2021-06-03  ncshawRemove rebar main
2021-05-26  ncshawChange random to rand CouchDB-2.2.0-7
2020-01-21  Nick VatamaniucMerge pull request #5 from apache/remove-triq-dependency master CouchDB-2.2.0-6
2020-01-20  Nick VatamaniucRemove runtime triq dependency 5/head
2018-07-18  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #4 from apache/fix-windows-build CouchDB-2.2.0-4 CouchDB-2.2.0-5
2018-07-18  Joan TouzetFix hyper build for win32 4/head
2018-05-31  Nick VatamaniucMerge pull request #3 from apache/use-matching-tags... CouchDB-2.2.0-3
2018-05-31  Nick VatamaniucUse exactly matching tags for triq dependencies 3/head
2018-05-31  Nick VatamaniucMerge pull request #2 from apache/fix-tests-to-run... CouchDB-2.2.0-2
2018-05-31  Adam KocoloskiComment out broken Makefile target 2/head
2018-05-31  Adam KocoloskiDisable failing test on R20
2018-05-30  Nick VatamaniucFix tests to run with Triq
2018-05-30  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #1 from apache/remove-bisect CouchDB-2.2.0-1
2018-05-30  Adam KocoloskiRemove bisect implementation remove-bisect 1/head
2016-10-11  renjith-gaMerge pull request #16 from elverkilde/fix/carray upstream CouchDB-2.2.0
2016-10-11  Jon ElverkildeSwitch to MIT license for carray
2016-10-11  Fred DushinRemoved use of tgmath.h for pow function (assuming...
2016-07-27  Jon ElverkildeMerge pull request #14 from savonarola/fix-deprecated...
2016-07-27  avUpdated usage of time functions (removed usage of depre...
2015-06-29  Johannes HuningMerge pull request #11 from knutin/master
2015-06-29  Johannes Huningadd note about `indent` to C source file
2015-06-29  Johannes Huningadd contributors to C source file
2015-06-29  Chris de VriesMerge pull request #10 from GameAnalytics/fix_merge_leak
2015-06-29  cmdevriesRemove unnecessary enif_make_resource.
2015-06-27  Jon ElverkildeRelease resource created for merge result
2015-05-28  Knut NesheimAdded hyper:is_hyper/1.
2015-04-28  Johannes HuningMerge pull request #9 from GameAnalytics/remove_alloc
2015-04-28  Johannes Huningrun indent
2015-04-28  cmdevriesRemove unecessary alloc from hyper c array.
2015-04-27  Johannes HuningMerge pull request #8 from GameAnalytics/faster_merge
2015-04-27  Chris de VriesFaster merging of hyper c arrays.
2015-04-22  Johannes HuningMerge pull request #7 from GameAnalytics/carray_tests
2015-04-22  Christian LundgrenFix hyper_carray register encoding
2015-04-22  Christian LundgrenSupport single hll input for hyper_carray:union/1
2015-04-22  Christian LundgrenInclude hyper_carray in performance report
2015-04-22  Christian LundgrenAdd hyper_carray to test suite
2014-11-20  Knut NesheimFixed bug in merging of filters with the hyper_bisect...
2014-11-20  Knut NesheimOptimization to hyper_binary backend for sequential...
2014-10-16  Knut NesheimMerge pull request #6 from martinrehfeld/folding
2014-10-16  Martin RehfeldDemonstrate error rate of reduced-precision HLLs
2014-10-16  Martin RehfeldSupport mixed-precision union
2014-10-15  Christian LundgrenMerge pull request #5 from martinrehfeld/master
2014-10-14  Martin RehfeldAdd hyper:precision/1
2014-08-12  Knut NesheimMerge pull request #4 from GameAnalytics/clang_compile
2014-08-11  Christian LundgrenMake compile work with clang
2014-07-11  Knut NesheimMerge pull request #3 from johannesh/hyper_carray
2014-03-12  Johannes Huning[hyper_carray] K&R and kernel style, added docs
2014-03-10  Johannes Huninghyper_carray, a hyper_register implemented by a C-array
2014-03-07  Knut NesheimMerge pull request #2 from johannesh/master
2014-03-06  JohannesTypo for @doc of register_sum callback
2014-02-26  Knut NesheimAdded output from make perf_report.
2014-01-24  Knut NesheimAdded the MIT license.
2014-01-20  Knut NesheimCleanup of README.
2014-01-20  Knut NesheimCleanup of estimate graphs.
2014-01-20  Knut NesheimMeasure time of 5 unions.
2014-01-20  Knut NesheimRun parts of estimate report in parallel.
2014-01-20  Knut NesheimDon't force compaction before union to allow for more...
2014-01-20  Knut NesheimClean up of README.
2014-01-17  Knut NesheimRoll v1.0
2014-01-17  Knut NesheimCleaned up the estimate report.
2014-01-17  Knut NesheimApply the same optimization to other merges.
2014-01-17  Knut NesheimPostpone actual merge if merging two buffers results...
2014-01-17  Knut NesheimDisable native compilation of hyper_binary as it crashe...
2014-01-17  Knut NesheimAlso merge buffers when merging dense binaries.
2014-01-16  Knut NesheimIn hyper_binary, merge the buffers to allow for more...
2014-01-16  Knut NesheimRun estimate report from Makefile.
2014-01-16  Knut NesheimAdded more documentation to README.
2014-01-16  Knut NesheimBetter tests.
2014-01-16  Knut NesheimAvoid useless conversion from list to tuple.
2014-01-16  Knut NesheimUpdated behaviour and cleaned up backends.
2014-01-16  Knut NesheimMore optimizations to hyper_binary. Use an explicit...
2014-01-14  Knut NesheimBetter quickcheck properties. Added first version of...
2014-01-13  Knut NesheimOptimizations for buffering writes in hyper_binary.
2014-01-13  Knut NesheimUse (now bug-free) bisect:bulk_insert/2 for merging...
2014-01-11  Knut NesheimIn case on extra 0 byte in old serialized filters,...
2014-01-10  Knut NesheimCompact the binary structure when it makes sense.
2014-01-10  Knut NesheimSerialization tests.
2014-01-10  Knut NesheimMoved tests into separate folder. Added PropEr test...
2014-01-10  Knut NesheimMoved more heavy lifting into the backend module to...
2014-01-09  Knut NesheimFixed incorrect merge.
2014-01-09  Knut NesheimFaster unions for bisect, repeated runs of timed tests.
2014-01-08  Knut NesheimMore tests of backends.
2014-01-08  Knut NesheimExport from_json/2
2014-01-08  Knut NesheimSize in bytes.
2014-01-08  Knut NesheimSmarter union for dense and sparse bisect.
2014-01-07  Knut NesheimMeasure card/1
2014-01-07  Knut NesheimStart of README.
2014-01-07  Knut NesheimUnion test with bigger cardinality.
2014-01-07  Knut NesheimMore cardinalities, use the same seed.
2014-01-07  Knut NesheimSwitch to plain dense representation when it would...
2014-01-07  Knut NesheimLet backend decide on merge strategy.
2014-01-07  Knut Nesheimperf report.
2014-01-07  Knut Nesheimbisect backend.
2014-01-07  Knut Nesheimmake size_report
2014-01-07  Knut NesheimArray backend.
2014-01-07  Knut NesheimPluggable register data structure.
2014-01-07  Knut NesheimMinor cleanup of tests.
2013-12-09  Christian LundgrenUse tail recursive helper functions instead of lists...
2013-11-18  Knut NesheimRegisters using gb_trees.
2013-11-15  Knut NesheimPerformance improvement to union: don't write back...