2017-03-31  Lucas SatabinAdd `$allMatch` selector master
2017-03-31  Garren SmithIgnore design docs when using _all_docs
2017-01-23  Tony SunDo not allow empty field name 32/head
2016-12-06  Tony SunAdd config parameter to reject index all text indexes upstream 33/head 47/head
2016-11-30  katselAdd .rebar/ to gitignore
2016-11-30  katselTiny improvements for test README
2016-10-19  Robert Newsonremove docs for missing_is_null as the feature was...
2016-09-30  Robert NewsonConfigurable default limit 30/head
2016-09-12  Jan LehnardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/3143-fix-default...
2016-09-11  Paul J. DavisFix test suite check for text indexes 29/head
2016-09-11  Paul J. DavisSet default limit to 25
2016-07-29  Tony SunAdd op_field term to fix special $or case 28/head
2016-02-10  Robert Kowalskiadd mango catch-all feature
2015-12-08  Tony SunAdd filter test 2913-port-missed-commits 26/head 44/head
2015-12-08  Tony SunReturn fields provided by user only
2015-11-02  Tony SunFix user defined index selection 2835-fix-index-selection 25/head 43/head
2015-10-27  brkollaAdd tests to verify the effect of enabling/disabling... 24/head
2015-10-27  brkollaProvide an ability to disable the indexing of array...
2015-10-17  Alexander ShorinCorrectly handle unsupported HTTP methods per resource 21/head
2015-10-16  Mayya Sharipovavalidate that all POST requests with json body must... 22/head
2015-10-07  Tony SunFix $nin operator 2844-fix-nin 20/head
2015-10-05  Tony SunHandle malformed manual design docs. 2816-malformed-docs 17/head
2015-10-05  Alexander ShorinUpdate Erlang releases for build matrix
2015-09-29  ILYA KhlopotovPass supervisor's children to couch_epi 19/head
2015-09-28  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate to new couch_epi API
2015-09-23  Robert NewsonFix crypto deprecations 18/head
2015-09-15  Tony SunFix comparison operators for strings 2808-fix-comparison 16/head 42/head
2015-09-15  Tony SunAlso append quotes for specific numeric string field 2806-numeric-string-field 15/head
2015-09-11  Tony SunShorten tests
2015-09-09  Tony SunUse hypothesis instead of random values for num_string...
2015-09-09  Tony SunMake testcases skip automatically when no text service
2015-09-08  Tony SunWhitespace 2787-merge-repos 12/head 13/head
2015-09-08  Tony SunReinstate skip tests
2015-09-03  Tony SunRemove extraneous error message
2015-09-03  Tony SunUse short circuit operators
2015-09-03  Tony SunUse config:get_integer
2015-09-03  Tony SunUse module_loaded instead of module_info
2015-09-03  Tony SunReturn 503 if dreyfus service does not exist
2015-09-02  Tony SunModify tests for skip
2015-09-02  Tony SunRemove mango_cursor_text.erl from path if dreyfus does...
2015-08-26  Tony SunRequest an EJSON body when opening documents
2015-08-26  Tony Sunimprove regex test
2015-08-26  Tony Sunadd tests
2015-08-26  Tony Sunstash compiled regexs in mochiglobal
2015-08-26  Tony SunReplace element position with brackets
2015-08-25  Tony SunCorrectly choose index type
2015-08-25  Tony SunAdd text index field validator
2015-08-25  Tony SunFix $size operator
2015-08-25  Tony SunFix $all operator
2015-08-25  Tony SunList text indexes correctly
2015-08-25  Tony SunFix field_exists_query
2015-08-25  Tony SunFix compilation error
2015-08-25  Tony SunHandle extra <<>> when elemMatch normalizes selector
2015-08-25  Tony SunAdd numeric string tests
2015-08-25  Tony SunAdd quotes to numeric strings
2015-08-25  Tony SunRemove text search limit
2015-08-24  Tony SunRevert "Remove reference to _text indexes"
2015-08-01  Alexander ShorinMerge pull request #10 from kxepal/travis
2015-07-29  Alexander ShorinReturn HTTP 501 index_not_implemented error for text... 10/head
2015-07-29  Alexander ShorinFix index name check
2015-07-29  Alexander ShorinIntegrate with Travis CI
2015-07-29  Alexander ShorinAdd Makefile
2015-07-23  Adam KocoloskiRemove a superfluous closing brace
2015-07-22  Adam KocoloskiMerge branch '2724-chunked-buffering'
2015-07-22  Adam KocoloskiBuffer rows to reduce number of chunks 2724-chunked-buffering 40/head 9/head
2015-07-20  Adam KocoloskiUse a record for callback accumulator
2015-07-17  ILYA KhlopotovUse dynamic handlers 8/head
2015-07-15  ILYA KhlopotovAdd `mango_app` and `mango_sup`
2015-04-20  Tony SunAdd support for index pagination 2652-index-pagination 39/head 6/head
2015-04-18  Tony SunRemove write quorum 2663-remove-w-quorum 5/head
2015-04-06  Tony SunEnable bulk deletes 4/head
2015-03-31  Tony SunReturn ddoc id and index name 2645-return-doc-id 3/head 38/head
2015-02-25  Tony SunUse different comparison function 2622-fix-cmp-function 2/head
2015-02-25  Tony SunHandle unsatisfiable [empty] ranges tonysun83-start-end-key-issue 1/head
2015-02-13  Klaus TrainerFix `mango_util:load_ddoc/2`
2015-02-08  Robert NewsonUpgrade to couch_mrview #2
2015-02-08  Robert NewsonConvert from twig to couch_log
2015-02-08  Robert NewsonUpgrade to couch_mrview
2015-02-08  Robert NewsonRemove reference to _text indexes
2015-01-23  Tony SunMerge pull request #21 from cloudant/43621-mango-escape...
2015-01-23  Tony SunAdd tests to test for field names with period
2015-01-22  Tony SunEscape field name with period correctly
2015-01-21  Tony SunMerge pull request #20 from cloudant/43531-mango-text...
2015-01-21  Tony SunFix text sort desc
2015-01-16  Tony SunMerge pull request #19 from cloudant/33294-query-text...
2015-01-16  Tony SunSupport Text Index Creation
2015-01-16  Paul J. DavisFix queries that include {"$exists": false}
2015-01-16  Paul J. DavisIntroduce the $text operator to mango_selector
2015-01-16  Paul J. DavisImplement the use_index query parameter
2015-01-16  Paul J. DavisImplement the _explain endpoint
2015-01-16  Paul J. DavisMove view specific logic to mango_cursor_view
2015-01-16  Paul J. DavisMove view specific logic to mango_view_idx
2015-01-16  Paul J. DavisMove key tests to their own test suite
2015-01-16  Paul J. DavisAllow cursors to add KVs to the find response
2015-01-16  Paul J. DavisRefactor the test suite
2015-01-16  Paul J. DavisFix trailing whitespace
2015-01-09  Robert KowalskiMerge pull request #17 from cloudant/license-headers
2015-01-09  Robert KowalskiMerge pull request #18 from cloudant/change-description
2015-01-09  Robert Kowalskichange description
2015-01-09  Robert Kowalskiadd license headers to source files