descriptionApache CouchDB CI
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 25 Mar 2017 01:58:12 +0000 (18:58 -0700)
3 hours ago  Joan TouzetSupport building from branches other than master master
25 hours ago  Joan TouzetFix Centos 6 build (using Python 3)
47 hours ago  Joan TouzetSupport Ubuntu 12.04 (Erlang 18.3 only)
47 hours ago  Joan TouzetSupport CentOS 6 (18.3 only)
2 days ago  Joan TouzetErlang 18.2 -> 18.3 (required for Ubuntu 16.04 support)
2 days ago  Joan TouzetAdd support for Ubuntu 16.04
2 days ago  Joan TouzetUpgrade node to 6.x / npm to 3.x
5 days ago  Joan TouzetUpdate readme with latest developments
5 days ago  Joan TouzetRemove LaTeX from build images
6 days ago  Joan Touzetfix CentOS LaTeX and SM185 installs, update Debian...
7 days ago  Joan TouzetFix CentOS build with newer Sphinx
7 days ago  Joan TouzetFix comment in jenkins/
8 days ago  Joan TouzetErlang 18->18.2; copy ansible into every image
8 days ago  Joan TouzetAdd docker cleanup script
8 days ago  Joan TouzetShorten Docker image names now that we have couchdbdev org
8 days ago  Joan TouzetFix CentOS LaTeX build
3 hours ago master