-07-24  Murat SutuncChange developers to authors
2015-07-21  Murat Sutuncadd GA to old plugin page
2015-07-21  Murat Sutuncfix rel path issues
2015-07-21  Murat SutuncRefactor modules, faster search. This closes #29
2015-07-21  Raghav KatyalAdding delete-this to blacklisted plugins. This closes #28
2015-07-17  Murat SutuncUse gulp-serve instead of browser-sync 27/head
2015-07-16  Murat SutuncExtend grunt, add more structure, fix bugs
2015-07-15  Murat Sutuncdeploy first perf update
2015-07-15  Nikhil KhandelwalMake plugin data model immutable and improve perf by...
2015-07-15  Nikhil KhandelwalChanging batch sizes for XHR to improve perf
2015-07-15  Murat Sutuncmove config.json to config.sample.json
2015-07-15  Nikhil KhandelwalImprove the gulp workflow to include support for browse... 25/head
2015-07-14  Steve Gilldeployed new npm search
2015-07-14  Murat SutuncCB-9209 add link from old page to new. This closes #17
2015-07-07  Murat Sutuncadded README for npm-search
2015-07-07  Murat Sutuncfix card css issues
2015-07-07  Murat Sutuncminor css changes
2015-06-27  Raghav KatyalAddressing comments. This closes #23
2015-06-27  Raghav KatyalAdding trim to avoid extra space
2015-06-27  Raghav KatyalAdding routing on search queries and auto url updations
2015-06-26  Nikhil KhandelwalFix syntax error with if else in JSX. Fix the URL refer... 24/head
2015-06-25  Nikhil KhandelwalAdd support for uglify
2015-06-24  Raghav KatyalCB-9231 Add blacklisting feature. This closes #22
2015-06-24  Raghav KatyalCB-9229 Add basic SEO and Google analytics to plugin...
2015-06-20  Raghav KatyalRefactor code 20/head
2015-06-19  Raghav KatyalCB-9219 Added filters to search, support for multiple... 19/head
2015-06-17  Murat SutuncCB-9206 add search icon to search box 16/head
2015-06-17  Raghav KatyalCB-9204 Adding mouseover to more button 15/head
2015-06-17  Raghav KatyalCB-9195 Sorting platforms and adding more option. This...
2015-06-17  Murat Sutunccorrectly merge CB-9194 13/head
2015-06-16  Murat SutuncCB-9194 Created faq page and added header
2015-06-12  Raghav KatyalCB-9165 Adding download count for plugin list 12/head
2015-06-12  Murat SutuncCB-9152,9153,9154 Minor refactor and small fixes
2015-06-11  Murat SutuncCB-9146 Initial commit for npm-search 11/head
2015-05-23  Steve Gillupdated grunt-connect-proxy
2015-05-22  Raghav KatyalCB-9026 Adding banner of shifting registry to npm 9/head
2014-12-16  Josh SorefCB-8175 Expose Fire OS 8/head
2014-12-15  Josh SorefCB-8167 Brand: BlackBerry 7/head
2014-12-15  Josh SorefCB-8169 Spelling: readme
2014-11-12  Steve Gillremoved search on keypress
2014-11-10  Steve Gillupdated readme
2014-11-05  Raymond CamdenAdd filter by platform to add plugin view 6/head
2014-10-09  Raymond Camdenremove a damn console msg 5/head
2014-10-09  Raymond Camdenupdates url as you type
2014-10-06  Raymond CamdenSupport Browser platform as a filter
2014-06-04  Steven Gillclose #4
2014-06-02  Josh BavariCB-6847 set default redirect to home when page doesn...
2014-05-30  Marcel KinardCB-6818 Add license to
2014-04-30  Marcel KinardCB-6491 add
2014-04-23  Steven Gillupdated gruntfile to properly remove livereload on...
2014-04-23  Steven GillCB-6280: uses doc/ instead of readme when avail...
2014-04-21  Steven GillCB-6471: updated package details last updated to use...
2014-04-18  Steven GillCB-6470: fixed filter to work with new objs returned...
2014-04-17  Steven GillCB-6285: fixed async issue with downloads
2014-04-17  Steven GillCB-6285: fixed search, switched to searcher view
2014-04-16  Steven Gillremoved englishdoc
2014-04-16  Steven GillCB-6283: fixed download sorting
2014-04-08  Josh BavariFixing the pre command 3/head
2014-04-08  Josh BavariAdding in preprocess directives to remove the livereloa...
2014-04-08  Josh BavariAdding in grunt preprocess to remove the livereload...
2014-04-08  Josh BavariAdded the search bar on the package details page
2014-04-08  Josh BavariRemoving livereload
2014-04-08  Josh BavariGetting rid of the SVG image for the PNG version
2014-04-08  Josh BavariMerge branch 'refactor'
2014-04-08  Steven GillCB-6285: added png version of pluggy
2014-04-08  Josh BavariMerged with latest changes
2014-04-08  Josh BavariRemoving the files for the angular.min.js files
2014-04-07  Steven Gillupdated readme to use master branch
2014-04-04  Steven Gillupdated secure rewrites issue refactor
2014-04-03  Steven Gillupdated readme with insecure rewrites rule error
2014-04-03  Steven GillCB-6281: added proper download counts
2014-04-02  Steven Gillupdated reference to font/style.css
2014-04-02  Steven GillMerge branch 'refactor' of
2014-04-02  Steven Gillupdated some styles
2014-03-31  Josh BavariFixed the hiding for engines on packagedetails page...
2014-03-31  Josh BavariAdded in actual stats on package details page. I still... 2/head
2014-03-30  Josh BavariCorrected some styles for the drop down for versions...
2014-03-30  Josh BavariAdding basic sorting on the search results ng-repeat...
2014-03-30  Josh BavariAdded in up and down arrows from fontello. They are...
2014-03-30  Josh BavariFixes for platform details page and style.css included
2014-03-30  Josh BavariIncluding the correct filters this time
2014-03-30  Josh BavariFixes for search page filter - added more padding to...
2014-03-30  Josh BavariTaking out the old dropdown styling.
2014-03-30  Josh BavariMore fixes for grunt file and reloading. Had double...
2014-03-30  Josh BavariRemoved the icons from the filters. Updated styles
2014-03-30  Josh BavariFixed the Grunt watch configuration - watching the...
2014-03-30  Josh BavariRemoved the $ from the cordova add plugin command.
2014-03-27  Steven Gillremoved debug code
2014-03-27  Steven GillCB-6353: fixed up mobile styling
2014-03-26  Steven GillCB-6282: added documentation links to homepage
2014-03-26  Steven GillCB-6355: Fixed download list on homepage
2014-03-25  Josh BavariGoing back to last page instead of going to homepage 1/head