2022-05-27  RonnyMerge pull request #16 from tadgerb/patch-1 main
2022-05-24  tadgerbFix FIPS compliance in CouchIniAction.cs 16/head
2022-04-26  RonnyMerge pull request #15 from big-r81/vs2022
2022-04-26  Ronny BerndtUpdating Installer 15/head
2022-04-14  big-r81Install elixir locally
2022-04-14  big-r81Update dependencies
2022-04-08  big-r81removed +nix build details
2022-04-08  big-r81update documentation for python packages
2022-04-07  big-r81add vs2022 package for targeting .net 4.8 in installer...
2022-04-06  big-r81- added newline at end of file
2022-04-06  big-r81- updating install dependencies
2022-04-06  big-r81- updating chocolatey install script url
2022-04-06  big-r81- update README and link to previous tutorial
2022-03-25  big-r81Simplify build chain and use VS 2022
2021-11-09  Jan Lehnardtundo cflags for now
2021-11-09  Jan Lehnardtadd linker path
2021-11-09  Jan Lehnardtgit clone inside cygwin to avoid sh line ending shoo
2021-11-09  Jan Lehnardtadd missing PATH
2021-10-08  Joan TouzetDrop curl dependency
2020-04-21  Joan TouzetIncorporate typo fixes from obi458 master
2020-02-18  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #12 from apache/release/couchdb_3.0.0
2020-02-13  Joan TouzetRadical simplification for 3.0/MSVC 2017 12/head
2020-02-03  Joan TouzetVersion bump for release/couchdb_2.3.1
2020-02-03  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #11 from apache/build-spidermonkey60
2019-12-01  jiangphAdd readme for build spidermonkey60 11/head
2018-11-28  Joan TouzetUpdate to python3
2018-11-13  Joan TouzetUpdates for elixir, mango tests, 2.3.0 3/head
2018-07-10  Joan TouzetBump version number
2017-07-08  Joan TouzetUpdates and bug fixes as of 2017-07-08 / Win10 / 2.1
2017-04-20  Joan TouzetFix URLs to git repos
2016-12-07  Joan TouzetMerge branch 'release/couchdb_2.0'
2016-12-07  Joan TouzetSet correct install path permissions release/couchdb_2.0
2016-09-14  Joan TouzetEnable installation to drives other than boot
2016-09-14  Joan TouzetEnable installation to drives other than boot
2016-09-12  Joan TouzetLink to services control panel to work on UAC machines
2016-09-12  Joan TouzetLink to services control panel to work on UAC machines
2016-08-03  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #5 from dch/release/couchdb_2.0
2016-08-03  Joan TouzetAdd logging and Windows Service support; add icon
2016-07-19  Joan TouzetUse new CouchDB logo
2016-07-19  Joan TouzetAdd support to build a WiX-based installer
2016-07-18  Joan TouzetAdd node (to build Fauxton)
2016-07-15  Joan TouzetMore build improvements (Makefile)
2016-07-12  Joan TouzetRun JS tests with -n1
2016-06-16  Joan TouzetFix ERL_TOP calculation for Windows SDK shell
2016-06-16  Joan TouzetApache License. It's time.
2016-06-16  Joan TouzetMerge branch 'release/couchdb_2.0' of https://github...
2016-06-16  Joan TouzetDocument chocolatey bug, fix paths
2016-06-16  Joan Touzetbump curl version to 7.49.1
2016-06-15  NickNorthMove Mozilla Build download to the prerequisites section.
2016-06-15  NickNorthSmall tweaks
2016-06-15  Joan TouzetInitial attempt at a working VS2023/v2.0 build
2015-12-09  Dave Cottlehuberminimal update of erlang dependencies for OTP 18.x
2014-06-11  Joan TouzetIgnore Eclipse noise v1.6.0 v1.6.1
2014-01-04  NickNorthAdded note on registry entry to fix Spidermonkey build...
2013-12-12  Joan TouzetUpdates for clarity
2013-12-12  Joan TouzetMore devkit and process fixes
2013-12-11  Joan TouzetMandate the VS 2010 SP1 compiler pack for SDK 7.1
2013-12-11  Joan TouzetError-fix and update install steps
2013-12-11  Joan TouzetUpdate Chocolatey install instructions
2013-10-13  NickNorthAdded missing cd command in building CouchDb
2013-10-10  Dave Cottlehubererlang: add new releases for great good v1.5.0
2013-07-10  Dave Cottlehuberdocs: fix README formatting for chocolatey bootstrap v1.4.0
2013-03-26  Dave Cottlehuberuse syn_otp.cmd to clean up werldir
2013-03-26  Dave Cottlehuberimprove jenkins job handling
2013-03-21  Dave CottlehuberSupport Jenkins
2013-03-21  Dave CottlehuberSupport R16B
2013-03-19  Dave Cottlehuberensure couchdb build shell scripts bail on failure release/sdk_7.1_couchdb_1.3.0 7/head v1.3.0
2013-03-13  Dave CottlehuberCloses COUCHDB-1698. Remove debug symbols from SpiderMo...
2013-02-19  Dave Cottlehubersupport jenkins
2013-02-02  Dave CottlehuberUpdate Erlang/OTP URL for INSTALL-WIN32
2013-02-02  Dave Cottlehubertweak documentation via
2013-02-02  Dave CottlehuberRe-order and simplify docs
2013-02-01  Dave Cottlehuberfix borked python setuptools url
2013-02-01  Dave Cottlehuberupgrade Erlang/OTP options to R15B03-1
2013-02-01  Dave CottlehuberUse chocolatey to manage dependencies
2012-12-18  Dave Cottlehubersupport R15B03-1
2012-12-18  Dave CottlehuberRemove curl dependency and simplify scripts
2012-12-18  Dave Cottlehuberinclude slimming script to remove unneeded OTP librarie...
2012-05-22  Dave Cottlehuberconsolidate scripts into single folder [c:\relax] release/sdk_7.1_couchdb_1.2.0 v1.2.0
2012-04-02  Dave Cottlehubertidyup of docs & scripts
2012-04-02  Dave Cottlehuberupdate md5 to match round 5 of apache-couchdb.1.2.0...
2012-03-26  Dave Cottlehubersupport CouchDB 1.2.0 with SDK 7.1
2012-01-11  Dave Cottlehuberdoc tweak
2012-01-10  Dave Cottlehuberensure $ERL_TOP exists prior to exiting for...
2012-01-10  Dave Cottlehubersupport Erlang/OTP R15B
2012-01-09  Dave Cottlehuberchanges to support both SDK platforms
2012-01-05  Dave Cottlehubersupport cURL in couchjs.exe
2012-01-04  Dave Cottlehubertweak gitignore for less crud
2011-12-31  Dave Cottlehuberfix egregrious errors in docs
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehubersupport lovely Komodo IDE and avoid learning emacs...
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberrename bits/md5sums.txt to downloads.md5
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehubersupport CouchDB 1.1.1 with SDK 7.1
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberbump inno5 tools support to 5.4.3
2011-12-30  Dave CottlehuberRemove support for Mozilla Spidermonkey 1.8.5
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberexperimental zlib support
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberbump libcURL to 7.23.1 and support SDK 7.1
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberbump ICU to 4.6.1 and support SDK 7.1
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberupdate to Erlang/OTP R14B04
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberrevert OpenSSL to 0.9.8r and support SDK 7.1
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberupdate wxWidgets to 2.8.12 and support SDK 7.1