2022-09-09  Nick VatamaniucDocs moved to the main repo main
2022-09-02  Nick VatamaniucAdd replicator bulk_get stats (#756)
2022-08-29  Doug ReederIn "Shards and Replicas", notes effect of [peruser...
2022-08-26  Ronny BerndtDocument new hash_algorithms config key
2022-08-23  Ronny Berndtconfig section for require_valid_user is only [chttpd]
2022-08-01  RonnyFix typo (#750)
2022-07-30  Doug ReederDocuments when HTTP status 503 Service Unavailable...
2022-07-15  jiahuiliTry using rebar3
2022-07-11  P. Douglas... Documents how to add and remove nodes if the Cluster...
2022-07-08  Nick VatamaniucDocumentation for the new winning_revs_only replication...
2022-07-05  RonnyMerge pull request #745 from alishir/patch-1
2022-07-05  Ali Shirvanifix typo. 745/head
2022-06-25  Ayham KteashAdd note to clarify compaction window process
2022-06-10  P. Douglas... Notes _find performance difference between custom index...
2022-06-09  RonnyMerge pull request #736 from DougReeder/main
2022-06-09  Sébastien BlaisotFix upgrading instructions references
2022-06-09  Johannes Jörg... docs: additional build instructions for Fedora 36
2022-05-24  RonnyMerge pull request #735 from apache/add-syslog-infos
2022-05-24  Ronny BerndtAdd note about mandatory syslog_host 735/head
2022-05-23  P. Douglas... Clarifies encoding of peruser database names 736/head
2022-05-23  Ronny BerndtAdd infos about enable logging over UDP in rsyslog
2022-05-22  RonnyMerge pull request #733 from apache/big-r81-line-length
2022-05-19  RonnyUpdate line length value 733/head
2022-05-19  RonnyMerge pull request #732 from apache/big-r81-fix-typo
2022-05-19  RonnyChange syslog spelling 732/head
2022-05-19  Ronny BerndtMerge branch 'big-r81-fix-typo' of
2022-05-19  Ronny BerndtMerge branch 'big-r81-fix-typo' of
2022-05-18  Ronny BerndtMerge branch 'big-r81-fix-typo' of
2022-05-18  Ronny BerndtAdd missing Quick-Reference descriptions
2022-05-17  Ronny BerndtAdd missing Quick-Reference descriptions
2022-05-17  RonnyUpdate src/config/http.rst
2022-05-17  RonnyFix typo
2022-05-15  RonnyMerge pull request #731 from big-r81/add-missing-litera...
2022-05-15  Ronny BerndtUpdate line blocks and links 731/head
2022-05-14  big-r81Remove line break to prevent new config option
2022-05-14  big-r81Add mor literal blocks
2022-05-14  big-r81Add missing literal block
2022-05-14  RonnyMerge pull request #730 from apache/big-r81-fix-inline...
2022-05-14  RonnyBetter wording 730/head
2022-05-14  RonnyFix to correctly show inline-code
2022-05-13  RonnyMerge pull request #729 from apache/big-r81-sub-headline
2022-05-13  RonnySet sub-headline instead of config option name 729/head
2022-05-13  RonnyMerge pull request #728 from apache/big-r81-db-per...
2022-05-13  RonnyFix title overline 728/head
2022-05-13  Ronnycouch_peruser wants it's own headline too
2022-05-11  RonnyMerge pull request #727 from DougReeder/main
2022-05-11  P. Douglas... Updates & links info on # iterations for authorization 727/head
2022-05-06  Gareth BowenRemove statement about single replica scale
2022-05-05  RonnyMerge pull request #724 from apache/update-reverse...
2022-05-05  RonnyUpdate reverse proxy config for nginx 724/head
2022-05-05  RonnyMerge pull request #723 from big-r81/fix-status-codes
2022-05-05  RonnyMerge pull request #720 from big-r81/fix-issue-676
2022-05-05  Ronny BerndtRemove duplicate empty last line 723/head
2022-05-05  Ronny BerndtRender HTTP statuscodes correct in non http-blocks...
