9 days ago  Nick VatamaniucAllow overriding buildx platforms on the command line main
10 days ago  Nick VatamaniucBuild Erlang 25+ without jit for arm64
2022-07-05  Nick VatamaniucSkip building multi-arch images for Erlang 25
2022-07-05  Nick VatamaniucMake sure Elixir compiled OTP version matches the curre...
2022-07-05  Nick VatamaniucUpdate defaults for erlang, elixir and node
2022-07-05  Nick VatamaniucRemove special cases for bionic, erlnag 19.x
2022-07-05  Nick VatamaniucUpdate readme with more recent components versions
2022-06-28  Nick VatamaniucAdd ubuntu jammy
2022-06-16  Nick VatamaniucRemove Erlang versions < 23 and add 25
2022-05-05  Nick VatamaniucRock Linux 8 fixes
2022-05-05  Will YoungMerge pull request #34 from lostnet/dropstretch
2022-05-04  Nick VatamaniucCleanup and fix RPM dependencies
2022-05-04  Nick VatamaniucUse Rocky Linux instead of CentOS 8
2022-05-04  Nick VatamaniucUpdate README with instructions on how to login with...
2022-05-04  Nick VatamaniucUpdate kerl erlangs to latest OTP versions
2022-04-27  Will YoungDrop support for Debian 9 (stretch) 34/head
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiRemove always-outdated matrix, link to Docker Hub
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiRestore old xplat support, add new buildx targets
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiChoose package repo dynamically
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiAdd image builder action
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiRemove old Bintray reference
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiUse buildx plugin for multi-arch images
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiRestrict FDB to amd64 containers for now
2022-01-19  Adam KocoloskiAdd new images to keep
2022-01-15  Adam KocoloskiExpunge Travis from docs
2022-01-15  Adam KocoloskiRemove leftovers from other obsolete distros
2022-01-15  Adam KocoloskiDrop support for Ubuntu 16.04
2022-01-14  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #30 from apache/update-debian-pr...
2022-01-14  Adam KocoloskiSimplify Debian 11 support 30/head
2022-01-12  Adam KocoloskiDefault to current Debian Stable for erlang:all
2022-01-12  Adam KocoloskiUse new FDB URLs, update to 6.3.23
2022-01-12  Adam KocoloskiBump patch releases, add Erlang 24
2021-07-08  Nick VatamaniucMerge pull request #29 from apache/update-readme-with...
2021-07-08  Nick VatamaniucUpdate 29/head
2021-05-06  Joan TouzetTemp workaround for boost download in FDB
2021-05-05  Joan Touzetbintray -->
2021-04-23  Joan Touzetfix pkg build for xenial
2021-04-21  Joan Touzetbugfixes; bullseye working
2021-04-14  Joan Touzetbump pull script for new hub location
2021-04-14  Joan Touzetadd ssh-client to debian image for repo creation
2021-04-13  Joan TouzetRework for April 2021
2021-04-01  Jan Lehnardtupdate dependency versions as older packages are no...
2021-03-11  Joan TouzetDrop ppc64le until CI replacement is identified
2021-03-08  Joan Touzetfdb -> 6.2.29; compile from source for arm64v8
2021-03-05  Joan Touzetfix CONTAINERARCH, but more sanely
2021-03-05  Joan Touzetensure alt platforms upload in
2021-03-05  Joan Touzetensure - added to non-intel docker containers
2020-10-29  Joan TouzetJenkins: pull ALL images only once a week
2020-10-29  Joan TouzetMove pull-all-couchdbdev-docker to couchdb-ci
2020-05-27  Joan TouzetSupport s390x
2020-05-13  Joan Touzetfdb bump, bionic mozjs fix, automation improvement
2020-04-15  Joan Touzetfix js version calculation
2020-04-15  Joan TouzetAdd FDB to all images; add new Ubuntu focal image
2020-03-31  Joan TouzetAdd FoundationDB support, pass 1 (#28)
2020-02-13  Joan TouzetCentOS 8: SM60. Xenial: python 3.7.
2020-02-10  Joan TouzetBump Python to 3.7 for xenial
2020-01-30  Joan TouzetBump erlang to, fix node on ppc64le
2020-01-08  Joan Touzetadd rsync to debian for Jenkins use
2020-01-07  Joan TouzetUpdate freebsd-jenkins-setup for FreeBSD 12.1
2020-01-02  Joan Touzetadd libmozjs60 for debian buster
2019-12-16  Joan Touzetdisable xplat on travis completely :(
2019-12-13  Joan TouzetNew Erlang Solutions rpm; disable travis xplat
2019-12-13  Joan TouzetAvoid node on ppc64le+debian buster, rework Travis...
2019-12-12  Joan TouzetRemove kerl archives after build
2019-12-12  Joan TouzetUpdate Erlang version, add optional kerl-based install
2019-10-11  Joan TouzetAdd epoch to override dist, ErlSolns packages (deb...
2019-10-10  Joan TouzetImprovements to multi-architecture builds, arbitrary...
2019-08-22  Joan TouzetAdd debian buster, drop debian jessie/ubuntu trusty...
2019-07-09  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #22 from apache/use-elixir-1.7.4
2019-07-09  Nick VatamaniucBump elixir from 1.6.6 to 1.7.4 22/head
2019-05-03  Joan TouzetBump pip get timeout
2019-05-03  Joan TouzetAdd multiarch support to Travis CI
2019-05-03  Joan TouzetClean up .travis.yml
2019-05-03  Joan TouzetFix CentOS 7 Python3; add aarch64-debian-stretch
2018-12-21  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #19 from apache/fix-trusty
2018-12-21  Joan Touzetpython3-venv is python3.4-venv on trusty 19/head
2018-12-21  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #14 from lag-linaro/arm64-support...
2018-12-20  Lee Jonesapt-dependencies: Only change file permissions if file... 14/head
2018-12-20  Lee Jonesinstall-dependencies: Add Erlang (<=19) and latest...
2018-12-12  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #18 from apache/add-fbsd-info
2018-12-12  Joan TouzetAdding FreeBSD synth/iocage/jail Jenkins agent setup... 18/head
2018-12-07  Lee Jonesapt-dependencies: Use detect-(arch|os) helpers when...
2018-12-07  Lee JonesUse new 'detect-arch' helper when installing deps
2018-12-07  Lee JonesBuild Erlang from source on ARM based platforms
2018-12-07  Lee JonesAdd helper to build Erlang from source
2018-12-07  Lee JonesProvide helper to detect the current architecture
2018-12-07  Lee Jonesapt-erlang: Only attempt to remove /usr/lib/erlang...
2018-12-06  Joan Touzetfix incorrect emoji in
2018-12-06  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #17 from apache/de-pkg
2018-12-06  Joan TouzetOnly automate/build Docker images in this repo 17/head
2018-11-28  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #16 from apache/freebsd-python3
2018-11-28  Joan Touzetupdate freebsd deps for Python 3 16/head
2018-11-28  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #15 from apache/deb-python3-venv
2018-11-28  Joan Touzet[deb] add python3-venv pkg, see apache/couchdb#1764 15/head
2018-11-15  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #8 from apache/use-python3
2018-11-15  Nick VatamaniucSwitch scripts to use Python 3 8/head
2018-10-23  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #12 from apache/faster-travis
2018-10-23  Joan TouzetAdd base-upload[-all] command, update README 12/head
2018-10-23  Joan TouzetSplit Travis into 3x the jobs (js, couch, couch-pkg)
2018-10-23  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #11 from apache/pin-hypothesis