2018-07-07  jcesarmobileMerge pull request #16 from jcesarmobile/CB-10358 master
2018-07-05  Julio CésarCB-10358: Add deprecation notice 16/head
2016-10-05  Shazron AbdullahAdd github pull request template
2015-01-15  Patrick Muelleradd note about better debuggers to the doc
2014-11-15  Patrick Muellerfix for CB-8023 - weinre console.log fails when given...
2014-11-15  Patrick Muellerpackage.json files updated from new npm
2014-10-07  Patrick Muellerupdate for release 2.0.0-pre-I0Z7U9OV 2.0.0-pre-I0Z7U9OV
2014-09-04  Patrick Muellerupdate for release 2.0.0-pre-HZO3BMNG 2.0.0-pre-HZO3BMNG
2014-09-04  Patrick Muellerpre-compile CoffeeScript files in server
2014-09-04  Patrick Muellerfix readystate event handler invocation
2014-08-30  Patrick Muellerallow target script to be requested via HTTPS - by...
2014-08-23  Patrick Muellerupdate for release 2.0.0-pre-HZ79PDUK 2.0.0-pre-HZ79PDUK
2014-08-13  stewAllow update of weinreId without page refresh (attach... 7/head
2014-08-04  Patrick Muellerupdate for release 2.0.0-pre-HYFXM3QM 2.0.0-pre-HYFXM3QM
2014-08-04  sgrebnovCB-6991 Weinre fails to load in browsers without a... 6/head
2014-05-30  Marcel KinardCB-6818 Add license for
2014-04-30  Marcel KinardCB-6491 add
2013-05-22  Patrick Mueller[CB-3378] - Weinre support for FF and IE10
2013-05-22  Patrick Muelleradd some missed overridden files to front-end
2013-05-13  sgrebnovadds support for all browsers 3/head
2013-05-03  Patrick Mueller[CB-604] - weinre doesn't work in strict mode 2.0.0-pre-HG9PLCRF
2013-05-03  Patrick Mueller[CB-2650] - Weinre style inspection breaks with normali...
2013-05-03  Patrick Mueller[CB-3319] - Chrome is setting window properties which...
2013-05-03  Patrick Mueller[CB-3328] - chrome version >= 27 breaks flex-box usage
2012-11-30  Patrick Mueller[CB-1494] weinre - Supports running server behind a...
2012-11-30  Patrick Mueller[CB-1800] weinre: remove "incubator" from project
2012-11-19  Patrick Mueller[CB-1193] update ChangeLog html
2012-11-19  sgrebnov[CB-1193] - weinre: add Windows Phone support
2012-10-31  Patrick Mueller[CB-604] starting to add some bits for use strict
2012-10-31  Patrick Mueller[CB-1759] fix up the doc
2012-10-19  Patrick Mueller[CB-1666] wrapper XHR response access in try/catch
2012-06-29  Patrick Mueller[CB-984] [weinre] weinre broken with node 0.8
2012-06-14  Patrick Mueller[CB-873] [weinre] setTimeout/Interval() problems
2012-04-25  Patrick Mueller[weinre] update to add link to people.apache...
2012-04-25  Patrick Muellerdoc updates
2012-04-25  Patrick Muellerupdated changelog, wrote changelog generator
2012-04-25  Patrick Mueller[CB-540] [weinre] easily navigate to spot in DOM
2012-04-19  Patrick Mueller[CB-315] generate valid Apache release artifacts names
2012-03-30  Patrick Mueller[CB-315] [weinre] generate valid Apache release artifac...
2012-03-02  Patrick Muellerallow deferred running of body-sensitive code
2012-03-02  Patrick Muellerbullet-proof'd modjewel
2012-02-29  Patrick Muellerre-version as 2.0.0
2012-02-29  Patrick Muellerupdates to LICENSE
2012-02-28  Patrick Muellerfix a number of error conditions
2012-02-27  Patrick Muellerhandle null contentType
2012-02-21  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-02-21  Haitao Fengfixed a typo
2012-02-17  Patrick Muellerfix
2012-02-17  Patrick Muellerfix
2012-02-15  Patrick Muelleruse coffeescript from w.server instead of
2012-02-15  Patrick MuellerApache-ization, port to node.js
2012-01-16  Patrick Muellerchanged all licenses to ASLv2
2011-12-01  Patrick Muellerproject updates for version 1.6.1 1.6.1
2011-11-30  Patrick Muellerremove the ExceptionalCallback stuff
2011-10-28  Patrick Muellerupdated the link to point to the doc
2011-10-28  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'develop' 1.6.0
2011-10-28  Patrick Muellerfinal changes for 1.6.0
2011-10-27  Patrick Muellerupdates to the doc
2011-10-25  Patrick Muellerissue #41 - add support for XHRs on Network Panel
2011-10-20  Patrick Muellerfixes for issue #10, drive-by removal of scoop
2011-10-17  Patrick Muellerfixes for #20
2011-10-13  Patrick Muellerfixes for #40
2011-10-13  Patrick Muellerfixes for #38
2011-10-12  Patrick Muellercloses #37
2011-10-12  Patrick Muellercloses #11
2011-10-06  Patrick Muellercloses #19
2011-10-05  Patrick Muellercloses #35
2011-08-13  Patrick MuellerMerge pull request #26 from pmuellr/issue/25
2011-08-13  Patrick Muellercloses #25
2011-07-22  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'release/1.5.0' into develop
2011-07-22  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'release/1.5.0' 1.5.0
2011-07-22  Patrick Muellerlast changes for 1.5.0
2011-07-22  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'develop' into release/1.5.0
2011-07-20  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'issue/16' into develop
2011-07-20  Patrick Muellercloses #16
2011-07-20  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'issue/7' into develop
2011-07-20  Patrick Muellersql support basically working
2011-07-19  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'issue/8' into issue/7
2011-07-15  Patrick Muellermaking a little more headway
2011-07-14  Patrick Muelleradd some sql to the demo
2011-07-14  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'issue/8' into develop
2011-07-14  Patrick Muellerstring-ize console message parm. closes #8
2011-07-14  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'issue/12' into develop
2011-07-14  Patrick Muellerfixed case of webkit directory name
2011-06-06  Patrick MuellerMerge pull request #2 from pmuellr/master
2011-06-06  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'phonegap-org-migration'
2011-06-06  Patrick Muellermigrate doc links to phonegap org
2011-06-03  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'develop'
2011-06-03  Patrick Muellerthis time, really delete
2011-06-03  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'develop'
2011-06-03  Patrick Muellerremoved bits
2011-05-10  Patrick Muellermore doc tweaks
2011-05-09  Patrick Muellerfix some more doc issues
2011-05-09  Patrick Muellerfixed typo
2011-05-09  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'release/1.4.0' into develop
2011-05-09  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'release/1.4.0' 1.4.0
2011-05-09  Patrick Muellerchanges for release 1.4.0
2011-05-09  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'issue/41' into develop
2011-05-09  Patrick Muellerbetter calc. of object's class name. closes #41
2011-05-06  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'issue/8' into develop