descriptionApache CouchDB
last changeThu, 16 Mar 2017 02:36:56 +0000 (22:36 -0400)
2017-03-16  Nick VatamaniucMerge branch 'couchdb-2992' master
2017-03-14  Nick VatamaniucAllow limiting maximum document body size 157/head
2017-03-08  Nick VatamaniucMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/64299-add-new...
2017-03-07  Nick VatamaniucRename max_document_size to max_http_request_size 156/head
2017-02-09  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:couchdb-3293'
2017-02-09  ILYA KhlopotovMock config module in tests 155/head
2017-02-09  Tony SunIntroduce 503 error when nodes are all unavailable. 154/head
2017-02-01  Tony SunHandle error return clauses for fabric:open_revs
2017-01-04  lazedoallow w parameter for attachments 153/head
2016-12-12  Fabian IsingFix missing ampersand in rewritten queries 152/head
2016-12-01  Robert NewsonMerge default update response headers with custom ones 151/head
2016-11-12  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:71810-handle-errors-terms...
2016-11-12  ILYA KhlopotovHandle error terms from fabric 146/head
2016-11-11  Eric AvdeyMerge remote branch 'cloudant:78077-pass-user_ctx_to_fi...
2016-11-11  Eric AvdeyInclude user_ctx in db open options 150/head
2016-11-09  Nick VatamaniucAdd ability to return a "features" list in the welcome... 144/head
22 months ago COUCHDB-3287-pluggable-storage-engines
22 months ago COUCHDB-3288-remove-public-db-record
23 months ago COUCHDB-3326-clustered-purge
23 months ago master
23 months ago 63012-scheduler
2 years ago support-admin-party-after-d2665ce
2 years ago 2992-limit-doc-size
2 years ago local-docs-2978
2 years ago 2938-fix-5986-filtered-changes
3 years ago 1.x-compat
3 years ago 2492-compaction
3 years ago 2724-chunked-buffering
3 years ago url-handler-blacklist
3 years ago add-manual-migration-logic
3 years ago 2080-port-cors
3 years ago 2655-r-met