2017-10-21  Jan Lehnardtlast bit of notes master
2017-10-20  Jan Lehnardtone more note
2017-10-20  Jan Lehnardtmore notes
2017-10-20  Jan Lehnardtfix formatting in readme
2017-10-20  Jan Lehnardtadd notes from IRC about the future of this project
2017-10-20  Jan Lehnardtfix formatting in readme
2017-10-20  Jan Lehnardtadd another todo
2017-10-20  Jan Lehnardtfeat: add readme description. Closes #1
2017-10-20  Jan LehnardtUpdate 12/head
2017-09-27  Paul J. DavisMerge branch 'COUCHDB-3288-remove-public-db-record'
2017-09-20  Paul J. DavisRemove public db record COUCHDB-3288-remove-public-db-record 11/head 13/head
2017-01-10  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/9'
2017-01-06  Nick VatamaniucDon't exit on timeout callback in cassim metadata cache
2016-03-09  Alexander ShorinFix changes callback function clause for stop event 9/head
2015-11-12  Alexander ShorinEnable cassim by default 8/head
2015-11-09  Alexander ShorinFix warnings about unknown cassim metrics
2015-11-09  Alexander ShorinReuse database security check routines from couch_db 2/head
2015-11-04  Alexander ShorinIntegrate with Travis CI 7/head
2015-07-27  Robert NewsonHandle waiting_for_updates in callback
2015-07-21  Russell BrancaMerge branch 'add-manual-migration-logic'
2015-07-21  Russell BrancaAdd stats for doc migrations and metadata cache lookups add-manual-migration-logic 6/head
2015-07-21  Russell BrancaAdd manual security doc migration logic
2015-07-21  Russell BrancaAdd enable cassim feature flag
2015-05-21  Russell BrancaTreat deleted security docs the same as missing 2657-fix-cassim-fabric-calls 5/head
2015-05-21  Russell BrancaExport migrate_security_props/2
2015-05-21  Russell BrancaAdd get_security retry logic for handling conflicts
2015-04-23  Russell BrancaHandle deleted and other unexpected responses
2015-04-21  Russell BrancaMove fabric:open_doc calls outside of gen_server
2015-03-18  Alexander ShorinAdd prefix for security metadata documents 4/head
2015-02-26  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'kxepal/rename-system...
2015-02-25  Alexander ShorinRename _cassim database to _metadata 3/head
2015-02-25  Alexander ShorinAdd underscore prefix for cassim database name
2015-01-26  Alexander ShorinUse ADMIN_CTX and ADMIN_USER macros from couch_db.hrl
2014-12-22  Alexander ShorinFix LICENSE indention
2014-09-24  Alexander ShorinUse couch_log instead of ?LOG_*
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisRemove Cloudant specific auth windsor-merge
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisUpdate all docs callbacks for new fabric
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisUse the correct warning log function
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisDon't break if we terminate during a changes reader...
2014-07-30  Robert NewsonRemove Cloudant copyright as prereq to ASF donation
2014-07-30  Russell BrancaDon't fallback to using fabric:set_security
2014-07-30  Russell BrancaAdd cassim:is_enabled
2014-07-30  Russell BrancaDelete old security docs when we set security
2014-07-30  Russell BrancaUse shard suffix in the security metadata id
2014-07-30  Russell BrancaAdd top level API and security logic
2014-07-30  Russell BrancaAdd metadata cache
2014-07-30  Russell BrancaInitial app structure
2014-07-30  Russell BrancaInitial commit