2016-08-23  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:3102-fix-config_subscription' master
2016-08-23  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate handle_config_terminate API 2/head
2015-08-23  Alexander ShorinAdd LICENSE file
2015-02-04  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'iilyak/2561-make-config...
2015-02-04  ILYA KhlopotovAdd vsn to implementaitions of config_listener 1/head
2015-02-04  ILYA KhlopotovDon't restart event handler on termiation
2015-02-04  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate config_listener behaviuor
2014-11-20  Robert Newsonfix warning
2014-08-27  Robert NewsonThis dog won't hunt, no sir windsor-merge
2014-07-30  Robert Newsonset module version to 1
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisFix monitoring when no parent is provided.
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisImplement option to provide a parent to monitor
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisRearrange and lengthen the watchdog delay
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisKill couch_db_event with supervisor functions
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisKill couch_db_event when it has installed handlers
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisFix typo in the shutdown sequence
2014-07-30  Adam KocoloskiFix compilation warning by sending not_registered
2014-07-30  Adam KocoloskiFix callback spec arity
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisUse khash for tracking event listeners
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisAdd dependency on khash
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisMinor optimizations for couch_event_registry
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisAdd a event count metrics
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisFix use of non-existant APIs
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisFix minor syntax errors and typos
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisMinor syntax error
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisFix export definition for start_link/1
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisFix use of proplists:get_value/2
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisSupport db names specified as a list
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisAvoid use of undocumented functions
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisFix proplists:lookup/2 check
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisFix the behaviour_info callback
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisExport the listen/4 function
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisAdd OS process listeners
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisFix callback module name for couch_event_registry
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisNew couch_event:listen/4 API
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisAdd an API for the common case
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisMake sure and exit with the reason given
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisFix start/start_link return values
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisAdd a cast API for couch_event_listener
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisAbandon the gen_server "inheritance" approach
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisAdd an API to register for multiple DbNames
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisMinimize message from monitors
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisInitial implementation
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisInitial commit