2019-10-22  Joseph PecoraroFix Unexpected "Invalid left-hand side in for-in" error main master
2019-10-20  Joseph PecoraroUpdate test262 for ES2018+ features
2019-09-14  Eugene OttoFix link from Chapter 2 to Chapter 3
2019-09-14  Joseph PecoraroFix Unexpected ILLEGAL token with function literal...
2019-07-20  Mathias BynensUpdate identifier parsing per Unicode v12.1.0
2018-12-15  Ariya HidayatAppVeyor CI: minor tweaks to improve dashboard clarity
2018-12-09  Ariya HidayatDownstream test: re-enable Istanbul with a workaround
2018-12-09  Ariya HidayatCI: Report to via AppVeyor instead of Circle CI
2018-12-05  Ariya HidayatUpdate to the latest version of TypeScript compiler...
2018-06-15  Ariya HidayatFix parsing async get/set in a class
2018-06-10  Ariya HidayatCI for GitLab
2018-06-09  Mathias BynensUpdate identifier parsing per Unicode v11
2018-06-07  Ariya HidayatDocumentation: fix the type of some nodes.
2018-05-31  Ariya HidayatDocumentation: explicit notice on supporting only JavaS...
2018-05-21  Ariya HidayatDownstream test: ignore Recast since its master is...
2018-05-17  Michael FitzpatrickRecognize Token.StringLiteral as a ReturnStatement...
2018-04-15  Adrian SieberAdd missing closing brace, fix incorrect interface...
2018-04-14  Mathias BynensUpdate identifier data to Unicode v10
2018-04-14  Ariya HidayatDocs: fix the type of SwitchCase's test
2018-02-10  Jordan StephensTiny typo
2017-12-24  Ariya HidayatUpdate TypeScript compiler, linter, and formatter to...
2017-11-27  Mike PennisiDocumentation: Describe RegExp parsing dependency
2017-11-26  Ariya HidayatMake the pure tokenizer a bit aggressive in recognizing...
2017-11-22  Ariya HidayatCorrect the handling of HTML comment when parsing as...
2017-11-20  Mike PennisiIntegrate Test262
2017-11-20  johnjbartonRecognize Token.Template as a ReturnStatement argument.
2017-09-21  Ariya HidayatTest fixture: move an async test to the more proper...
2017-09-15  Ryo ShibayamaMigrate to CircleCI 2.0
2017-09-09  kingwlFix incorrect parse async with proto-identifier-shorthand
2017-08-21  Ariya HidayatDocumentation: Always refer to the latest stable version.
2017-08-11  kingwlFix Negative Column in Binary Expression String Concate...
2017-07-29  kingwlFix incorrect YieldExpression in object methods
2017-07-29  Ariya HidayatDownstream test: disable AssetGraph since it needs...
2017-06-27  Ariya HidayatReadTheDocs: Switch to the Alabaster theme
2017-06-23  Ariya HidayatDocumentation: Encourage the explicit use of parseScrip...
2017-06-12  Ariya HidayatUpdate ChangeLog for 4.0.0
2017-06-12  Ariya HidayatUpdate to prepare for version 4.0
2017-06-06  Ariya HidayatTravis CI and AppVeyor: Run with Node.js v8
2017-06-06  Sylvain FrancoisFix the "tokens" and "comment" argument names
2017-04-30  Ariya HidayatUpdate TypeScript-related dependencies
2017-04-06  Ariya HidayatUse const whenever possible
2017-04-03  Ariya HidayatImprove error message upon an invalid JSX element
2017-04-01  Ariya HidayatJSX: Matching a token should not be too strict
2017-03-30  Ariya HidayatAllow `in` expression in a concise body with a function...
2017-03-29  Ariya HidayatAllow JSX element in a yield expression
2017-03-28  Ariya HidayatDownstream tests: run them with Node.js v6.1
2017-03-24  Ariya HidayatFix the documentation for the AST of ForStatement
2017-03-09  Ariya HidayatReuse rest/spread element for object rest/spread
2017-03-04  Ariya HidayatUse access modifier in the Scanner class
2017-03-01  Ariya HidayatPure tokenizer: simplify the choice of obtaining a...