2022-05-05  Ronny BerndtAdd Jinja2 version to requirements to avoid build error 722/head
2022-05-05  Ronny BerndtUnit for timeout is milliseconds. Fix #676 720/head
2022-05-05  Gareth BowenFix quorum description for view queries
2022-04-26  Robert NewsonImprove description of secure setup (#718) 3.2.2
2022-04-26  RonnyMerge pull request #717 from big-r81/update-3.2-cve
2022-04-26  Ronny BerndtUpdate Whatsnew 3.2 - added info to CVE-2022-24706 717/head
2022-04-26  Jan Lehnardtfeat: cve-2022-24706
2022-04-25  Will YoungMerge pull request #714 from lostnet/unixreadme
2022-04-25  Will YoungUnix Install freshen dependencies/distribution requirements 714/head
2022-04-19  Nick VatamaniucWhatsnew notes for release 3.2.2
2022-04-15  Kian-Meng AngFix typos and grammars
2022-04-12  Arnaud RocherFix typo (missing literal block mark) (#710)
2022-04-05  Johannes Jörg... doc: describe ini file ordering
2022-04-01  Seongbae ChangFix the typo (#709)
2022-03-31  jiahuiliFix skip and limit parameters for _all_dbs and _dbs_info
2022-01-31  Jiahui Liskip/limit won't work properly when _design docs exists...
2022-01-31  RonnyUpdate Homebrew installation (#703)
2022-01-31  Nick VatamaniucReformat src/ to conform to latest python black... 3.2.1-1
2022-01-30  RonnyUpdate link to spidermonkey (#702)
2021-12-08  jiahuiliAdd GET `_dbs_info`
2021-11-18  Ildiko EigelFix statement around collation
2021-11-17  Ninette AdhikariUpdate notes for /_dbs_info
2021-11-13  Nick VatamaniucAdd new RPM signing key fingerprint to docs
2021-11-02  Rob ThomasProvide safer command to delete sharding jobs 3.2.1 3.2.1-RC1
2021-11-02  Nick VatamaniucWhatsnew notes for release 3.2.1
2021-11-02  Nick VatamaniucTry to fix readthedocs build errors
2021-11-01  Jan Lehnardtfix(jwt): we follow the spec now
2021-10-30  Sangyong Gwakfixes typo
2021-10-12  Jan Lehnardtfeat: 3.1.2 what’s new 3.2.0
2021-10-12  Jan Lehnardtfeat: CVE 2021-38295
2021-09-29  Christopher... use regular expressions 3.2.0-RC2
2021-09-29  Christopher... add password regexp to 3.2 notes
2021-09-27  Nick VatamaniucAdd a few more recent changes to the 3.2 whatsnew list 3.2.0-RC1
2021-09-27  Joan TouzetCouchDB 3.2 release notes
2021-09-18  Jan Lehnardtfeat: document new csp stuff
2021-08-18  Christopher... Update common.rst to fix spelling
2021-08-18  Christopher... Clarified mutual exclusivity in of filters /_replicate
2021-08-18  Christopher... Update common.rst to add selector to _replicate
2021-07-29  Jiahui LiContribute Custom Erlang Network Protocol to CouchDB...
2021-07-22  Joan TouzetUpdate auth.rst (#672)
2021-07-22  Tony SunUpdate documentation with couch_prometheus endpoint...
2021-07-22  ChristopherAdd documentation for password_regexp (#652)
2021-07-22  thiggClarified default behavior of authorization to database...
2021-07-22  Joan TouzetUpdate advice re: old JS version, closes #624 (#648)
2021-07-09  Deepak ChethanUse double back-ticks in src/api/server/authn.rst ...
2021-07-05  Lachlan McCartyFix broken links, defunct Travis CI project, and contri...