2017-03-10  Nick VatamaniucPrevent replicator manager change feeds from getting... master 63/head
2017-03-10  Nick VatamaniucRevert "Don't scan empty replicator databases"
2017-03-09  Robert NewsonDon't scan empty replicator databases 62/head
2017-03-08  Nick VatamaniucMerge branch '64229-add-new-request-parameter'
2017-03-07  Nick VatamaniucFix unit test after renaming max_document_size config...
2017-03-07  Nick VatamaniucMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/couchdb-2992...
2017-03-07  Nick VatamaniucRemove unused mp_parse_doc function from replicator 60/head
2017-03-03  Nick VatamaniucMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/couchdb-3316'
2017-03-03  Nick VatamaniucMake sure to log db as well as doc in replicator logs. 59/head
2017-03-01  Robert Newsonfix crashes when replicator db is deleted 58/head
2017-03-01  Robert NewsonRevert "Restore adding some jitter-ed sleep to shard...
2017-02-28  Nick VatamaniucRestore adding some jitter-ed sleep to shard scanning... 57/head
2017-02-08  Nick VatamaniucMerge branch 'couchdb-3291-use-infinity'
2017-02-08  Nick VatamaniucMerge branch 'couchdb-3291-better-formatting'
2017-02-08  Nick VatamaniucUse string formatting to shorten document ID during... 56/head
2017-02-08  Nick VatamaniucSwitch replicator max_document_id_length config to... 55/head
2017-02-07  Nick Vatamaniuccloses #54
2017-02-06  Nick VatamaniucAllow configuring maximum document ID length during... 54/head
2017-01-25  Nick VatamaniucFix shards db name typo from previous commit 53/head
2017-01-24  Nick VatamaniucUse mem3 to discover all _replicator shards in replicat... 52/head
2016-10-14  Nick VatamaniucLet "error" replication document updates bypass the... couchdb-3199 50/head
2016-10-05  Tony SunMerge branch '3010-port-429' into apache
2016-10-05  Tony SunMake backoff macros configurable 48/head
2016-10-04  Nick VatamaniucAdd tests which check small values of max_document_size... 49/head apache/master
2016-10-04  Nick VatamaniucFix handling of 413 responses for single document PUT...
2016-10-03  Nick VatamaniucFix replicator handling of max_document_size when posti...
2016-09-21  Tony SunFix timeout clause in backoff retry
2016-09-21  Tony SunRetry when connection_closed is received during a strea...
2016-09-21  Tony SunHandle 429
2016-09-01  Eric AvdeyValidate boolean parameters in /_replicate payload 3118-validate-_replicate-payload 47/head 70/head
2016-08-23  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:3102-fix-config_subscription'
2016-08-23  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate handle_config_terminate API 46/head
2016-08-15  Nick VatamaniucFix passing epoch in correctly with rep_db_checkpoint... 3104-fix-replicator-manager-changes-feed-checkpoint 45/head
2016-08-15  Nick VatamaniucFix replicator manager `stop` change feed callback
2016-08-01  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:69914-insert-random-delays'
2016-08-01  ILYA KhlopotovInject random delays in scan_all_dbs 44/head
2016-07-26  Nick VatamaniucReplication manager's rep_start_pids now contains only... 3082-replication-manager-rep_start_pids-fix 43/head 69/head
2016-07-26  Nick VatamaniucReplace hard-coded instances of <<"_replicator">> dbs...
2016-07-18  Tony SunCheck if worker is alive for clean_mailbox
2016-07-18  Tony SunChange process_response clause
2016-06-09  Robert NewsonEnsure _design/_replicator VDU is updated
2016-05-25  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:fix-some-type-errors'
2016-05-25  ILYA Khlopotovgen_event: handle_call suppose to return `{ok, Reply... 39/head
2016-05-06  Nick VatamaniucAdd jittered delay during replication error handling 37/head
2016-04-19  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'github/pr/35'
2016-04-19  ILYA KhlopotovUse couch_db:dbname_suffix in is_replicator_db 2983-use-dbname_suffix 35/head
2016-04-18  Nick VatamaniucImplement Mango selectors for replication 36/head
2016-03-31  Nick VatamaniucReduce checkpoint frequency from 5 to 30 seconds 34/head
2016-03-25  Robert NewsonRevert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/2975...