2017-03-01  Ariya HidayatUpdate TypeScript-related dependencies
2017-03-01  Ariya HidayatAdd a template for issue reporting
2017-02-27  Ariya HidayatDownstream test: temporarily exclude escope
2017-02-26  Ariya HidayatMove object rest/spread tests to test/fixture/es2018
2017-02-26  Ariya HidayatAppVeyor CI: switch from Google Chrome to Chromium
2017-02-25  Ariya HidayatMove dynamic import tests to test/fixtures/es2018
2017-02-25  Ariya HidayatRevert "deep clone node when node.shorthand = true"
2017-02-21  fishbardeep clone node when node.shorthand = true
2017-02-09  Ariya HidayatAllow async arrow function to accept yield as the parameter
2017-02-08  Ariya HidayatAsync arrow function must reinterpret its parameters
2017-02-07  Ariya HidayatFix the node of the object property key for async function
2017-02-02  Ariya HidayatDocumentation: add an example to remove console calls
2017-01-31  Ariya HidayatFix incorrect detection of async function
2017-01-31  Ariya HidayatSupport dynamic import call
2017-01-30  Ariya HidayatSyntax tree format: document async function and await...
2017-01-30  Timofey KachalovFixed wrong source type in the documentation
2017-01-28  Ariya HidayatREADME: point to the documentation hosted at readthedoc...
2017-01-27  Ariya HidayatCreate the documentation suitable for
2017-01-20  Ariya HidayatSupport object rest/spread properties
2017-01-20  Ariya HidayatDetect Microsoft Edge and use it to run the browser...
2017-01-14  Ariya HidayatSupport running the tests on Safari Technology Preview
2017-01-11  Ariya HidayatSimplify handling the marker for node location
2017-01-10  Ariya HidayatDo not mutate the token object when constructing a...
2017-01-10  Ariya HidayatSave and restore scanner state
2017-01-07  Ariya HidayatUse const enum for the token types
2017-01-06  Ariya HidayatCheck EOF with the lookahead token
2017-01-04  Ariya HidayatAdd type annotations to all tokenization-related code
2017-01-03  Ariya HidayatUse the new `as` syntax for type assertions
2017-01-01  Ariya HidayatDo not mutate the token object
2016-12-30  Ariya HidayatTolerate missing ) in a with and do-while statement
2016-12-25  Ariya HidayatSetter function argument must not be a rest parameter
2016-12-25  Ariya HidayatExported async function should be parsed as function...
2016-12-24  Ariya HidayatREADME: Add a link to the complete documentation
2016-12-23  Ariya Hidayatesvalidate: Ensure the consistency of error message
2016-12-23  Ariya HidayatAdjust the error message for bad getter/setter arity
2016-12-23  Ariya HidayatUpdate ChangeLog for 3.1.3
2016-12-23  Ariya HidayatUse the reference to the living ECMA-262 specification
2016-12-21  Ariya HidayatRest element and rest parameter should include binding...
2016-12-20  Ariya HidayatLimit strict mode directive to functions with a simple...
2016-12-18  Ariya HidayatProhibit any escape sequence in a reserved word
2016-12-17  Ariya HidayatDownstream test: revert AssetGraph workaround
2016-12-17  Ariya HidayatUpdate ChangeLog for 3.1.2
2016-12-17  Ariya HidayatUpdate ChangeLog for 3.1.1
2016-12-14  Ariya HidayatRemove .gitattributes since it modifies test fixtures
2016-12-14  Ariya HidayatEnsure that all *.js files are using LF as the line...
2016-12-13  Ariya HidayatOnly permit hex digits in hex escape sequence
2016-12-13  Ariya HidayatSort error messages in messages.ts alphabetically
2016-12-12  Ariya HidayatAccount for different possible arguments of a yield...
2016-12-11  Ariya HidayatProhibit labelled class/generator/function declaration
2016-12-11  Ariya HidayatDownstream test: temporarily workaround AssetGraph...