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2015-08-04 Murat Sutuncfix all css issues. This closes #30
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2015-07-21 Murat Sutuncfix rel path issues
2015-07-21 Murat SutuncRefactor modules, faster search. This closes #29
2015-07-21 Raghav KatyalAdding delete-this to blacklisted plugins. This closes #28
2015-07-17 Murat SutuncUse gulp-serve instead of browser-sync
2015-07-16 Murat SutuncExtend grunt, add more structure, fix bugs
2015-07-15 Murat Sutuncdeploy first perf update
2015-07-15 Nikhil KhandelwalMake plugin data model immutable and improve perf by...
2015-07-15 Nikhil KhandelwalChanging batch sizes for XHR to improve perf
2015-07-15 Murat Sutuncmove config.json to config.sample.json
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