2014-01-24  Pedram NimreeziBump version to 0.1.6 import-master master 0.1.6
2014-01-24  Pedram NimreeziAdd support for event fields that are notfound, and...
2013-11-08  Pedram NimreeziBump version to 0.1.5 0.1.5
2013-11-08  Pedram NimreeziReset counters by default
2013-11-08  Pedram NimreeziMake data recovery impregnable
2013-11-07  Pedram NimreeziImplement reset counters
2013-11-07  Pedram NimreeziRemove unnecessary code, add consistency
2013-11-07  Pedram NimreeziProtect params table and extend per module supervision
2013-11-07  Pedram NimreeziMerge branch 'master' of
2013-11-07  Pedram NimreeziProtect statistics table and data from user errors
2013-07-27  Grzegorz JunkaFix EDoc error - remove EDoc tag for the commented...
2013-05-06  Pedram NimreeziConvert goldrush to a library application
2013-05-06  Pedram NimreeziAdd compiler to applications and update description
2013-04-09  Pedram NimreeziAdd wildcard op, .gitignore & update rebar.configs
2012-05-01  Magnus KlaarUse ?erl macro for erl_syntax module qualifier
2012-05-01  Magnus KlaarFactor out code generation functions
2012-05-01  Magnus KlaarAdd glc_ops module for built in operators
2012-04-27  Magnus KlaarAdd initial processing functions as glc_lib
2012-04-24  Magnus KlaarAdd runtime context module
2012-04-23  Magnus KlaarAdd event query module.
2012-04-23  Magnus KlaarAdd application files and event access module.
2012-04-23  Magnus KlaarAdd project files
2012-04-23  Magnus Klaarfirst