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2016-05-12  Iblis LinFix HTTP Accept header for list query master 5/head
2014-11-09  Robert KowalskiFix broken key options 3/head
2014-11-09  Robert KowalskiPort old JS Spec tests to Mocha
2014-10-31  Alexander ShorinFix document copying
2014-07-31  Robert KowalskiAdd complete for login, and use code style of the lib
2014-07-31  Mike McKayFixed broken complete callback for login
2014-07-31  Robert KowalskiAdd first set of red tests
2014-07-31  Robert KowalskiAdd sinon@1.10.2
2014-07-31  Robert KowalskiAdd dependencies
2014-07-31  Robert KowalskiAdd bower.json
2014-07-31  Robert KowalskiAdd LICENSE file
2014-07-31  Robert KowalskiAdd
2014-03-11  Dale HarveyMore deferred support to jquery.couch.js import-master
2014-03-11  telis94Add deferred support to jquery.couch.js
2014-02-16  Robert Kowalskiremove superfluous 'user_doc.type'
2013-12-10  Fedor Indutnyjquery.couch.js: db.changes().stop() should abort XMLHT...
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