2017-09-28  Jasper SiepkesFix linking on SmartOS/Illumos/Solaris. (#3) master 1.0.2
2017-08-15  Heinz N. GiesFix compilation on SmartOS/solaris (#2) 1.0.1
2017-07-14  David de BoerUpdate readme title
2017-07-14  David de BoerConvert readme to Markdown
2017-07-07  David de BoerUpdate repository link
2017-06-28  David de BoerRun tests on Travis 1.0.0
2017-06-28  David de BoerPublish this package to Hex
2017-06-28  Benjamin BergiaUse crypto:strong_rand_bytes/1 instead of crypto:rand_b...
2017-02-15  Kozlov YakovFixed issue #17 priv/bcrypt not built with rebar3
2016-08-08  Roberto BruggemannInclude sys/types.h in c_src/erl_blf.h
2015-09-19  russorfix memory leak in bcrypt_nif:gen_salt
2015-09-19  Jakub StasiakIntegrate with Travis CI
2015-07-27  Joe DeVivoMerge pull request #11 from chef/jd/rebar3
2015-07-27  Joe DeVivoadditional comments on rebar2/3
2015-07-24  Joe DeVivorebar3 support for bcrypt
2014-01-11  Seth FalconMerge pull request #8 from Licenser/patch-1
2014-01-11  Heinz N. Giessolaris compatibility
2013-04-12  Seth FalconUse git tag as version
2013-04-12  Seth FalconMerge branch 'jc-thread-safe-bcrypt'
2013-04-12  Juan Jose ComellasMake bcrypt thread-safe by using a local buffer instead...
2013-04-12  russorpass a buffer into bcrypt for the encrypted output...
2013-03-04  Seth FalconMerge pull request #3 from jasperla/master
2013-03-04  Jasper Lievisse... Unbreak examples in README
2012-10-09  Seth Falconversion bump
2012-10-09  Seth FalconMerge branch 'rebar-config-cleanup-for-master'
2012-10-09  Seth FalconFix linking of bcrypt and fix makefile to respect depen...
2012-10-09  Seth FalconAdd .PHONY to Makefiles
2012-10-09  Seth FalconBump version in prep for tagging to
2012-10-09  Seth FalconMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/kas/unfubar'
2012-09-27  Kevin SmithSorting out a rather "interesting" build process
2012-03-13  Hunter MorrisAllow queue creation to specify mutex/condvar names
2012-03-12  Hunter MorrisMerge branch 'async-nif' 0.5.0
2012-03-12  Hunter MorrisChange default mechanism to NIF
2012-03-12  Hunter MorrisHash passwords asynchronously in NIF
2012-03-12  Hunter MorrisAdd context which owns an asynchronous worker thread
2012-03-12  Hunter MorrisAdd basic worker thread loop
2012-03-12  Hunter MorrisAdd header file with tasks and context resource type
2012-03-12  Hunter MorrisAdd on_load NIF skeleton
2012-03-12  Hunter MorrisAdd Konstantin Sorokin's async_queue implementation
2011-09-11  Hunter MorrisMerge pull request #3 from ferd/patch-1 0.4.1
2011-09-09  Fred HebertIncreasing version number to fit the git tag
2011-08-08  Hunter MorrisHandle strings containing \0 in port program
2011-08-08  Hunter MorrisAdd NIF warning
2011-04-29  Tuncer AyazFix build failure caused by erroneous so_specs
2011-04-28  Hunter MorrisAdd workaround which includes DRV_CFLAGS in DRV_LDFLAGS...
2011-04-27  Hunter MorrisUpdate to latest rebar which passes environment through...
2011-04-04  Hunter MorrisSimplify test fixtures
2011-04-04  Hunter MorrisConsolidate cleanup hooks 0.4.0
2011-04-04  Hunter MorrisTest both 'nif' and 'port' mechanisms
2011-04-04  Hunter MorrisUse 'deprecated' port compiler hook in rebar to generat...
2011-04-03  Hunter MorrisMove port executable linking to rebar post compile...
2011-04-03  Hunter MorrisAdd additional tests
2011-04-03  Hunter MorrisFix simple EUnit test
2011-04-03  Hunter MorrisUpdate documentation to reflect changes
2011-04-03  Hunter MorrisFix unused variable warning
2011-04-03  Hunter MorrisAdd bcrypt_pool for pooling a set of 'worker' port...
2011-03-31  Hunter MorrisAdd supervision tree on the way to a proper OTP application
2011-03-31  Hunter MorrisRename main NIF module to bcrypt_nif and use rebar...
2011-02-26  James LeeUse code:priv_dir/1 to find driver location without...
2011-02-26  James LeeWhen making a release, the bcrypt application directory...
2010-10-27  Jack MoffittRemoved SASL app.
2010-07-22  Hunter MorrisAdded Mrinal to the AUTHORS list
2010-07-22  Mrinal Wadhwaupgraded rebar binary
2010-07-22  Mrinal Wadhwaupdated to work with nif api changes in R14A
2010-04-29  Mrinal Wadhwahandled loading of NIF when the library is in lib_dir...
2010-04-29  Mrinal Wadhwa1. removed hard coded priv path 2. added a simple...
2010-04-28  Mrinal Wadhwaremoved ebin from gitignore, so the .app gets checked in
2010-04-27  Mrinal Wadhwa1. Adapted the NIF implementation for R13B04 \n 2....
2009-11-26  Hunter MorrisSimplify build process (must set ERL_TOP)
2009-11-26  Hunter MorrisFirst pass at experimental NIF
2009-11-26  Hunter MorrisRemoved binary
2009-08-18  Hunter MorrisMinor cosmetic change 0.2
2009-08-18  Hunter MorrisUpdated README to include info about starting OTP appli...
2009-08-18  Hunter MorrisAdded basic application callback and supervisor
2008-11-20  Hunter MorrisFixed broken guards
2008-11-10  Hunter MorrisWrapped long lines in README.rst
2008-11-10  Hunter MorrisSlightly more readable README
2008-11-04  Hunter MorrisAdded potential Solaris libs
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisCall to hashpw may time out prematurely with high rounds
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisCommitted first pass at Solaris compatibility
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisNo need to copy buffer
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisTreat csalt as binary bytes instead of string
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisUsing erl_iolist_length instead of strlen
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisAdded documentation for bcrypt module
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisAdding basic instructions to get started
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisFixed problem where m4 directory didn't exist
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisAdded build mechanics for automake/autoconf
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisMoved C source files to c_src/
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisFixed build error with extraneous -export declarations
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisRestructured repo to fit sinan build spec
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisAdded _build/ to .gitignore because of sinan build
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisAdded sinan build file
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisAdded erlang port gen_server
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisAdded bcrypt_erlang port program
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisRemoved static declarations that will be exported to...
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisRemoved test main() function
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisAdded erl_blf.h
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisAdded OpenBSD bcrypt implementation
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisAdded license file
2008-11-03  Hunter MorrisAdded typical ignore entries