2022-06-30  Nick VatamaniucReplaced the PPC64 VM with a faster one main
2022-06-30  Nick VatamaniucUse Java 11 for Jenkins
2022-06-27  Nick VatamaniucReplace PPC64LE worker with a new VM
2022-06-23  Nick VatamaniucPowerVS instance was replaced
2022-02-18  Nick VatamaniucAdd a few more examples how to upgrade and restart...
2021-11-15  Nick VatamaniucImprove formatting in ssh.cfg
2021-11-15  Nick Vatamaniuccouchdb01 host_vars files didn't have a .yml extension
2021-11-12  Nick VatamaniucImprove bastion setup
2021-08-19  Nick VatamaniucReplace power instance coucdhb-ci4 -> couchdb-ci-ubuntu-2
2021-07-07  Nick VatamaniucUpdate host_vars for the new PowerVS instance
2021-07-07  Nick VatamaniucUpdate PowerVS instance
2021-07-05  Nick VatamaniucUpdate playbooks to set up power and s390x hosts
2021-07-02  Nick VatamaniucAdd host vars for PowerVS and s390x instance
2021-07-02  Nick VatamaniucAdd the ability to add random unmanaged instances
2021-07-02  Nick VatamaniucReplace PowerVS instance
2021-06-28  Nick VatamaniucUpdate PowerVS instance from CentOS 8 to Ubuntu 20.04
2021-06-14  Nick VatamaniucGenerate Ansible SSH config for Power instance
2021-06-14  Nick VatamaniucFinalize configuring power instances
2021-06-14  Nick VatamaniucUpdate .asf.yaml to avoid spamming dev@couchdb mailing...
2021-06-11  Nick VatamaniucMerge pull request #1 from apache/multiple-environments
2021-06-11  Nick VatamaniucUpdate worker debian-dal-1-08's IP address 1/head
2021-06-11  Nick VatamaniucRead configurations from multiple IBM cloud environments
2020-12-14  Paul J. DavisEnsure root account is locked
2020-12-14  Paul J. DavisHarden SSH settings on CI nodes
2020-12-04  Paul J. DavisUpdate inventory after rebuilding the farm
2020-06-18  Paul J. DavisUpdate ansible inventory
2020-06-18  Paul J. DavisGrant access to Nick Vatamaniuc
2020-06-18  Paul J. DavisAdd ad hoc command example
2020-01-13  Paul J. DavisAdd two ppc64le hosts
2020-01-13  Paul J. DavisRework Docker for ppc64le support
2020-01-09  Paul J. DavisMake Ansible got faster
2020-01-09  Paul J. DavisOnly run docker tasks on x86_64 hosts
2020-01-09  Paul J. DavisConfigure TCP Keep-Alive parameters
2020-01-08  Paul J. DavisGive kocolosk access to CI nodes
2020-01-08  Paul J. DavisUpdate
2020-01-08  Paul J. DavisSwitch to having agents dial into Jenkins
2019-12-11  Paul J. DavisUpdated scripts and configuration
2019-08-14  Paul J. DavisAdd new roles and provision playbooks
2019-08-09  Paul J. DavisBasic inventory generation
2019-08-09  Paul J. DavisInitial commit