descriptionApache CouchDB Helm Chart
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 20 Jun 2022 08:21:42 +0000 (09:21 +0100)
2022-06-20  Will HolleyMerge pull request #87 from colearendt/fix-ci main
2022-06-18  Cole Arendtmake ci lint/install run based on paths 87/head
2022-06-18  Cole Arendtset minimal permissions for each workflow
2022-06-18  Cole Arendtupdate workflows to use submodule actions and clone...
2022-06-18  Cole Arendtadd submodules for third-party github actions
2022-06-17  Will HolleyMerge pull request #80 from colearendt/add-ci
2022-06-17  Cole Arendtmake discussed changes to chart-test.yaml 80/head
2022-05-27  Cole Arendtadd rebuild, releaser, and test actions
2022-05-27  Cole Arendtadd rebuild script for index.yaml
2022-02-26  Adam KocoloskiBump chart version and publish master couchdb-3.6.1
2022-02-26  Adam KocoloskiGenerate a unique Erlang cookie by default (#68)
2022-01-30  Francisco Alberto... Add helm post-install hook to automate placement taggin... couchdb-3.6.0
2022-01-24  Adam KocoloskiBump chart version and publish couchdb-3.5.2
2022-01-24  William BartholomewFix Ingress definition
2022-01-24  William BartholomewUpdate tests to use current versions
2022-01-24  William BartholomewUse v1 instead of v1beta for Ingress
6 months ago couchdb-3.6.1
7 months ago couchdb-3.6.0
7 months ago couchdb-3.5.2
8 months ago couchdb-3.5.1
8 months ago couchdb-3.5.0
8 months ago couchdb-3.4.1
10 months ago couchdb-3.4.0
14 months ago couchdb-3.3.4
2 years ago couchdb-3.3.3
2 years ago couchdb-3.3.2
2 years ago couchdb-3.3.1
2 years ago couchdb-3.3.0
2 years ago couchdb-3.2.0
2 years ago couchdb-3.1.0
2 years ago couchdb-3.0.0
2 years ago couchdb-2.4.1
3 months ago main
3 months ago migrate-gh-pages
3 months ago gh-pages
6 months ago master
7 months ago generate-erlang-cookie
21 months ago protect_main_branch
2 years ago clusterSetup
2 years ago prometheus