2016-03-24  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/2975-restart...
2016-03-24  Robert NewsonReduce likelihood of a bad replication job taking down... 33/head
2016-03-24  Robert NewsonUse transient restart type for all replications
2016-03-24  Robert NewsonRemove obsoleted R14-era code
2016-03-11  Eric AvdeyMerge remote branch 'github/pr/32'
2016-03-09  Nick VatamaniucFix flaky replicator tests. 32/head
2016-03-09  Nick VatamaniucAfter a rescan prevent checkpoints from a previous... 31/head
2016-03-04  Benjamin BastianMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/couchdb-2963'
2016-03-04  Nick VatamaniucSwitch replicator manager change feeds to "longpoll" 30/head
2016-03-04  Nick VatamaniucAdjust minimum number of http connections to 2 29/head
2016-03-02  ILYA Khlopotov Merge remote branch 'github/pr/27'
2016-03-02  Nick VatamaniucRemove configurable replicator db name 27/head
2016-03-01  Nick VatamaniucDo not crash in couch_replicator:terminate/2 if a local...
2016-02-26  Eric AvdeyFix view filtered replication 26/head
2016-02-12  Mike WallaceAvoid logging creds on couch_replicator termination 25/head
2016-02-11  Eric AvdeyAdd filtered with query replication test 24/head
2016-02-11  Eric AvdeyFix filtered replication test
2016-02-11  Alexander ShorinMerge branch 'github/pr/15'
2016-02-11  Alexander ShorinUpdate Travis config 15/head
2016-02-11  Alexander ShorinIntegrate with Travis CI
2015-11-12  Paul J. DavisFix couch_replicator_manager rescans 23/head
2015-11-02  Jay DoaneThrow bad request when doc_ids parameter is not an...
2015-10-18  Robert Kowalskirevert cdf8949 (couch_util:rfc1123_date)
2015-10-18  ILYA KhlopotovAdd a test case for filtered replication
2015-10-16  Alexander ShorinRaise eunit tests timeout up to 100s
2015-10-16  Nick VatamaniucFix race condition in waiting for compactor in eunit... 22/head
2015-10-16  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/2833-fix-race...
2015-10-15  Alexander ShorinFix new couch_httpd_multipart:abort_multipart_stream...
2015-10-15  Nick VatamaniucFix race condition in worker release on connection_clos... 21/head
2015-10-15  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/4'
2015-10-02  Nick VatamaniucHandle un-expected closing of pipelined connections... 19/head
2015-09-23  Robert NewsonFix crypto deprecations 17/head
2015-09-13  Robert NewsonInclude originating database 16/head
2015-08-24  Paul J. DavisFix changes worker timeout cleanup
2015-08-24  Paul J. DavisFix stuck changes reader in clean_mailbox
2015-08-23  Alexander ShorinAdd LICENSE file
2015-07-31  ILYA KhlopotovReturn `{error, {illegal_database_name, Name}}` 14/head
2015-06-25  Robert NewsonDistinct User-Agent for the replicator
2015-06-05  Robert NewsonInfinity timeout, just like all the others :( 2707-merge-couch_replicator-fixes-from-cloudant-fork 11/head 67/head
2015-06-05  Robert Newsoncontinue jobs that aren't _replicator docs
2015-06-05  Paul J. DavisFix stream cleanup timeouts
2015-06-05  Paul J. DavisBe more explicit on values of ?STREAM_STATUS
2015-06-05  Paul J. DavisEnsure that ibrowse streams are ended properly
2015-06-05  Robert NewsonCleanly stop replication at checkpoint time if no longe...
2015-06-05  Robert NewsonLog when node up/down events occur
2015-06-05  Robert NewsonReturn owner to improve logging output
2015-06-05  Robert NewsonEnsure Live node set is consistent with up/down messages
2015-06-05  Robert Newsondelay and splay replication starts
2015-06-05  Robert NewsonVerify that url really points to a database
2015-06-02  Robert NewsonRemove anonymous fun when starting replications
2015-06-02  Robert NewsonUse randomized, truncated exponential backoff in event...