2021-06-07  ILYA KhlopotovStrip sensitive data from state main CouchDB-4.4.2-5
2021-06-07  Jay DoaneGet a new lb pid if existing pid is not alive
2021-06-06  Nick VatamaniucIncrease timeout in pipelining test (#174)
2021-06-06  Noah ShawAdd strictly monotonic timestamp (#173)
2021-05-08  Nick VatamaniucUse ssl:handshake/2 in test server on Erlang 21+ versio...
2021-05-06  Nick VatamaniucIntroduce an option to not trap process exits in worker...
2020-10-15  Olle JonssonREADME: Use SVG badge (#168) v4.4.2
2018-09-21  Chandrashekhar... Prefer IPv4 by default. Use the option `{prefer_ipv6...
2018-08-27  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #164 from skunkwerks/master v4.4.1
2018-08-23  Dave Cottlehubernew release bundling community contributions
2018-07-13  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #163 from tazjin/fix/issue-160-tls...
2018-07-13  Vincent AmboInitialise TLS sockets directly if no socks5 proxy...
2017-09-02  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #155 from nroi/master
2017-09-02  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #153 from shakugan/master
2017-09-01  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #156 from getong/update_erlang_test
2017-09-01  getongadd erlang 19, 20 for test
2017-06-13  Fabian MuscarielloAdd address family for inet:gethostbyname/2 call
2017-03-08  Shadow.
2017-03-08  Shadow.
2017-01-28  Chandrashekhar... Publishing to requires version 4.4.0, not just 4.4 v4.4.0
2017-01-28  Chandrashekhar... New release bundling patches for the past 6 months v4.4
2016-10-24  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #151 from meetnow/master
2016-10-19  Patrick SchneiderAdded stream_full_chunks option
2016-10-13  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #145 from shakugan/patch-1
2016-06-07  Chandru MullaparthiBug fix for spurious timeout messages being sent to... v4.3
2016-05-06  shakugancall ssl:connect/3 with connect_timeout param
2016-05-05  shakugansock options ignored on ssl
2016-04-19  Chandru MullaparthiNew release after fixing travis-ci builds v4.2.4
2016-04-19  Chandru MullaparthiModified build to get travis builds to succeed
2016-04-19  Chandru MullaparthiModified build to get travis builds to succeed
2016-04-19  Chandru MullaparthiInvoke eunit tests only for files in src directory
2016-04-19  Chandru MullaparthiBug fixes v4.2.3
2016-01-31  Chandrashekhar... Fixed invocation of socks proxy
2016-01-19  Chandrashekhar... Clean up tests
2016-01-18  Chandrashekhar... Fix for #139 - file not being saved to disk when server...
2015-11-25  Chandrashekhar... Fixed links v4.2.2
2015-11-25  Chandrashekhar... Fixed links
2015-11-25  Chandrashekhar... Version incremented v4.2.1
2015-11-25  Chandrashekhar... Removed lines which were failing travis builds
2015-11-24  Chandrashekhar... Merge branch 'barrel-db-master'
2015-11-24  Chandrashekhar... Merge branch 'master' of
2015-11-06  benoitcfix travis tests
2015-11-06  benoitcupdate doc
2015-11-06  benoitcfix tests
2015-11-06  benoitcmove to rebar3
2015-11-06  benoitcuse global rebar
2015-11-06  benoitcadd hex metadata
2015-09-28  Chandrashekhar... Added info for hex
2015-09-28  Chandrashekhar... Version 4.2 v4.2
2015-09-28  Chandrashekhar... Merge branch 'master' of
2015-09-28  Chandrashekhar... Merge branch 'merge_pull_req_123'
2015-09-28  Chandrashekhar... Removed update to author list. Names are already in...
2015-09-28  Chandrashekhar... Workaround travis-ci build failure.
2015-09-28  Chandrashekhar... Compile test modules
2015-09-28  Chandrashekhar... Merge branch 'improve_pipeline_balance' of https:/...
2015-08-03  Chandrashekhar... Release 4.1.2 v4.1.2
2015-06-29  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #132 from surik/patch-1
2015-06-26  Yury GargayFix ibrowse_http_client.erl
2015-06-26  Shankar DhanasekaranRename 'Digest' to 'Basic'
2015-06-25  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #130 from surik/otp18
2015-06-25  Yury GargayBuild under R18 #129
2015-05-12  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #126 from StoneCypher/master
2015-05-12  John Haugelandremoves doubled repl prompt
2015-05-11  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #125 from marcelog/marcelog_max_atte...
2015-05-07  Marcelo Gornsteinadding max_attempts option
2014-12-11  benjamin.leeFixed extraction of Pid for iteration with new key
2014-11-21  benjaminpleeMade test server less chatty while shutting down
2014-11-21  benjaminpleeFixed bug with connection req completion
2014-11-20  benjaminpleeUpdated contributes/authors
2014-11-20  benjaminpleeAdded basic test for show_dest_status
2014-11-20  benjaminpleeRemoved duplicate documentation
2014-11-20  benjaminpleeFixed matchspec miss and added retry logic w/ ets
2014-11-20  benjaminpleeWhitespace cleanup
2014-11-20  Chandrashekhar... Changed travis-ci build status link
2014-11-20  benjaminpleeFilled in more functional tests
2014-11-20  benjaminpleeChanged pipeline algo to smallest pipeline first
2014-11-19  benjaminpleeEncapsulated the iteration of connections and msgs
2014-11-19  benjaminpleeRemoved speculative sizing and enforced common max
2014-11-19  benjaminpleeEncapsulated remaining interactions with conn ets
2014-11-19  benjaminpleeConnection now has whole responsibility of cleanup
2014-11-19  benjaminpleeEncapsulated conn ets table use in ibrowse_lb
2014-11-19  benjaminpleeRemoved unnecessary pipeline size from con state
2014-11-19  benjaminpleeReplaced local size in state with ets lookup
2014-11-19  benjaminpleeRemoved unneccessary safe_fixtable for ordered set
2014-11-19  benjaminpleeGeneral cleanup of spacing and order
2014-11-19  benjaminpleeRemoved unneeded initial table creation
2014-11-18  benjaminpleeUpdated local rebar to fix problem with eunit
2014-11-18  benjaminpleeAliased remaining production ets table names
2014-11-18  benjaminpleeMade ets table names clearer by usage
2014-11-18  benjaminpleeCreated broken test demonstrating imbalanced load
2014-11-18  benjaminpleeAdd new endpoint to test_server for slow responses
2014-11-18  benjaminpleeCreated base for functional tests
2014-11-18  benjaminpleeIgnored temporary .rebar files
2014-11-18  benjaminpleeFixed test server stop message handling
2014-08-19  Chandrashekhar... Merge pull request #120 from divolgin/fix
2014-08-19  Dmitriy IvolginWhen host/port process dies, ets table is not cleaned...
2014-08-13  Chandrashekhar... Changed travis-ci build status link
2014-08-13  Chandrashekhar... Tweak get_metrics
2014-08-13  Chandrashekhar... Cleanup correctly on shutdown
2014-08-10  Chandrashekhar... Merge branch 'new_pipeline' of